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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Two more great "Pass the Salt, Please." reviews! But Hap Erstein hates me (I think).

Here's a review by Miami Artzine publisher Mary Damiano and pictures from opening night:

Also, Edge - Miami, FL contributor & Equity actor Michael Martin's review, which appears in numerous publications throughout Florida:

Now if you're keeping count ('cause I'm certainly not), that's 5 of 5 reviewers who love "Pass the Salt, Please." Wouldn't you know it - ole Hap Erstein from the Palm Beach ArtsPaper came along and ruined my perfect score.

Hey - you can't please everyone and that's perfectly fine. My best friend (she) in California doesn't get "PTSP." and thinks it reads like a 12-year-old's masturbatory fantasy (though she confesses she loves my other stuff). And if an artist can revel in the positive reviews and opinions of people, you have to take the negative stuff with a grain of salt. Though I'd like to point out to Hap that if the actors "SELL it (my play) with deadpan finesse" , doesn't that make the play successful, whether you, the critic, like it or not? They "sold it", didn't they?

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