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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

#79 - "Grace Notes from a Bohemian in Wanderlust." Hacking up the golf course Up North.

During my May fishing trip back home in Wisconsin, we usually try and get out golfing one day. Plum Lake is a gorgeous course - with an even more gorgeous clubhouse with a view of the lake. Click READ MORE! for a few more exciting shots on the links.

Getting ready for the next tee shot. Jawing more like it.

Me, Uncle Fran (my dad's youngest brother) and my brother, Jason.

Me teeing'er off. I've been told by regular golfers that my form is excellent.

My game...isn't the best. But whatdaya expect when I golf once a year. However, I took 15 strokes off last year's 9 holes - ending the round with a 55. I'll take it.

Have'n a few after our game. Bruce Hranicka (Dave's brother), Lucas Hranica (Dave's oldest), Uncle Fran, Dave Hranicka and Jason
Look for my continued posts, "Grace Notes from a Bohemian in Wanderlust", and my May trip back to the Midwest.

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Random thought: 2002 Bali Bombings.

Not sure what I was doing on the Internet that led me to this subject, but...the 2002 Bali bombings occurred in October 2002 in the tourist district of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali, killing 182 people, 152 of whom were foreign nationals (88 from Australia alone), and 28 Indonesian citizens. 240 people were injured. Various members of Jemaah Islamiyah, a violent Islamist group, were convicted in relation to the bombings, including

Imam Samudra, Amrozi Nurhasyim and Mukhlas Ghufron (above) were convicted of the crime and executed by firing squad.

That little bastard terrorist on top? Upon hearing the sentence of death he immediately started screaming "Allahu Akbar" which means "God is great", and began doing jumping jacks. He then hugged his lawyers and told the court the judgement was made under laws he did not believe in. Despite his professed wish to die as a martyr, he - like Amrozi and Samudra - appealed against the sentence.

So my random thought is this: if these psychos are hell-bent on destroying everyone who's against them in the name of God and want to die a martyr's death, why did all three appeal their sentences? (Stupid, dumb, dead bastards)

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Whatever you think...Brett Favre is still relevant. And dangerous.

We've heard Michael Irvin say Favre should stay retired. I know there's others who agree. As I mentioned below, former dirty player and performance enhancing drug user NFLer Rodney Harrison said he's sick and tired of "this whole thing" and claims that all the players he's talked to view Brett as "pretty selfish".

Who cares (thanks, Sidney) what Rodney Harrison has to say? Come on, illegal drug user and dirty player Rodney has a lot of balls calling Favre "selfish". Obviously Rodney didn't talk to Packer CB Al Harris. Harris doesn't think Favre would be hurting his legacy by playing for the Vikings, telling Sirius NFL Radio that true Packers fans will "always love Brett Favre, wherever he plays."

What about Bart Starr (ex-Pack HoF'er), Joe Nammath, Paul Hornung (ex-Pack HoF'er) or Jerry Kramer (ex-Pack HoF'er)? They feel Favre should play if he wants to. Have you talked to them, Rodney?

Who are you, Rodney, to tell Brett Favre what he can or cannot do AND why is it selfish for Favre to want to play football? Ever change your mind, Rodney? I think YOU'RE selfish, Rodney. And I think you're a dick.

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Surf's up in Tujunga!

Grace and Baby Gwyneth enjoying some well-deserved pool time in Tunjunga yesterday afternoon.

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150 years is a looooong time, Bernie.

Scumbag crook Bernard Madoff was sentenced today, receiving the max - 150 years. May you rot in hell. How do I really feel? Read here.

By the way, here's another crime - Madoff's lawyers only wanted their client to get 12 years in prison. That request should also be a crime. Fucking attorneys (no disrepect to any attorney I know - Jay, Linda).

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What is Rodney Harrison's problem with Brett Favre?

Harrison's 2008 season ended early when, in an October 20 game against the Denver Broncos, Harrison tore his right quadriceps femoris muscle on a play, was carted off the field, and placed on injured reserve. Good - that's what dirty players get, Rod-boy. He retired on June 3, 2009.

Retired NFLer Rodney Harrison was recently quoted in the press as being sick and tired of "this whole thing" (Favre wanting to unretire again) and claims that all the players he's talked to view Brett as "pretty selfish".

Until this morning, I just thought Harrison was a bitter, retired NFL player who has nothing better to do with his time than stick his nose where it doesn't belong. THEN I found out Harrison was suspended for the first four games of the 2007 regular season for admitting to federal investigators that he knowingly obtained and used human growth hormone. Harrison stated to the media that he used "a banned substance" for "accelerating the healing process from injuries he sustained playing football," and "never to gain a competitive edge." In addition, according to federal agents and Harrison himself, Harrison received a shipment of HGH, with his name on it, just days before Super Bowl XXXVIII in February 2004.

Bad Harrison. Naughty boy, Harrison.

I also found out that Harrison was voted the "dirtiest player" in the NFL by his peers according to a 2004 poll conducted by Sports Illustrated. In 2006, Harrison once again topped the "dirtiest player" voting by 361 other NFL players. In 2008, NFL coaches awarded the title to Harrison in an anonymous 2008 poll conducted by ESPN. Harrison has also been fined and suspended multiple times, and as of 2002, had racked up over $200,000 in fines by the NFL. A notable suspension occurred in 2002 after a helmet-to-helmet hit on the Oakland Raiders' Jerry Rice.

So, according to Rodney Harrison, Brett Favre is "pretty selfish", yet Mr. Harrison has used banned drugs and was known as a dirty player in the NFL. You telling me those two things aren't selfish on your part, Roddy?

You're kidding me, right? You hypocritical mother fucker. You just made my "hate" list, bitch.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Retro: Grace's 2nd birthday party in the park.

"I’m hiding!
I’m hiding!
I’m hiding away from youuuuuu.
Can you see me? Can you find me?
You’ll be happy when you do! Boo!"
- a story Donovan tells Grace

Where's Grace hiding? Where's the birthday girl??? We all had a wonderful time in the park Saturday for Grace's 2nd birthday. The party then moved over to Donovan & Maria's home, where we imbibed on beer and laughter and love. It ain't gonna be easy to leave these people when I move back to Wisconsin in late July. Click on READ MORE! to see more pix - and some very special people in my life who I will miss terribly.

Maria's family - left to right: Michael (my age), Mom, Dad, Bill and Maria. Great people. I'm truly gonna miss them.

Maria making balloon animals for the kiddies.

Jake, Madison and Taylor - brother Michael's children.

Even Grace's sister, my goddaughter, Gwyneth, had fun...though all eyes were on her older sister. Well...not all eyes.

Grace trying to make sense out of all the hoopla. "2" can be very confusing sometimes.

Donovan's magic case.

Yes, "D" knows magic. He used to perform at children's parties. He was very good. He made a yellow handkerchief disappear right in front of my eyes and I was standing a foot away.

Grace, Grandma McCann and Gwyneth.

Uh-oh...time to sing "Happy Birthday" to Gracie.

It WAS a wonderful cake.

Cleaning up at the McCann-Glover home! Owen, Grace and Wyatt getting a much need scrub down after playing in the park for Grace's b-day. Owen and Wyatt belong to Susie and Jay - Grace's godparents (Nino and Nina) and close friends Donovan & Maria's. Good people. More people to miss when I move away. :(

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"Blow out the candles, Grace." the park in Arcadia, CA (north of Pasadena). Grace turned 2. The cake is for her. The gifts are for her. And all the people turned out to see her. What? I'm not bitter. :) That's me harmonizing on "Happy Birthday". I know - it's Grace's day. Pictures from the party to follow.

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Okie Barry Tramel says Favre too old for Vikings.

Columnist Barry Tramel of the NewsOK thinks Brett Favre is too old to take the Viking's to Super Bowl:

"Favre’s quarterback ratings the last four years: 70.9, 72.7, 95.7 and 81.0. Rosefels’ ratings the last two years, in which he’s been a part-time starter: 84.8, 79.5. Jackson’s ratings his three years in the NFL, during which he’s made 19 starts: 62.5, 70.8, 95.4.

Favre is descending quickly, which is what 40-year-old quarterbacks do, and Jackson, particularly, is improving, which is what 26-year-old quarterbacks do."

You lost me, Barry.

Rosefel's ratings were over two years, part-time and went down. Jackson's ratings are on the rise, but he's only started 19 times in 3 years. Comparing the stats for both Viking QBs to Favre, who started 48 games in the last 3 years (regular season) is, I think, like comparing apples to oranges. Sure, Favre is gonna be 40 this October, but the Vikings are poised to make a Super Bowl Run NOW. And NOW is when a guy like Favre can make a difference. Rosefel and Jackson have been inconsistent at best.

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Sharpton, Jackson bore each other to death amid Jacko's demise.

In their never-ending, irritating quest to entrench themselves into any and all major news events, publicity whores Al Sharpton (top) and Jesse Jackson (bottom) are demanding answers to questions surrounding the death of the "King of Pop", Michael Jackson. As Jackson family members convened outside MJ's home, Sharpton and Jackson exchanged verbal barbs over who can best serve the Jackson family's need during this time of grieving and in the process, killed each other.

Details are sketchy and sadly, no one is intervening on behalf of Sharpton or Jackson one cares.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Grace!

That's Grace and I a year ago in July. And that's Grace (below) about a month ago.

I'm in Tujunga today celebrating Grace's birthday with her family. It's a beautiful day here in Cali - I'm with friends and my goddaughter Gwyneth and, of course, Grace. Happy Birthday, baby.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Miami Sun-Sentinel previews Summer Shorts in Fort Lauderdale.

As City Theatre's Summer Shorts Festival 2009 heads to Fort Lauderdale's Broward Center for the Performing Arts this weekend to close out the festival, the Miami Sun-Sentinel's John Thomason wrote a preview of what to expect, including another nice mention about my play, "Pass the Salt, Please.".

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Separated at Birth? My buddy Nick Perkins & Jon Bon Jovi, Dave Phenicie and Troy Aikman.

I think if Jon and Troy mated and had twins (not identical), you'd get my buddy, Nick (musician, bottom right) and Dave Phenicie (bottom left), singer/bassist for Stonehoney. Or Dave and Nick share the same father with the other two, and moved away to stay with Crazy Uncle Albert who taught both of them music. I mean, three musicians?? Coincidence? No. I've seen Stonehoney perform 4x and I've met Dave and I think of Nicko every time. Funny thing is Nick's a staunch Cowboy's fan. Go Troy!!! And go FAVRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

TGIF! Friday presents...The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back/ABC" LIVE (1970)!

It's early for the normal "TGIF...presents!", but....hey, two favorite Jackson 5 songs. And probably their best. I truly feel for his family - and their loss.

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Letters to the Editor DO get published! Let's hear it for FAVRE!!!!!

Last week on PASSION = TRUTH, I posted my retort on to Mike Hunt, sports columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, my hometown newspaper. I was lucky enough that the Journal actually published my letter in last Sunday's sports section:

I received a call from a Journal representative while I was whooping it up with family in Santa Barbara so I had a pretty good idea the letter would make the paper, and my mother alerted Sunday morning and sent me a copy. Oddly, the sports department doesn't publish their letter to the editor online (like the rest of the paper does). And boy, did my mother get the phone calls - relatives in the Packer camp wondering what in the hell I'm doing, coffee-clutch friends contemplating my return to the Fatherland in July and if that's such a good thing as Favre might be playing for the Packers' arch-rival Minnesota Vikings...nuts.

Generally speaking, I hate the media. A columnist was bitching yesterday that, though he felt Favre has every right to want to play football, it's Favre that's the cause of the media circus due to his inability to make up his mind - retire or not retire. I sent Tony Augusty a copy of this letter, reminding him that the only thing Brett Favre is guilty of is breathing and being human. It's the MEDIA that's created the circus with its non-stop coverage of Favre farting, getting in his SUV to go anywhere, tossing a football at the local high school. LET ME REMIND YOU - all the sound bytes from Favre and interesting stories of him fishing and bowhunting and his practical jokes were sufficient when he was playing for Green Bay. Since that nasty divorce debacle, Favre has been more the butt of jokes than on the giving end of them.

You see - Favre doesn't need the media to play football. Just put up signage and direct the fans to the football field. They'll come. But the media needs sports celebrities and the game to fill its newspapers, magazines and plethora of online sources.

I applaud the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for publishing my letter. It's not that often it happens. And - it was a good letter.

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Separated at Birth? Old Michael Jackson and Young Michael.

MJ died today in Los Angeles. He had to be a tortured person soul - I mean with his endless face lifts and his child abuse scandals. Which is why I truly believe he's happier now. We shared the same birthday - he was about 5 years older. I always loved the Michael Jackson in The Jackson 5. The other Jackson? Not so much.

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I forgot Gene Wilder's birthday! June 11. Fellow Wisconsinite!

"We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams."
- Willy Wonka

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Favre not a Viking just yet.

There's been some hubbub the last few days by Wisconsin media that details have been hammered out for Brett Favre to join the Minnesota Vikings this season. That may be all well and good (as long as Brett feels his arm is up to snuff), but NONE of this has been confirmed by the Vikings or Brett.

I'll keep you posted - when I know it's a done deal.

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#9 - "Grace Notes from a Bohemian in Wanderlust." The Washington State Ircink's.

One of the coolest things about my visit to Seattle in May was that I got reacquainted with some (there's 9) of my 3rd cousins. Above, that's David Ircink, below, Phillip Ircink. They're brothers. Their father and uncle - Chuck and Paul - are my dad's 1st cousins. Their father - Paul (my Grandpa Ircink's brother) - moved the family out to Spokane just before the boys were to enter college.

Lisa and I met David for drinks after my show performed and we caught up on what it's like to be one of very few "Ircink's" on the planet. He also regaled us of his adventure that day on the high seas - he's a tugboat captain - and makes regular runs from Seattle to Anchorage.

I met Phil and his two daughters for lunch near Lisa's house. We also caught up on what it's like being an "Ircink" and laughed about our parents and old times. Funny thing is - I haven't seen Phil or David since we were little kids. But you'd never have known that.

I hope to meet up with the 7 remaining Ircink cousins, as well as see Chuck and Paul real soon. Truthfully, it ain't bad being an Ircink...and it's even better when you another meet one. And as my Grandpa Ircink always said, "Ircink...a good name never dies."

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#13 - "Grace Notes from a Bohemian in Wanderlust." Welcome to Seattle!

About a week prior to my May trip back home to Wisconsin I attended The Little Red Studio's Erotic Shorts Festival in Seattle where my 'dirty little play', "Pass the Salt, Please." was performing.

We saw a lot of midgets while there. 4 to be exact - which I think is a lot in one city. And we saw a lot of people walking with limps. I thought perhaps the two were related. Hmmm. Oh - lots of women with shaved heads. Some were gay, some were straight, some I wasn't sure and some were damn nice looking. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few sights from the city. Click on READ MORE! to see more of Seattle.

Is that a salmon in your hand or are you just happy to see me? Don't I hold the fish well? I am, after all, a fisherman.

My friend Lisa and I ate dinner at Luna Park Cafe Saturday night before the show. I just liked the stickers.

There's Lisa and her children. Lis and her ex would take in foster children until they found a home. After a while, they got sick of just "taking them in" and decided to adopt.

Puget Sound - about a block from Lisa's home.

The Public Market on Fisherman's Wharf.

The Little Red Studio where my play performed.

Michael, me and Heather, the stars of "Pass the Salt, Please." at LRS.

Catch of the day!

Flowers at Fisherman's Wharf.

Large shoe collection - again at Fisherman's Wharf. You know there's so much more to see there than just fish!

Space Needle. It was cool to see but we didn't go up in it.

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