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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Off to Ireland today. I leave you with "The Quiet Man"...

Back on October 5th. Slan!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Now following...The Daily Norseman.

The Daily Norseman. I think this picture and text says it all.


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Two Ireland we go - in two days!

Getting excited. Been to Ireland twice before. Belfast in 1989 for the day and then in 2006 when my play, "Stan's Addiction" was read in Belfast - saw Dublin, stayed in Redcross, Wicklow Co. Gorgeous country - I love it there. My brother decided not to go - too much work. I'm sad about that.

That's Doolin (above) on the West coast - the heart of traditional Irish music.

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Vikes Mute Lions' Roar/27-13. Favre = 271st start.

Upset Sunday. Bears beat Steelers. Jets beat Patriots. Ravens beat Chargers. Bengals beat Packers. Houston beats Tennessee. Not sure if Philly was a favorite but they got beat by the Saints. Cowboys lost to the Giants.

And then some people don't upset. Brett Favre set another NFL record, making his 271st straight start in the regular season - hasn't missed a game since 1992 when he started for the Green Bay Packers. "Every game I play in at this point, I'm pretty grateful," he said. "I know how difficult it is." Favre was 23 of 27 for 155 yards with 2 TD passes to rookie Percy Harvin and Visante Shiancoe. The previous consecutive start was held byMinnesota defensive end Jim Marshall who played for the Vikings from 1961-1979.

And the Vikes beat the Detroit Lions 27-13 at Detroit.

"I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out if you come and try to stop everything but Adrian Peterson, you're a fool," Favre said. "I got no problem telling you our offense is based around Adrian Peterson. Big deal. We're going to give it again to him next week."

Jas and I headed to The Legion in Greendale to watch the game. Rough crowd. All Packer fans. We minded our own business (which is strange when you've followed the Packers you're entire life but have now boycotted them).

Next Week: 49er's (2-0) at Vikes (2-0).

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Women Celebs I Love #8 - Sienna Miller.

She's brash, sexy, irreverent, blunt, honest, is chastised by the press and, in short, is a bad girl and I love her. Sienna graces the cover of this month's British GQ - here are some excerpts from the interview. Click on READ MORE! for more pics of Sienna. An acquaintance of mine in LA met Sienna and spent a bit of time with her. He said she was very nice.

So saucy. So sweet. Makes we wanna eat her.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kanye West sticks his head up his ass., I mean he put his foot in his mouth.

What I really mean is Kanye West is an ass. I blogged about this ass' shenanigans before. Ass. And Jay-Z, Beyonce's husband, defended him. Well - what did you think he'd say? Ass. West, I mean. He needs to become "the mute singer".

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TGIF! presents..."Riverdance!"

The broadcast of Riverdance at Eurovision 1994 was the FIRST occasion American audiences witnessed what became a worldwide phenomenon. I remember seeing it on television on PBS and running to my theater friends, saying, "you've got to see this!". None of them had.

Oh - and I thought this was an appropriate "TGIF! presents..." as it's my FIRST "TGIF! presents..." since arriving back in WI (to stay) AND I'm headed to Ireland next Wednesday and will be remiss in posting for 10 days.

The video is worth seeing just for Jean Butler's (the redhead) dancing. Please skip ahead to the 1:40 mark. Enjoy. Slan!

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Wisconsin Hickory. Late Summer. 2009.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I wanna take a crap on ex-Patriot Rodney Harrison.

I do. If you read this idiot's comments, they're totally unfounded.

Harrison's ripped on Favre before. Here's what one of the dirtiest NFLer's had to say about Favre last year.

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Favre Jersey #1 Seller. Again.

From April 1 - August 28, Brett Favre's Viking jersey was the #1 selling NFL jersey. And get this: it was only available for sale from August 18-28. 10 days.

Guess not as many people hate him as you naysayers believe. HEEEEEHAWWWWW! Oh...and Favre was elected one of five team captains for the entire season. One more reason why the "schism" that ESPN, ex-Patriot Rodney "Dirty HGH" Harrison, Fran "Bitter" Tarkenton and others harped on is bullshit. (The captains are voted on by the players.)

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Monday, September 14, 2009

"Schism?" I don't see no stinkin' "schism"/Vikes 1-0.

If there's been a divide in the Minnesota Viking locker room over the arrival of Brett Favre (as reported by ESPN using unnamed sources and latched onto by every media source in the country), I didn't see it yesterday as the Vikings clobbered the Cleveland Browns, 34-20.

RB Adrian Peterson was a machine, scoring 3 running TDs. Favre's numbers were modest: 14-21, 110 yards and 1 TD. Would I have liked to see Brett air out some longer passes and have more TDs? Sure. But he managed the game as he was expected to do.

And all you asshole, anti-Favre morons who bitch that the only thing Brett is concerned with is his stats and records - and then bitch that he had an unspectacular game yesterday...make up your minds. And while you're doing that (you know, how you say that Favre should make up his mind about retiring or not), lick my lingum.

The photo above is Favre tackling Percy Harvin in the endzone after a TD pass. Some things never change. :) Percy said he's learned more from Favre since Brett joined the team a month or so ago then years of playing football. Schism? Never believed that bull in the first place (media hype over nothing), and if there was discontentment in the locker room, it probably was with Sage and Jackson, the QBs who lost starting jobs when Favre joined the team. Favre denied it. NAMED players denied it. The coach denied it. Bunk, I tell you. BUNK!

Next Week: Vikes (1-0) at Detroit Lions (0-1)

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Happy Birthday, Cousin Mark!

In all the hubbub of my move from CA back to WI, I forgot to post this. Happy Birthday, Mark. My cuz is fighting Iraqis overseas - he's past the half-way point in his tour of duty. Be safe, Mark.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sean McColitas hosts the 3rd Annual Scottish Cup!

My first full day back in Wisconsin and I hit the boards running with a very fun acting job - MC of the 3rd Annual Scottish Cup. It was started by my cousin SCOTT Schmidt and Ryan ISHerwood. Get it? SCOTT and ISH? Bastards.

Anyway, we had a piper for the morning session of 18 holes at Edgewood and I performed solo during the 2nd 18 holes at Morningside - both in Big Ben near my hometown. Perfect day for golfing. Like the tee? "Ted Thompson (Green Bay Packer GM) ruined my Christmas." My brother and I each got one for Christmas 2008. TT is a bastard.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm officially back in Wisconsin to stay.

Made the long drive from Los Angeles to Milwaukee with my brother, arriving Friday morning in Waterford, WI. Lots to talk from the trip, the Scottish Cup I hosted. Gimme a few days to ease into Wisconsin living. Gonna watch Brett Favre is his debut regular season game as the Minnesota Viking QB and relax with family. I'll hit the boards running sometime this next's very odd when you move - even if it's back to your home state.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Beatles' "Two of Us"...for Jeff & Jason

Today my brother and I officially take off on our road trip back to Wisconsin. After 11 1/4 years in Los Angeles - I'm moving home.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

The best about California = the McCann-Glover Clan.

I've already blogged about the worst thing I experienced in California since moving here in 1998. OK...rant. Whatever. As my move date back to Wisconsin approaches (Wednesday of next week), I've spent most of my time reflecting on my good memories of LA, which I talked about in a previous blog post.

But my friendship with Donovan and Maria and their children Grace (2) and Gwyneth (8 mos. - my god daughter), and by association, their friends Jay & Susie, is the highlight of my stay here in Cali. These last few months I've been spending extended stays with the family - three days here, four days there. In anticipation of leaving them...this is gonna be very difficult.

D&M have ingrained (en?) themselves into my heart and we've become best friends and I am now "family" - a "Nino" to their youngest daughter. Maria's cooking, D's breakfasts, the laughter, D's novel, the smokes, the kids, "The Office" and "Rome", acting, the Packer, Jets and Bronco games and Sunday's filled with tension and cheers (often behind real know - the kids...thank God for TIVO), Maria's parents and siblings, Donovan's mom - so much more to say...well, most of it is up here (my head) and down here (my heart). :) and :( .

So how 'bout I say it in pictures. Click on READ MORE! to see the people who became my family in California. Donovan and Maria...I love you. You mean the world to me. And kids - your Nino's gonna miss you. I'll be back to visit - I promise. Don't forget me, please.

...I have to stop or I'll start crying.

Jay & Susie's boys and Grace.

Grace's 2nd b-day.

Clearman's North Woods Inn in Arcadia. Sort of looks like a picture of the McCann Glover's visiting me in Wisconsin, no?

Magic Man Donovan Glover.

Maria's family.

My god daughter Gwyneth.

Donovan and Baby Grace.

Maria - Rose Queen, with her father, GW, the retired fire chief.

Maria and Susie - with Gwyneth.

The McCann Glover chicks!

4th of July at Jay & Susie's in Pasadena, 2008.

Had to throw a shot of Brett Favre in here because - heaven forbid - the McCann Glovers LOVE Favre as much as I do. Their fanaticism for him peaked in 2007 and then they boycotted the Packers with me and watched Brett the Jet. This year - along with their Broncos - they're rootin' for Brett the Viking! GO FAVRE IN 2009!

Maria and Susie on my birthday this past week. Probably the only native Californian girls I know. High school best friends from Arcadia. If I do know any others I'm closest to these two. And they love to drink and cuss - and get bitchy when they play video games. Ircink kinda women!

My birthday, 2009. That's Monica in the white, the godmother or "Nina", to Baby Gwyneth.

Grace is already at a contemplative stage in her life - whil Gwyneth is all a'smiles.

Gwyneth at her baptism.

The godparents to Grace and Gwyneth.

Donovan and Gwyneth.

Grace when she was one.

Gwyneth and her Nino.

Gwyneth's hand in mine.

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LeGarrette Blout.

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The last "Californian" TGIF! presents...Wang Chung's "To Live and Die in LA"!

Wang Chung - To Live and Die In LA
Uploaded by jpdc11 - See the latest featured music videos.

Goodbye California...and LA. This is officially my last "TGIF! presents..." as a Californian. I'm hittin' the road. Moving back to Wisconsin. After 11 1/4 years here, I need a break. I could be pessimistic about some of the time that I spent here - as easy as it would be to say that a lot of great shit happened to me while I lived here. I made some great friends - best friends. I became a god father. I fell in love. Met some interesting people - a lot of celebs. Some of you - and you know who you breaks my heart to leave you. But in this day and age of Facebook and the Internet, we're not really that far away, are we? I'll be back to visit.

Right decision to move? Wrong decision? Who knows. It feels like the right decision NOW.

It was a wonderful adventure. No matter what I'm feeling now or how I'll feel about later, there is a part of me that will never leave LA.

This song is my homage to the City of Angels. And to the state of California, I say, "see ya later".

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To my friends in Los Angeles and California, I bid you "adieu".

...with a Beach Boys tune that Paul McCartney said was the saddest song he'd ever heard - "God Only Knows". I will miss you all. And I love you (most of you).


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Thursday, September 3, 2009

My adopted word is "FOPPOTEE".

It means, "a simple-minded person" .

Let's try it in a sentence. "I think Jemele Hill (ESPN "correspondent") is a simple-minded person".

I like it. Figure I'll use it enough to bring it back from the English language equivalent of the Tower of London (does that make sense...maybe I'm simple-minded). If you can save a whale, save a tree, save a child, save a building, save a can surely find the time to SAVE A WORD!

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The worst about California = my last two years in Bel Air.

I'm moving back to Wisconsin next Wednesday the 9th. And I've been reflecting on my 11 1/4 years here in Los Angeles. Thought I'd dish the bad news first.

For seven years I lived a surreal life in a gorgeous two-story guest house on 10 acres high above Sunset. A life only a few people can relate to. The first five years were great. It's the last two years that were shit.

2004 was when I got whacked in the eye by the gardener. Whacked bad. My boss and property owner, Barbara Bollenbach did nothing. I forgave the guy who injured me - it was a stupid act but he didn't mean to hurt me. Barbara, however, did nothing at a time when I needed her the most. She didn't give me a WC claim form to fill out. She never confirmed with me that she had WC and she never reported it. I gave her the benefit of the doubt for two years (under CA law) and she did nothing. I sucked it up for TWO YEARS - waiting...and she made no offer to rectify the situation (there are more details but I'm giving you the watered down version). Only after I moved out in 2006 and sued her did she THEN report my injury to her insurance company. She even had the balls to say to me when I told her I had an eye doctor visit on a day I was to be working on her property, "You had a doctor visit on my day last week...I feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick."

I've been fighting with her insurance company since 2006. And the cheap bitch millionaire who didn't report my injury to her insurance company (for what I assume to be many reasons) has now purchased and razed two multi-million dollar properties adjacent to her own so she can expand her own acreage in order to construct a compound in order to allow her children to live close by (each of whom owes me $10 by the way).

So, as I reflect about those last two years in Bel Air and think about Barbara, I'm reminded of the words Marlon Brando spoke in a scene from Last Tango in Paris:

"You cheap, goddamn, fucking, godforsaken whore. I hope you rot in hell. You're worse than the dirtiest street pig anybody could find, and you know why? You know why? Because you lied. You lied to me and I trusted you. You lied. You knew you were lying! Go on, tell me you didn't lie. Haven't you got anything to say about that? You can think up something, can't you? Go on, tell me something! Smile, you cunt! Go on, tell me...tell me something sweet. Smile at me and say I just misunderstood. Go on, tell me. You pig-fucker! You goddamn, fucking, pig-fucking liar."

I pray you or someone you know reads this, Barb. All that money you give to charity? All those honors bestowed on you by charities - for being charitable. Bullshit. Where I come from charity begins at home. And you failed miserably at it. (Go ahead - tell me I need to "let go". Yeh...when I settle with her insurance company. Until then, go back and read the quote above.)

NOTE: If you're curious to see a virtual map shot of the property where I lived in Bel Air, click on READ MORE!

The red denotes Barbara's property line when I lived there. The blue denotes property she added while I was there but razed after I had left. The yellow is where a famous singer lived (can't tell you who) and last time I checked, that house had been razed as well - for Barbara's compound. Yet she couldn't report my WC injury to insurance company.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"See ya later", Marla!

Marla, Marla, Marla. We dated a number of years ago. I joined her and her girlfriends in Hollywood for her birthday in July. I really haven't frequented the Sunset Strip much in the 11 1/4 years I've been in LA. Not a Sunset Strip dude. Most of those were with Marla. But this night was the most fun I've ever had with Marla On the Strip, I mean.

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