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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

#38 - "Grace Notes from a Bohemian in Wanderlust." Justyna's Garden in Irving Park.

("Grace Notes from a Bohemian in Wanderlust" is a series of posts about my 3.5 week May vacation in Seattle, Chicago, Milwaukee, Lake Tomawk, WI and Miami. They are in no particular order.)

Justyna’s my best friend from high school. I thoroughly enjoy the time we spend together for many reasons – common values and politics, intelligent conversation, appreciation for history and our family’s roots, music tastes, etc. We can sit and look at each other for an hour and not say a word. She has a beautiful garden on her property in Irving Park – the Victorian she lives in was refurbished from the ground up. Whenever I’m there I feel “at home". And whenever I leave I feel a sense of angst. We did a bit of gardening on this last visit – pruning and mapping out her next gardening project she needs to tackle.

Click on READ MORE! and take a walk through Justyna's garden - and enjoy.

Justyna and I at some fancy schmancy Italian restaurant in downtown Chicago.


Katie Grace said...

i see foxgloves... no delphis here that i see. beautiful garden, and great pics. i'm jealous. bastard!

Katie Grace said...

and a columbine, and chives, and a pansy...? i tink so.

Katie Grace said...

and an iris!

greendale said...

Hey Jeff,
You look so good with Justyna!! Her fiance' looks too old for her! Still think she should dump him for you!!!

Charles said...

Excellent blog Jeff. Lots of great photos here for sure. All the best. said...

thanks, charles. bookmark the site and check out the rest of the posts in this series - and the rest!


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