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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Get a grip...and a life, Michael Hunt!"

Michael Hunt is a sports columnist for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel - my hometown newspaper. An article appeared in today's paper (thanks for the head's up, mom!) written by Mr. Hunt - "Favre taking us on a ride - again".

My response to Mr. Hunt and Letters to the Editor is as follows:

Why is the nature of journalists (and fans) to feel the need to SPEAK FOR ME and the way I FEEL about Brett Favre? Here's another great example: Michael Hunt's article in yesterday's paper, "Favre taking us on a ride - again" (MJS June 17, 2009). As Mr. Hunt's column is a personal opinion column, I would prefer his headline read: "Favre taking ME on a ride - again". You see, Brett Favre is not taking Jeff Ircink on any ride. He never has - except perhaps the "ride" of watching him play every Sunday (and that includes last season as I boycotted the Pack in favor of the Jets). Whatever Brett plans to do - unretire or stay retired - makes no difference to me. It doesn't affect my life like it obviously affects thousands of you who scream and moan that "Favre did this" and "Brett's doing that" or "oh it's that time of year again...will he or won't he?". It's his decision. The media and fans are constantly throwing phrases around like "his image is tarnished", "once he was a legend" or "my hero has fallen". You know what...that's YOUR problem - not Brett's. Or mine. Here's my phrase for all of you: "Get a a grip - and a life."

Jeff Ircink
Los Angeles (and WI native)

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