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Friday, September 4, 2009

The best about California = the McCann-Glover Clan.

I've already blogged about the worst thing I experienced in California since moving here in 1998. OK...rant. Whatever. As my move date back to Wisconsin approaches (Wednesday of next week), I've spent most of my time reflecting on my good memories of LA, which I talked about in a previous blog post.

But my friendship with Donovan and Maria and their children Grace (2) and Gwyneth (8 mos. - my god daughter), and by association, their friends Jay & Susie, is the highlight of my stay here in Cali. These last few months I've been spending extended stays with the family - three days here, four days there. In anticipation of leaving them...this is gonna be very difficult.

D&M have ingrained (en?) themselves into my heart and we've become best friends and I am now "family" - a "Nino" to their youngest daughter. Maria's cooking, D's breakfasts, the laughter, D's novel, the smokes, the kids, "The Office" and "Rome", acting, the Packer, Jets and Bronco games and Sunday's filled with tension and cheers (often behind real know - the kids...thank God for TIVO), Maria's parents and siblings, Donovan's mom - so much more to say...well, most of it is up here (my head) and down here (my heart). :) and :( .

So how 'bout I say it in pictures. Click on READ MORE! to see the people who became my family in California. Donovan and Maria...I love you. You mean the world to me. And kids - your Nino's gonna miss you. I'll be back to visit - I promise. Don't forget me, please.

...I have to stop or I'll start crying.

Jay & Susie's boys and Grace.

Grace's 2nd b-day.

Clearman's North Woods Inn in Arcadia. Sort of looks like a picture of the McCann Glover's visiting me in Wisconsin, no?

Magic Man Donovan Glover.

Maria's family.

My god daughter Gwyneth.

Donovan and Baby Grace.

Maria - Rose Queen, with her father, GW, the retired fire chief.

Maria and Susie - with Gwyneth.

The McCann Glover chicks!

4th of July at Jay & Susie's in Pasadena, 2008.

Had to throw a shot of Brett Favre in here because - heaven forbid - the McCann Glovers LOVE Favre as much as I do. Their fanaticism for him peaked in 2007 and then they boycotted the Packers with me and watched Brett the Jet. This year - along with their Broncos - they're rootin' for Brett the Viking! GO FAVRE IN 2009!

Maria and Susie on my birthday this past week. Probably the only native Californian girls I know. High school best friends from Arcadia. If I do know any others I'm closest to these two. And they love to drink and cuss - and get bitchy when they play video games. Ircink kinda women!

My birthday, 2009. That's Monica in the white, the godmother or "Nina", to Baby Gwyneth.

Grace is already at a contemplative stage in her life - whil Gwyneth is all a'smiles.

Gwyneth at her baptism.

The godparents to Grace and Gwyneth.

Donovan and Gwyneth.

Grace when she was one.

Gwyneth and her Nino.

Gwyneth's hand in mine.

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