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Thursday, November 6, 2008

NEWS AS IT HAPPENS! Vote NO on Prop 8 protest right in front of our offices.

Fucking liberals.

I can say that because I consider myself a liberal - with conservative tendencies. Or maybe I'm a conservative with liberal tendencies. Either way...I'm pissed.

A huge Vote NO on Prop 8 rally just marched west on Santa Monica Boulevard toward Sepulveda, creating a traffic jam at Sepulveda and Santa Monica - a very, VERY busy intersection in Los Angeles.

Hundreds of supporters of same-sex marriage rallied outside a Mormon temple in West Los Angeles on this afternoon to protest what organizers called "hefty financial contributions" by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the campaign supporting a measure that bans same-sex unions in California. The Prop 8 initiative, which was on Tuesday's California ballot - a measure for which I was against (having those liberal tendencies that I do) - was a voter initiative amendment that defined marriage as "between a man and woman". It passed with 52.5 percent of the vote. The gay community and liberals are not happy people right now.

The rally began at 2 p.m. in front of the Los Angeles Mormon Temple then spilled onto Santa Monica Boulevard as sign-toting participants prepared to march to the nearby Federal Building in Westwood - west of our offices on Wilshire, which is just north of Santa Monica. Police, who began to surround the protesters, proceeded to shut down freeway ramps along the 405 Freeway in response to the march. Incidently, this is all a spill-over from the previous night's monster truck rally (kidding) in West Hollywood.

There must've been 50+ motorcycle cops and another 50+ cops on bikes surrounding the protesters, as well as numerous helicopters hovering overhead. I'm quite sure the police presence was there to provide escort to the protesters, as well as to protect them from traffic. I mean, they were marching right down the middle of Santa Monica Blvd. in the way of traffic. Even with a permit, isn't that illegal?

As the measure was defeated, one would think, "isn't what they're doing falling on deaf ears?". Maybe not. Apparently there are three separate suits against the initiative, claiming you can't introduce an amendment on a ballot that curtails people's civil rights.

And I agree with that. But an unlawful protest - blocking traffic - is against the law. Period. Was I effected? Yes. My boss couldn't get back to the office. FedEx cancelled pick-ups. One cop was hit by a car. Traffic was all fucked after work - cops all over the place. Yeh - people were affected. My advice to protesters: your political disruptions shouldn't cause traffic gridlock in a city with the worst traffic snags in the U.S. on a good day.


tony said...

your fed-ex deliveries were cancelled. my friend roger's wedding was cancelled.

Jeff Ircink said...

you know i was in favor of voting down Prop 8 - and Roger's wedding...that's horrible, tony. touche. my point is that is was unlawful assembly...cop got hit by a car during the hubub.

hopefully, the suits filed against the ballot initiative will have some effect.

tony said...

i know you were against prop 8, my friend. and who knows where it goes from here. i'm surprised by the public reactions though. and honestly, encouraged.

i'm not a big fan of yelling, shouting, or big protests myself, j. it so often runs the risk of turning off those people whose support you need. but sometimes it's worth it, and it's important.

i'm sorry that a cop got hit by a car. i'm not sure it's fair to blame the protesters for it. i know, i know, "if they weren't there in the first place" and all. are we sure this was "unlawful assembly?" were protesters arrested? was there a permit issued?

it just seemed a little....dare i say petty? be so bothered by a protest, when you really think about what's behind the it. but i know where your heart is.


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