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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Gwyneth's baptism pictures just in!

Pictures! Just what you wanted to hear (and see). And a slew of them. So if you're interested in seeing me during a very proud moment - being official recognized as Gwyneth McCann Glover's godfather (or "Nino"), click on READ MORE! If not, then I will pray for your wretched soul. Ha. Really, it'll be fun - see if you can find the peacock!

I know. You're sick of hearing me go on and on about how I'm a godfather now and how in the Mexican culture my title is "Nino Jeff". What can I say? For those of you who unexplicably missed my earlier posts regarding this blessed event: the offer is made, the pre-baptism announcement and the official hand-in-hand picture of goddaughter and godfather.

Me, Nina Monica (the godmother) and Gwyneth. Gwyneth is wearing her traditional baptismal dress that Donovan's (the father) stepmother made.

The actual baptism with Maria and Donovan (parents).

And the parents, Gwyneth and Grace, who'll be 2 in two weeks.

Maria's parents. For those of you who've missed previous posts on me being given the title, "Nino" (godfather), Maria's mother is Mexican and her father is Irish. That enough for you?

Parents and godparents at Maria's parent's home in Arcadia for the post-baptism shindig.

That's Susie (far left) and Jay (far right), Grace's godparents. Good people. Theoretically, the title of "Nino" and "Nina" (godfather and godmother) extend to both children.

There's the peacock! Interesting story. Wayyyy back in the late 1800's, one of the early settlers of Arcadia (near Pasadena) had peacocks running around his property (which was most of Arcadia). The ancestors of the original peacocks are free to roam around the town, the streets, people's backyards and trees, protected by the city. This proud bird ran from Maria's parent's yard across the street. Loud motherfuckers.

And last but not least, one more picture of the party girl herself, my goddaughter...Gwyneth. I'm gonna be a great "Nino", no?

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