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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jets lose to Denver; Jets 8-4 / Packers 5-7.

This game sucked. I was watching it at Donovan and Maria's (who are Denver fans) and, quite frankly, the game seemed to take forever and it was heart wrenching from the get-go...for all parties involved. The silver lining is that the New England Patriots lost so they didn't gain any ground on the Jets. It's a wake-up call for the Jets, who need to go 4-0 to finish 12-4 on the season. New England is one game behind, as is Miami. Too close to get too comfortable.

NEXT WEEK: Jets (8-4) @ San Fran 49ers (4-8).

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Another NFL loser: Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants.

WR Burress from the current Super Bowl Champion New York Giants shot himself accidently this holiday weekend while in a club in Manhattan.

Why is this self-proclaimed "gangsta" carrying a gun at a nightclub? Loser. And how did he shoot himself in the thigh? Double loser. He wasn't playing football today anyway because of an injury, but Burress' list of infractions against the league and his team is growing and I'm beginning to wonder if this boy's corn rolls ain't a wee bit tight for his head, putting unwnated pressure on his medulla oblongota (that's the lower portion of the brainstem); thus cutting off blood to the portions of the brain that tell you not to act like a dumb ass.

Oh...and he's repped by dickhead agent Drew Rosenhaus(?), super agent of dickhead athletes (Javon Walker, Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens).

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Chapter 5 - "TexturizedArtisticFilmGrain Cabin"; Notes from Lost Man's Lane Cabin, by Richard Le Breton.

(WAIT! There's more...)

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chapter 4 - "Toilet"; Notes from Lost Man's Lane Cabin, by Richard Le Breton.

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Chapter 3 - "Jack"; Notes from Lost Man's Lane Cabin, by Richard Le Breton.

"Hey! That's my "jack", Jack!"

The leathern jack dates back to the eleventh century and was the most convenient means of hiking a cool beverage to your mouth, because being made of leather, it will not shatter like glass, dent like tin or pewter or dry out and crack like wood. Yet, they were firm enough to be of assistance for a clout, cuff or buffet in a bar room brawl.

Jacks were so-called because the French, during the Napoleonic Wars, saw the British drinking from these large leather containers and thought they were drinking from their jack boots. Such tankards were called Blackjacks because they were dyed black as shoes.

Tankards came in all sizes, with all sorts of marvelous names like "fiskin" and "furkin" and "bombard" and "gill" cup, although such names may have been arbitrary and not scientific in their distinctions. The jack pictured above was a gift and is a bit larger than a shot glass.

Jacks and tankards were made by Cordwainers, or shoemakers, when they weren't making shoes. The body of the jack is made of sole leather stitched at the handle through four thicknesses using an awl and a boar's bristle needle or steel needle and flaxen thread waxed with bee's wax. The bottom is of leather or sometimes of the same wood the shoemaker used to make heels. The dye is shoe dye and the finish is applied as one would shine one's shoes.

Use the tankard long and well.

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TGIF! presents...The Corrs' "What Can I Do" (Unplugged)!

As it's a holiday weekend, I'm not sure if I'll be able to post TGIF! on Friday (I'll be traveling as well).

So here it is - early. I love The Corrs. First saw them on The Today Show when they came to prominence in the States. Plus they're from Ireland and I love EVERYTHING Irish. This was the first big hit in the U.S., I believe and it's my favorite.

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Next Challenge: FAVRE.

Great headline from the

The 5-6 Broncos travel to New York to take on the 8-3 Jets this Sunday. Dicey game in that the people I watch all the NFL games with - Donovan & Maria & Baby Grace (they have the NFL Ticket) - are Denver fans. This happened last year when Green Bay played Denver at Denver and beat them on the first play in OT via a Brett Favre bomb for a TD. Usually, D&M support my team (the Jets this year) and I support them.

Except this Sunday. The gauntlet has been thrown.

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Chapter 2 - "Molasses"; Notes from Lost Man's Lane Cabin, by Richard Le Breton.

Aunt Ella's Molasses Cookies. It's a family recipe on the Ircink side. Got a little domestic in the cabin in the woods this past weekend.

I can't share the recipe with you - or I'd have to kill you. (There's already one person who has the recipe that I regret giving it to. Did it as a Christmas gift. Hers suck and I pray she'll eat one someday and choke on it.)

I've turned molasses eschewers into fans. 6 dozen gone in 20 minutes at the office. One couple fought over them during their divorce settlement. A mother was in such a fit of ecstacy upon tasting one that her water broke prematurely (3 days early). The baby was instantly addicted to the cookies. It's said that in Gnawbone one man threatened another man with a Bowie knife for taking the last molasses cookie from a batch I had delivered to a tavern there.

They just may be the answer to "peace on Earth, good will toward Men".

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Chapter 1 - "Guitar"; Notes from Lost Man's Lane Cabin, by Richard Le Breton.

Some sort of Star, an out-of-tune Guitar and a headless Ze-bra.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jets Make Titans look...less Titan / Jets 8-3, Packers 5-6.

Favre celebrating with G Brandon Moore. The Jets beat the undefeated 10-0 Tennessee Titans on the Titan's home turf, 34-13. I was in the "bush" and unable to watch the game live. The suspense was killing me (but I maintained). Didn't find out they won until Monday morning, then watched the game later that evening on TIVO. I don't ever make predictions - particulary public ones. However, I DID say that if any team could beat the Titans, this game was in the Jets' hands to lose.

Damn...they executed well. Favre had a 103.6 QB rating - throwing record TDs number 500 and 501. He also surpassed another Dan Marino record, winning now in 32 different stadiums. Amazingly the Jets have scored on their opening possession in 6 straight games AND are ranked #1 in the NFL for the most drives lasting over 5 minutes (among other rankings).


Coach Mangini and Favre.

RB Thomas Jones jawing with his teammates.

Brett is currently #1 in Completion %, #4 in TDs, #6 in QB rating, #10 in Passing Yards...oh, and #1 in INTs. But really - do I care? The Jets are 8-3 when they were 4-12 last year and they're atop the AFC East. Oh - he threw TD # 500 and 501...besting his own NFL record.

NEXT WEEK: Denver Broncos (6-5) at New York Jets (8-3)

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Jets make undefeated Titans look tiny. Jets 34, Titans 13.

"Hey! Can anyone hear me?! We're FOR REAL, dangit!"

Just got back into LA earlier this evening from a long weekend away. Respite. Fresh Air. Cabin in the woods. Wanna go back. Will have more on the game + pictures. GO JETS! GO FAVRE!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

And now for something completely different...

Er...umm. Ha. Ahhh...not really. Sorry. Just wanted to say I have "stepped out" for the weekend. Actually a long weekend...actually. Um - be back Monday night, right? OK. I'm off. Bye, bye. See you later. Ta-ta.

You're still here? Well? Well go on! Bugger off! Get away! Sorry. I'm sorry - I'm excited, is all. Sorry. OK. Go now and...Good day, sir.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


You know, the readership on PASSION = TRUTH has grown exponentially. I'm talking 6 to 10 times higher per month the last 6 months.

So for all you new readers, there are hundreds of posts on hundreds of topics that go back to March of 2007. All you have to do is go to the ARCHIVE widget on the right panel, near the top, click on a year or month and peruse the post titles.

You can also scroll down to the bottom of the right panel and SEARCH BLOG BY CATEGORY - and the number of posts per topic. Here's a sampling:

singer/songwriters, sports commentators, Sports Illustrated, Terri Nunn of Berlin, stupidy, summer, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, "The Journey IS the Destination" series, Tony Clements, travel, Tujunga, The Zombies, 3 Wise Monkey, Brett Favre, New York Jets, Green Bay Packers, theater "Stan's Addiction", "Pass the Salt, Please.", U.S. politics, U.S. presidential race, plays, playwriting, entertainers, Elvis Presley, celebrities, Ircink, "UNCover" erotic art exhibition, Wisconsin, California, 4th of July, architecture, the arts, Brian Wilson, photography, college football, NFL, sports, music, movies, ESPN,, PASSION = TRUTH, blogging and much more.

I think this is the best way to check out blogs - archives and categories. Blogs can't be everything to everyone. So blog search smart. And don't drink and drive. Cause it could be my life you save. Mutha!

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Favre tells the media, "I really don't care about next year."

What Favre should've told the press at his weekly press conference is, "I wish you'd all just go away and die."

This is why Brett's a better man than I. I'm not saying he's not THINKING what I wrote above - he's just trying to maintain his composure in front of the media, whether it's in Green Bay or New York. But as God is my witness, I would've cracked years ago at the podium if I had to endure the barrage of asinine questions by the media concerning whether or not I'm retiring. I'll say it again for those of you who are deaf - the MEDIA is, in part, one of the reasons Favre is not in Green Bay anymore. I won''t defend that claim - look on the blog...I've done that already. I probably have a half dozen posts on the inept media's obsession with Favre retiring. It's insane. And it's stupid.

What's even more ridiculous is that based on Brett's comments, the moron media will print stories that Brett has begun hemming and hawing about whether or not he's coming back next year...and the annual Brett Watch will rear it's ugly head - with 6 games left in the season. And it's all because of the media.

Let's see if the media can understand me when I say, FUCK OFF! The man is trying to focus on THIS TEAM and THIS SEASON. I swear this yearly lemming-like addiction about whether or not Favre will retire is like a bad horror flick. Fine. Here's the title - DIE MEDIA DIE!!

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I'm shocked. Jets move up to #6 in both ESPN/ NFL rankings.

But then - it's Brett Favre. So part of me isn't shocked. I said from day one the Packers were assholes for trading him. Did they listen to me?

According to the recent NFL Power Rankings:

#6 - New York Jets!
Record 7-3
8 moves up this week
6/23 (highest ranking / lowest ranking)

"After watching Brett's Jets win a thriller in New England to grab first place in the tough AFC East, it's hard not to wonder how the heck this team lost to the Raiders earlier in the season. But things are coming together for the Jets, and how happy is RB Thomas Jones with Brett Favre in town? With his ex-teammate in 2007, the vertically-passing challenged Chad Pennington, Jones faced eight-man fronts weekly and scored just two touchdowns all season. This year Jones already has tied his career high with nine scores, and his 4.5 yards per carry marks the second-best average of his career."

THIS WEEK: at Titans (10-0)

Anyone who reads this blog knows I hate the sports writers at (with the exception of the NFL Sunday television crew). They seemingly have it out for Favre and have been a bane in his side (and mine) all season long. Adrian Hasenmayer's ranking was a nice compliment to the Jets' 7-3 season, thus far (they finished 4-12 last season). I don't put a lot of stock in rankings and odds and predictions; I would just prefer everyone would shut up (including most of the televison announcers) so I can watch my game in peace and listen to MY OWN SHOUTING.
That being said, it was nice to see ESPN echo the Jets' ranking. Time will tell. GO JETS! GO FAVRE!

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Origami No. 16. "To V.W."

"To V.W."

This person –
Her demeanor entrances me
Anxiously I ponder her being
Not having met
Kept from me
She radiates beauty
Gushes with passion
In her I see myself –
Vibrant, vivacious, vexing
Inherent in complexities
Numb to anything but “the now”
Gregariously grateful. Me.
Copyright © 2008 by Jeffrey James Ircink

Origami is sort of my catchword for a featured blog entry that highlights my original writings - could be an excerpt from one of my plays, a poem, a song, a rant, a rave, a cursing, etc. Origami is the art of folding paper (the word is of Japanese origin). So, within the folds of this particular blog feature you may find something really beautiful, meaningful or poignant.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jets! Leon! Washing-tone! AFC Special Teams Player of the Week!

Leon Washington won special teams player of the week honors for the AFC for his superlative play against Belicheat's Patsies last Thursday. Leon had a 92 kickoff return for a TD and TD from Favre, as well as consistently continuing to dazzle on his punt and kickoff returns. Not sure, but he must be one of the league leaders.

Farve and Eric Barton for the defense were finalists for their respective awards.

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Never saw a mini muffin I didn't like. cut in half.

I brought a dozen mini muffins into work yesterday. Found this sucker among the 3 or 4 left.

Cut in half.

Is it just me or does anyone else find that a bit odd? Seriously. I'm stymied. It's a freakin' mini muffin. It's all of 2 inches x 2 inches, if that. The entire muffin would fit into a snail's mouth. Or a mudskipper's mouth, for that matter (for those of you familiar with MUD's).

I'm pretty sure that whoever did this - pretty sure I would never hang with this person outside the office. Wait - I'm positive I wouldn't hang with this person - ever.

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"Listen to the Mourning Doves" Tonight at Pacific Resident Theatre / Venice Beach.

I'll be appearing tonight in a staged play reading of my friend, Jerry Small's play, "Listen to the Mourning Doves", at the Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice Beach. Starts at 7 p.m. and is free if you'd like to attend. The theater's at 703 Venice Blvd. - email me at or show up at the door and tell whoever's there that you know me.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Pass the Salt, Please." in LA's ArtBash this December!

My 'dirty little' 10-minute play, "Pass the Salt, Please." will be featured at ArtBash in Los Angeles on Saturday, December 13. Sponsored by NeedTheater and The Hollywood Fringe Festival, ArtBash will bring together nearly 25 of LA's most innovative performance companies and their work for a night of festivities best described as "Roaring 20's decadence meets the excesses of 2008". The event will be held at the Architecture & Design Museum (A+D) on Museum Row (Wilshire Blvd.) in Los Angeles. Email me if you're in LA and would like more information.

"Pass the Salt, Please." won Best of Show honors at UNcover: a 2-night art exhibition with an erotic vibe, held in Cedar Rapids March 2007. It had its LA premiere in August 2007 at the grand re-opening of Drake's Erotica Emporium and it will be featured at The Little Red Studio's Erotic Short Play Festival this Spring in Seattle. It was also a semi-finalist last year in both Short & Sweet/Sydney, The World's Largest 10-Minute Play Festival and Asphalt Jungle Shorts IV in Ontario, Canada.

You can check both the NeedTheater and NeedTheater blog for updates on ArtBash, as well as the A+D Museum site.

Now...could you just Pass the Salt, Please? HA! Get it? wouldn't unless you've read the play. Forget it.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Say it ain't so, FedEx Ground Player Voters!!?!

RB Thomas Jones / Jets = 149 yards, 26 carries, 3 TDs; win against Rams.
RB A/ Peterson / Vikes = 192 yards, 30 carries, 1 TD; win against Packers.

Yet voters chose Peterson as the FedEx Ground Player of the Week, for games played last week.

What the freak? Idiots.

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NFL Catch of the Week. Favre. Cotchery. One hand.

I understand there's a whole slate of games to play this weekend, but this 40+ yard pass from Favre to Cotchery most definately will make the top 2 catches of the week. One handed AND he maintained control after hitting the ground - still, with one hand.

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Favre. How can you not like this mug???

While Brett was holding court with the press after the OT Jets' victory against the Pats Thursday night, Steve Mariucci texts Brett, asking him to join the NFL Network crew on their set. What ensued was a laugh riot. Or maybe it was to only Favre fans. This is the same crew that awarded Brett his FedEx Player of the Year Award last season at the NFL Draft and I laughed my ass off then. They really talked about nothing important - just shot the shit. Rich Eisen and Marshall Faulk are out of view.

Which begs the question: what's not to love when it comes to Brett Favre? Seriously, in 17 years prior to this season, Favre rarely (if ever) got the sort of shitty press he's received since his "divorce" from the Green Bay Packers during the preseason. That PR debacle between Brett and the 3 Wise Monkeys at GB was enough fodder to last Brett the remainder of his career. You can argue there was blame on both sides - fine. But, in the end, as I've said from Day 1, Brett just wanted to play football; he comes back to the Pack; they say the "A-Train" has left the building. End of story.

Jets are 7-3; GB is 4-5. End of story.

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Susie and Jeff see Berlin at Hollywood Park.

My friend Susie (left, below with my friend Maria) and I saw Terri Nunn and Berlin at Hollywood Park Race Track last night. God - what a concert. I met Terri the first time I saw her at The Canyon Club (see October 25 post) - but Susie and I were closer this time to see the show (20 yards). I've said this before but Nunn's voice is even better NOW then when Berlin was at its peak in the 80's. Seriously, I would fly across the country just to see Terri perform. The connection she makes with her audience is something I rarely see. And she's so damn cute!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Mooch texts Favre.

So the NFL Network crew is still on the field after the Jets/Pats game shooting the breeze. During Favre's interview with the press, Steve (Mooch) Mariucci texts Brett to come over and join them on the set. What ensues is: 1) Brett's reaction to his cell phone vibrating on the podium, and 2) and 3) Favre's quick, surprised, weird reactions to the loud noise, to which he said, "Sorry", to the press and didn't miss a beat answering questions.

It's much funnier watching the video - particularly Favre's reaction. You can see it all on - if you can get their video to work. I took these shots off the TV, which they had broadcast (split screen) to show Favre when he was sitting with them after the game (post to come).

In case you didn't know, Mariucci and Favre are close, as are their families. Mooch was Brett's QB coach at Green Bay for 4 years in the early part of Brett's career, then later went on to coach at San Fran and Detroit. Mooch is a stand up guy and if there was ever any question in my mind (there has never been) as to Favre's character and demeanor, the friendship these two have would set me straight. What Mooch believes - I trust.

(I posted this at 4:44 on the 14th - Favre's number is #4. Ha! Nerts.)

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Jets beat Belicheat's Patsies in OT, 34-31! Jets 7-3 / Packers 5-5.

What a game! OT win at New England for sole first place in the AFC East!

It lived up to its billing - at least, for the New York Jets. Brett Favre was on fire, with a 119 passer rating, 258 yards and 2 TDs. Leon Washington had a 80+ yard kick-off return for a TD. Jones scored a running TD. OT FG by Jay Feely. Cotchery had an amazing one-handed catch, TE Dustin Keller had a great game (despite dropping two TD passes and coughing up the ball on a 10+ yard catch from Favre). Hey - great, exciting win that you'll most likely be able to re-watch on the NFL Network this week as they rerun an abbreviated version of the top four games with player and coach commentaries.

Enough rhetoric. Let's "watch" the game in pictures, shall we? And incidentally, where is that train the Brett rode outta Green Bay that Packer Coach Mike McCarthy so eloquently spoke off ("he's either on it or off it")?? It's in 7-3, while the Packer caboose is pulling up the rear at 4-5. Choo choo!!!!

(WAIT! There's more...)

Jay Feely hits the winning 3-points in OT.


Coach Eric Mangini and K Jay Feely all warm and fuzzy after the game.

Jones scoring on a Brett Favre hand-off.

Mangini gettin' all warm and fuzzy with RB Thomas Jones.

Jerricho Cotchery hauls in a Favre bomb one-handed. Had to be 40+ yards in tight, tight coverage.

Cotchery again reaching for a 1st down.

Jets win the coin toss and Brett led a 14-play drive in the first OT possession to set up Feely's FG."Tell me again, Brett - did the Packers really trade your sorry, old ass?", asked WR Jerricho Cotchery. "Hell ya! Dumb asses," yelled Favre.

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"Douche of the Week": Jeff Goodman at Fox

I worked on my grandparent's farm often as a child. I shoveled pig shit and cow shit. I've stepped in it and got it on my clothing. I even smelled like shit. Jeff Goodman's column on today is the definitive example of how one can WRITE SHIT and how readers can READ SHIT.

In the grand tradition of douche bag, hack sports writers at ( Schein, Glazer, Kreigel and Hench ), I present to you, in his coming-out party, Jeff Goodman, senior college basketball columnist. Oh, yeah - Goodman was ANALyzing the Jets OT road victory over the Pats last night and he's a college basketball columnist!

First off, doesn't have enough drip, NFL writers to cover the NFL that they let a COLLEGE BASKETBALL columnist take a crack at setting back yellow journalism another 100 years? STRIKE ONE.

Let me walk you through what it's like to be a douche bag and spew forth douch bag-like thoughts to paper.

a) Goodman rips on the Patriots' "back ups". STRIKE TWO.

Goodman said, "The Patriots won't use excuses, but I'm going to do it for them." (Oh goody...New England has a wet nurse whose teats are big enough to feed the entire Patriots team!)

Goodman said, "This wasn't exactly the vintage New England Patriots...Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see Tom Brady or Rodney Harrison on the field in New York's 34-31 victory on Thursday night. The Patriots were also missing their star linebacker, Adalius Thomas, who went down with what appeared to be a season-ending forearm injury last week, and starting defensive end Ty Warren, who sat out the loss to the Jets with a groin injury." (But you may see a team of 2nd stringers at your doorstop ready to pummel your head in for not giving them the credit they deserve - playing one heckuva game against the Jets.)

Goodman said, "Sure, Brady's replacement, Matt Cassel, played the game of his life, throwing for a career-high 400 yards and three touchdowns and hitting Randy Moss on a perfect pass with one tick left in regulation to force overtime. But he's still not Brady — and never will be....Now, if it had come against the real New England Patriots, it would have been different. But this Patriots group that took the field on Thursday night — the group that has won half of its games against truly inept teams — is mediocre." (Most teams would take a mediocre team that went into OT, don't you think? I'll contact the NFL today and make sure they note this win was against the mediocre New England Patriots, Goodman.)

Funny, I didn't see this college basketball writer's analysis of the game last year when NE lost to the Jets who were playing without Jets' QB Chad Pennington. I wonder if that loss didn't count either?
Here's another good point BY ME. I don't recall the NE media dismissing credit to the Patriot's back ups during their 6 wins thus far this season (most of which were under Cassel), nor do I recall the NE media stating that this Jets' win was against a seasoned Cassel, not a back up in his first couple starts as the Patriot QB.

One more notable point - by MOI. Would Goodman and the NE media and fans have made this distinction between the "real Patriots" and their counterpart "back ups" if the Patriots had won? I don't think so. They would've said the Jets suck and can't even beat our 2nd team - AND we'll take the win, regardless of who got it.

b) Goodman questions Favre's comment that this is a "top win". STRIKE THREE.

"This one ranks right up there," Favre said. "In the moment it's easy to say, but it may be at the top."

Goodman said, "Are you serious? In an 18-year career filled with more than 40 4th-quarter comebacks, this victory ranks at the top? No chance."

Where does Goodman get off dictating what Brett Favre is feeling at the moment the Jets won? Was Goodman on the field? Did he play in the game? Jets, for one week, are #1 in the AFC East. Hadn't been there since 2001 or so. "In the moment" could mean Favre wants to bitch-slap Goodman, but what does Goodman know?

Three strikes. Out. You're a douche bag, Goodman. Like every other douche bag at (except of course the commentors on Sunday morning - Howie, Terri...they're exceptional). And anyone - my friends or family, puppy dogs, the mentally challenged or even little newborn babies who take stock in anything this asshole has said a douche bag as well. I don't follow college basketball but if you're observations are anything like they are for the NFL, your department is in serious trouble. My name is Jeff Ircink and if you have would like to debate anything I've said here, email me at

Keep your shit articles to yourself, Goodman. On the other hand, I would love to get an email from a real, live douche bag. Douche bag.

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"Quantum of Solace" shaking, not stirring, international box office.

Seems like the latest installment of the James Bond movies is "shaking, not stirring" the international box office - breaking records in the U.K and France. It opens in the U.S. today. One of the best Bond film titles I've ever heard.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Too pumped to talk about it now. Jets win in OT - 34-31! More later.

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Jets @ Pats. NFL Network. Tonite.

There's a lot of hype leading up to this evening's game. The Jets and Pats are tied for the lead in the AFC East division at 6-3...with New England holding the tie-breaker as they beat the Jets earlier in the season, 19-10 (not a stomping as some asshole sports writers would have you believe). Jets are a different team then they were the 2nd game of the season. Favre is feeling more comfortable with the Jets' playback and his players - and vice versa. The Jets' running game has gotten stronger. Their defense has picked it up. Brett's learning to "manage" the game and not just gunslingin' it all the time (which he will do).

More importantly, the Jets are gelling as a team behind the leadership of Favre and a fortified OLine and defense. Forget Brett's new to the team and still learning the system or that he's prone to INTs. The second Favre steps on that field the Jets feel they can win the game. Instant credibility. Instant cache. That comes with the legend that is Brett Favre - holder of every major QB record in the NFL (and then some). It is now innate with Favre. It's who he is.

So - the game. It's not a make or break for the Jets. That's not an excuse if they lose tonight. It's the reality of the situation. A Jets' loss isn't the end of their season. What a Jets' win DOES prove is that it's a statement as it pertains to their progress as a former 4-12 last season; a statement that they can dominate by playing all 4 quarters under a new QB and a number of new players on the OLine and the defense...and it can HELP define the rest of their season. But does aJets' loss to the Pats end their season? No.

I don't make predictions. Sports journalists make them because that's all they have to do and most are idiots. Predictions are for slow-minded, simple people. My dead grandfather can make a prediction about this game and he has a 50/50 chance of nailing it. So what. And if you're wrong, you come across (to me) as a moron. I obviously want my Jets to win, but I'll never publicly predict a score. 'Cause I'm not slow-minded, nor simple.

And after all, this is my blog and I'm always right. GO JETS! GO FAVRE! UNLEASH HELL ON COACH BELICHEAT AND HIS PATSIES!!!

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