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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An "ECHOES" flashback to the Summer of '94!

I saw this picture posted on my actor-friend John Rich's Facebook site of he and I in the musical, "Echoes" - a spectacular musical review we performed at Theatre Cedar Rapids in CR, IA in the summer of 1994. John's lying on the floor and I'm right above the guy in the white tee - Jake Stigers.

Whew. Where did the time go? THAT was a WILD show - and THOSE were some wild parties. Theatre lore in them parts nowadays...but don't ask me to tell you about it, OK? Had to be there. Moving on, the above picture is a group of us singing "Officer Krupke" from "West Side Story". Excellent show, "Echoes" was. We covered everything from "Le Miz" and "Miss Saigon" to "Cabaret", "Little Shop", "Tommy" and "Big River".

Did I mention what a wonderful time we had? John and his wife, Dee (also in "Echoes") live in AZ with their two children. There we are below - today. Me (left) and John (right).

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Heidicrafts said...

"Echoes" was wonderful. My daughter has just discovered "Little Shop" and the memories come back with Skid Row. I ran one of the spotlights and watched the whole show, over and over.

I found your blog, looking for references to the show. I just recently heard "You're Nothing Without Me" and couldn't quite place it until I remembered "Echoes."

-- Heidi (Ehrenberger) Haney

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