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Monday, September 14, 2009

"Schism?" I don't see no stinkin' "schism"/Vikes 1-0.

If there's been a divide in the Minnesota Viking locker room over the arrival of Brett Favre (as reported by ESPN using unnamed sources and latched onto by every media source in the country), I didn't see it yesterday as the Vikings clobbered the Cleveland Browns, 34-20.

RB Adrian Peterson was a machine, scoring 3 running TDs. Favre's numbers were modest: 14-21, 110 yards and 1 TD. Would I have liked to see Brett air out some longer passes and have more TDs? Sure. But he managed the game as he was expected to do.

And all you asshole, anti-Favre morons who bitch that the only thing Brett is concerned with is his stats and records - and then bitch that he had an unspectacular game yesterday...make up your minds. And while you're doing that (you know, how you say that Favre should make up his mind about retiring or not), lick my lingum.

The photo above is Favre tackling Percy Harvin in the endzone after a TD pass. Some things never change. :) Percy said he's learned more from Favre since Brett joined the team a month or so ago then years of playing football. Schism? Never believed that bull in the first place (media hype over nothing), and if there was discontentment in the locker room, it probably was with Sage and Jackson, the QBs who lost starting jobs when Favre joined the team. Favre denied it. NAMED players denied it. The coach denied it. Bunk, I tell you. BUNK!

Next Week: Vikes (1-0) at Detroit Lions (0-1)

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