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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chapter 2 - "Molasses"; Notes from Lost Man's Lane Cabin, by Richard Le Breton.

Aunt Ella's Molasses Cookies. It's a family recipe on the Ircink side. Got a little domestic in the cabin in the woods this past weekend.

I can't share the recipe with you - or I'd have to kill you. (There's already one person who has the recipe that I regret giving it to. Did it as a Christmas gift. Hers suck and I pray she'll eat one someday and choke on it.)

I've turned molasses eschewers into fans. 6 dozen gone in 20 minutes at the office. One couple fought over them during their divorce settlement. A mother was in such a fit of ecstacy upon tasting one that her water broke prematurely (3 days early). The baby was instantly addicted to the cookies. It's said that in Gnawbone one man threatened another man with a Bowie knife for taking the last molasses cookie from a batch I had delivered to a tavern there.

They just may be the answer to "peace on Earth, good will toward Men".

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K. Grace said...

I've heard stories of them impregnating people

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