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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jimmy Stewart & Henry Fonda in a Skin Flick? Say it ain't so, George Bailey?

It's nnnt a skin flick.

"The Cheyenne Social Club" (1970) was a western comedy about two cowboys (Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda) who suddenly find themselves settling in at a local brothel called, The Cheyenne Social Club. Stewart's character inherits the brothel from his dead brother but he doesn't want it (he's a cowboy, after all; cowboys don't put down roots). The movie also stars Shirley Jones as the madam and the lovely lady-of-the-evening pictured below, actress Elaine Devry.

But it's the scene below that always caught my eye. Click on READ MORE!...for more details.

(WAIT! There's more...)

"The Cheyenne Social Club" is a very funny film which had modest success, but this scene, as you can imagine, stuck in my head. The scene, in which Jimmy Stewart tries to convince Elaine's character that she can do more with her life than being a whore - well...look at Elaine's dress.

Now the movie was probably released in an edited version but re-released for television and video in this, it's original state. As a kid, I'm like, "oh my God, you can see right through her can see her nipples!" Take a closer look-see.

Wholly headlights, Batman! And - one more view of Jimmy and Elaine, obviously having a wonderful titillating conversation. "Ahhhh...Ge-Ge-Gene? Can we haaave...can we have aaanother take there, Gene?" (Gene Kelly directed.) "Whatever you need, Jimmy. Boys - let's give'r another go. Jimmy and Elaine...Take 28! And - ACTION!"

Elaine, I found, was one of Mickey Rooney's stable of wives. Not sure which one (or which number). They were married from 1952-58. Word is Elaine and Rooney were hosting a party and she caught Rooney slipping one of the female servers his phone number. Elaine retaliated by popping Rooney in the jaw.

"The Cheyenne Social Club" movie poster (1970). Here's the movie trailer.

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Hi very sexy and Beautiful Elaine Devry thank you i am such a Big fan of Her. do more of these please

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