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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Favre Sets 3 Records - Most QB TDs in NFL History - 422 / 4-0

Brett Favre hoisting Greg Jennings after Jennings caught "the record" TD pass.

In thrilling style, the Green Bay Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings at Minnesota and Brett set the all-time NFL record for most QB touchdowns at 422, surpassing Dan Marino's record of 420. Check out the pass (which turned out to be an audible) and highlights from the game: >
Go to Week 4 highlights - Packers at Vikings.

Favre also became 1st in all-time pass attempts - also held by Dan Marino; he moved into 2nd place for all-time consecutive starts for any position in the game (passing a former Viking player), and this was his 50th game with 300+ passing yards. If you've lost track, Favre is 1st in TDs, games won, pass completions, pass attempts and consecutive starts (by a QB) in NFL history. But most importantly, the Pack won the game.

Next Week: Chicago Bears (1-3) @ Green Bay Packers (4-0)

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Dear Mom & Dad...

...Jason and I want our own baby sister.

At least that's what my dreams tell me. My best friends in CA - Donovan and Maria - had their first baby, Grac "ie", at the end of June (see July 1 post) and I've had two dreams about having a baby sister. Either two dreams in one night or over two successive nights. Whatever - the dream woke me up this morning, which is why I'm at the computer (that or I'm nervous about the Packers at Minnesota today).

So - here's a snap of Gracie, with Maria. Isn't she cute? (Maria, too.) Now, maybe the reason I've been dreaming about a baby sister is because I've been spending a lot of time at Donovan and Maria's house on Sundays - they have the NFL Ticket and I've been watching the Packer games there. And I don't wanna break tradition for fear of breaking the Green Bay's 3-0 winning streak - even though one of the games was on national TV here in CA. Anyway, I've been playing with Gracie and holding her and walking her to sleep (carrying her in this sling backpack thingy which I'm guessing has a very "fetal" feeling for Gracie). I love playing with her, making all those stupid baby sounds adults make while trying to get her to laugh and smile (which I do, thank you). And I love to smell her baby head - that should be bottled and sold as an accord. The smell of her head - not the baby.

How this figures in my dream I'm not sure. All I know is I've dreamt holding "our sister" and showing her off to my parents and Jason. I'm sure Jim and Dee are more than thrilled this wish can never come true as they are beyond ye olde child-bearing years. But now I'm sad. What would her name be, Jason? Jennifer? That was one name my mother chose had one of us been a girl. Thank God for dreams...and for Gracie McCann-Glover.

I will love her like my own "sister". Now go get Jas & I a beer, Jennifer - the Packer game starts in five minutes. Babys. Cute but SO slow.

(Zzzzzzzzz. Sh-h. Donovan - asleep during his Denver Bronco game. Poor D. ( I'm referring to Donovan.)

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(9) Wisconsin Edges Michigan State / 5-0

37-34 in a offense show-down at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison. Whew! Too close, Badgers. Way too close.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

On MSNBC: Which NFL team has the best fans?

As of this posting on Friday afternoon, we - the Green Bay Packers - are leading this poll, with 73%, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers at 8.7% and the Seattle Seahawks at 2.7%. THE PACK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

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Packers Favre, Barnett Honored by FEDEX and GMC

Brett Favre was named the FEDEX Air Player of the Week for his performance last week as the Pack beat the San Diego Chargers, 31-24. That's two nominations in a row - in three weeks - this being his first win. Guess he let the world down that first week when we beat Philly. According to Allen Barras of The New York Sun, Green Bay won that game " spite of Brett Favre". See more on what this clownshoe had to say about Brett and the Pack in the post below, People I Hate. Also, Nick Barnett, was chosen as GMC's Defensive Player of the Week - Barnett made a key interception against San Diego to seal their fate. The accolades just keep a'comin'. Way to go, boys!

Go to Week 2 - Packers v. Chargers

Also, Favre and Donald Driver (receiver) were both nominated for NFC Offensive Players of the Week by the NFL and Nick Barnett was nominated for NFC Defensive Player of the Week by the NFL.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Mariaaa. I just kissed a girl named Mariaaa!"

West Side Story movie poster.

My favorite musical of all-time...West Side Story. (Fingersnaps.) "Snap, snap, snap, snap, de da da da daaaaa, de da de da de daaaaa, snap, snap, snap, snap."

West Side Story opened on Broadway 50 years ago today. Geezuz. Almost forgot this little tid-bit. Thank you, NPR.

I sang "Officer Krupke" in a musical review back in 1994. Loved it. Love the movie - that jazz dancing is my favorite of all the dances. Jets. Sharks. That jazzy sound of the early 60's, Bernstein, Laurents, Sondheim...I get chills thinking about it. I wanna do the musical! I wanna jump around on stage and sing those gorgeous songs and feel what Riff and Maria and Tony and Bernardo and the Jets and Sharks were feeling.

Is it too late to play the malt shop owner, perhaps? The movie came out in 1961 and was a huge success - the most nominated for it's time - 12 nominations, was it? And it won 11.

The original Broadway playbill.

George Chakiris won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Bernardo, leader of the P.R. Sharks.

I'll let you go online and explore the story, the movie, the stage version and the songs - "Maria", "Somewhere", "Cool", the Jet Song - listen to them. Buy the soundtrack. This is a musical that changed musical theater forever. It's theme is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago.

And remember: "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way from your first cigarette 'til your last dying day!" Cool. Be-bop!

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"This Grinds My Beans!"

That's a quote from a radio character we used to have at WKLH in Milwaukee (I worked there in radio sales for two years). Known as Mr. Angry, he'd come on the air and bitch about anything and everything (he was actually the head of an ad shop in town).

The last thing I want is all my posts to be football related. But it is football season so you'll just have to bear with me. The problem I have with all sports is the media - if they're not bugging Brett Favre about when he's retiring - they're asking stupid questions or making stupid comments. I cringe when commentators - ESPN, FOX, NFL Network, local, online, wherever - give me their opinions which are based on the dumbest criteria or give me their predictions. Hey, I never predict the Pack is gonna win a game - I say I "hope" or "their chances are good" or "they're favored". These anal-ists, as I like to refer to them as, look like dipshits when they're wrong and, of course, then they can always change they're previous opinion based on the current state of affairs with a sports organization so they always seem to look like they're right and knowledgeable when really they don't know any more than you or I.

Now you already know from a previous post that I hate The New York Sun columnist Allen Bare-ass (Barras - see People I Hate post below) - here's two more examples of what I'm talking about. And keep in mind, I understand we're only three games into the season and things can change, but just read the following:

Adam Schein from ESPN (I like to call him Dick Shine) wrote an article before the season about Favre and the Pack. I chewed his ass out in an email - below are excerpts from that article.

"The Packers should still think long and hard about letting him (Favre) go."

"My response remains the same: the Packers need to seriously consider making this move and get the wheels in motion to put the Favre era — no matter how successful it was — in the past."

"Let's be honest — Favre is well along the downside of his career. His decision-making and knack for forcing the ball into double or triple coverage has hurt Green Bay. Last year he tossed 18 picks against 18 touchdowns. That's not good. That's after throwing 29 picks in 2005."

"Is he a top 10 quarterback in 2007? Absolutely not."

"Green Bay spent a first-round pick on Aaron Rodgers. Maybe it's time to see what he has."

"But let's be very honest again here for a second — the Packers aren't making the playoffs with Favre either. Not with their defense and running game. In fact, I'm sure the fine folks in the Green Bay offices have to be asking themselves a similar question. Let Favre go play for the Dolphins or Jaguars. Find out what you have in Rodgers. Get a quarterback into the lineup who won't be constantly questioning the talent around him. Favre will always be a Packer legend, but the best thing for the sanity and upward movement of the Packers for the rest of this decade is to let him go now."

Here's another joker - Bill Simmons from ESPN:

16. Green Bay Packers - Old quarterbacks are like old strippers, old rappers and older bottles of white wine - with the exception of Don Strock and that's really it, they get dramatically worse with age. Most people think Brett Favre is just about washed-up; actually, he is washed up. According to Pro Football Prospectus, Green Bay led the league in overthrown passes last season. In 2005 and 2006, Favre turned the ball over 64 times. Heading into Week 14 last season, the Packers were 4-8 and lost to four teams with good defenses (the Bears, Pats, Eagles and Jets) by a combined 130-19 margin. What else do you need to know?

(Note: I feel bad for the underrated Packers defense, which has a chance to be really good this season. I also feel bad for the good people of Wisconsin. In the span of seven months, they could watch the Brew Crew blow its division to the hated Cubs, followed by the greatest QB in Packers history potentially embarrassing himself in his final season, and then Chairman Yi playing 20-25 minutes per game -- guaranteed by Herb Kohl to the Chinese government, as reported by Ric Bucher!!!!! -- and single-handedly killing the Bucks' playoff hopes. The only silver lining is they'll be covered in mustard and cheese sauce the entire time. Could we send an extra shipment of EKG machines to Wisconsin please? And make it a rush order. Thanks.)

Believe me, these aren't the only two door knobs who all but figured Favre for dead and are now recanting their previous bile. Now, Dick Shine is praising the Pack. He said he won't take back the things he said because at the time they were true of the status of the team and Favre (which is bullshit as well). And I just heard Simmons admit on ESPN Radio that Favre's doing well and that he thought he was finished. AND he said he didn't notice Favre doing anything different really than he has in the past (in reference to talk that Favre is playing a more controlled game this season). That's because Favre hasn't changed you assholes! It's the people around him that have. ARGHHH! I'm not even gonna get into this rant. Give me serenity, Lord. Granted...things could turn around and these anal-ists would come off sounding like they knew it all along. And as I said earlier, we're just three games into the season. Why don't these idiots just shut up? Why do we need all these morons dissecting our games for us? Why can't we just watch them and then they can report on the outcomes of the games? Simple enough, isn't it? I wouldn't miss them and I'd be perfectly happy not writing retorts like this in my blog. And who edits the dung these guy write? Aren't they accountable for anything or do they have carte blanche to write whatever they feel? I mean, opinion's one thing. Fine. I have an opinion and you have an opinion. Why are these clown shoes (to borrow a phrase from my cousin, Scott Schmidt) in a seat of authority, disseminating whatever bile spills from their mouths on any given day?

Here's my take on Favre and the Green Bay Packers - this coming from a Wisconsin native and GB fan: I don't know what's gonna happen with my Packers. They look good thus far at 3-0 with no running game. Our starting RB will be entering the mix shortly and that Emmanuel dude we got from the Vikings last year will be playing as well - think he's a receiver. Favre is rated in the top 6 of QBs in most categories. He's been nominated twice for FEDEX Air Player of the Week, chosen by the NFL as the Offensive Player of the week for Week #2 and other players like Crosby (kicker), Wynn (rookie back) and Barnett (defensive back?) have all been recognized in the last three weeks of play, and Coach McCarthy was chosen Coach of the Week by the NFL for Week #2 as well.

Favre is playing well and having a good time and most anal-ists are noticing this and agreeing. In some power rankings where we were 25, or 26 - we're now 5 or 7. I don't know - but I feel something magical is happening and my gut is usually right.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Origami No. 4

Here's a snippet from a short play I'm writing called, Reveille! - about two Virginian women in 1862. Reveille! will be one of three short plays in an erotic trilogy called, AMOR NO FLUXO(PRONOUNCED “FLooSHA”), or LOVE IN FLUX.

Oh go on. You’re just jealous ‘cause Godey’s Ladies Book didn’t ask you to submit a story, that’s all.

I think it’s wonderful Godey’s ran an ad and invited all its readers to send in a story – not just you.

How would you know? You never read Godey’s so how would you know the first thing about it?

Godey’s Ladies Book is a prissy piece of trash for passin’ time and nothing more. Why, any soul in his right mind would pay good money for the paper it’s printed on just so as he – or she – could have something fittin’ to use in the washroom. And I am not referring to washing one’s hands either.

Well that’s peculiar talk coming from a lady. I don’t recall the last time such vulgarity was spoken in our home.
I say Godey’s is not a luxury but a necessity. With its helpful hints and its patterns and needle-work and instructions in housekeeping – why we save twice the price we pay for it in less than a year.

Anything I’d write would put to shame 99% of the garbage in that rag – if I had the time.

Then why don’t you write your own story and submit it?

The world is an unhappy place, Amanda. My demeanor would have to be on a higher plain for me to even consider the task of sitting down to write.

Well if the world were in a better place, what would you write about then?
Oh, come on. Don’t be a sour puss. Tell me.

I suppose I’d write about living here in the valley – before the war...when even the faintest breeze blows in the smell of sassafras blossoms from a mile away and the mockingbirds swoop down on anyone who gets close to their nest – which they do without reservation ‘cause everyone knows you’re never to kill a mockingbird and they know it, too. I’d write about how that dog of yours slouches around so much so you’d think he were dead, except for when he scratches the fleas off his back and nips at the honey bees flying about his head.
Or the farm – I’d write about the farm, and how you’re scared of feeding the chickens –

I am not!

You are too. And how one day you proposed we eat the Rhode Island Red and Plymouth Rock chickens as they most certainly were Yankee-bred and would do irreparable harm to a Southerner’s palate. I’d tell of midnight walks along 4 ¼ Mile Road, lit up by the slightest sliver of a moon - like a postcard...where you can hear the rippling and splashing of Little Mountain Run in the dark as she snakes down and around through the Shenandoah Valley, and the horned owl joins the bullfrog and the crickets in a symphony that only God could compose. Or the lonesome whistle of the Blue Ridge Railway...clickety-clackety - reminding me there’s a world to explore beyond this valley. I’d write how exhausted I am after drinkin’ it all in and how I’m able to get a full night’s sleep and wake up refreshed, ready to experience it all over again.
Not like now...where the only smells in the valley are of death and the only sounds are the pangs of innocent folk suffering because of some men’s war. Not like now when I worry that soldiers might steal off with the horses in the middle of the night or that I might awaken to a rifle barrel stuck in my gut - or worse. Where the roads and city streets are filled with blue troops and gray troops – depending on who's in control at the time - marching off to fight and the incessant grumblings of war by townspeople who have nothing else to talk about ‘cause there is nothing else to talk about.
I smell sassafras occasionally. And I’m not saying the crickets have stopped chirping or Ollie stopped shooing bees all together. But it’s - everything I cherish about this place has been smothered by war. The trains bring men into town to fight one another. The air is filled with smoke and fire. The Yankees’ blockade stopped Little Mountain Run from rippling and splashing. People I know have died or moved away. The...the ecstasy I once felt here is gone – replaced with chaos and fear. I used to enjoy the rain – a steady, long, slow rain. It washed the earth clean and made everything smell – like fresh laundry that’s come in outta the sun and the wind. The only rain that falls now brings with it the smell of death and the streets run with the blood of young men who are lost forever. And I’m afraid that everything will change and I will forget what it was like.
I didn’t mean to go and on.
That’s what I’d write about. The way things used to be. Our reality is the war - what joy would there be in writing about that?

Well I’m fairly certain that’s not the slant Godey’s is aspiring it’s readers to write about – all the blood and guts and such. I, for one, choose to concentrate on the positive aspects of the day. War or no war.

You be optimistic for both of us. Maybe something good will come of it.

Godey’s Ladies Book publishing my story would be a positive start, I’d say.
Sounds like a storybook – all that, fluff you were talking about. You came up with all that on your own?

It wasn’t difficult. I’ve lived it all my life.

“Sassafras blossoms”. I like that. May I use it in my narration? For Godey’s?

Not too much fluff for you, I hope.


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Monday, September 24, 2007

Say Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!! Pack Unplug Chargers / 3-0

And Brett tied Dan Marino's record for most QB wins. One more TD to break it. Nice job, offensive line, receivers, backs and defense. Poor ole Brett. I feel for him - you know, 'cause he's old and hurtin' and worthless and is holding the team back, etcetera, etcetera.

Next Week: GB @ Minnesota

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm nervous...

...about the Packer game today. Please, God...let GB kick the shit out of San Diego so we can go 3-0. Please?

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#9 Wisconsin Badgers 4-0

My Wisconsin Badgers beat Iowa Saturday night to go 4-0 overall, 1-0 in the Big Ten. They're sure not getting any respect from the pollsters - or other fans - as they've dropped twice in the polls despite winning. Probably 'cause they didn't blow out their opponents like they were expected to. Oh well...come bowl-bid time, we'll see who earns respect and who sits home for the holidays. GO BIG RED!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

McCarthy named Coach of the Week

Mike McCarthy, head coach of the Green Bay Packers, was named Coach of the Week by the NFL. Has the Pack at 2-0, first time since 2001. Pack at home tomorrow against the San Diego Chargers, who are 1-1 (were 14-2 last year). Favre needs 4 TDs to surpass Dan Marino for the most TDs in the history of the NFL. Odds are he won't get 4 TDs tomorrow (that's a lot). Would really love him to get the record at home.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Favre Named NFC Offensive Player of Week 2 by the NFL

Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for games played the second week of the 2007 season (September 16-17), the NFL announced Wednesday.

Sooooo...perhaps the league took into consideration that Favre surpassed Elway as the winningest QB of all time - though Brett did play an excellent game. We'll take it. Pretty good for an "old man" who's "passed" his prime, is hurting his team for personal records and who should've retired 2, 3 or 4 years ago.
By the way, our rookie kicker, Mason Crosby, won the same honors as Special Teams player last week for his game winning field goal to beat the Eagles.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

National "Talk Like A Pirate Day".

Today. ARGHHHHHHHHHH!! Go ahead, Matey.
Try it - it's fun.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Tooth Fairy is Dead.

I killed her.

That's what I told the little boy (I live with a co-worker and her son) this morning as he regaled me about finding $5 under his pillow. His first baby tooth finally fell out. I said I heard what I thought was a dragonfly in the house in the middle of the night so I picked up one of those oversized, plastic bats and whacked the shit out of "the dragonfly". Ooops...nope - it was a tooth fairy. Cute too.


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Monday, September 17, 2007

Favre Becomes Winningest QB / 2-0

Brett Favre looked more like the QB he IS - with 3 TD's and an ass-whooping of the New York Giants yesterday at NY AND beating out John Elway as the QB with the most wins ever. The Packers also looked more like the team they are capable of playing like. Nice job, boys.

For highlights, here's the link:
Go to Week 2 highlights.

Oh - and Eli Manning WAS the starter. Hey, Eli...what did your daddy and brother tell you about your team's piss-poor performance at home when you called them crying on the phone? Bitch.

Next Week: Chargers @ GB

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Friday, September 14, 2007

People I Hate.

Such a strong word. Hate. Now Dislike Immensely - whole different connotation. That list is long. People like Mo Rocca, Peyton and Eli Manning, Warren Sapp, lots of musical groups (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Barbara Striesand), Ms. Spears, Ms. Paris Hilton, Ms. Ritchie, Ms. Simpson (and her sister), Ms. Lohan. Tim Meadows, Maya Rudolph, Jay Mohr (three of the worst no-talents EVER on Saturday Night Live), and any NFL football team that's playing my Green Bay Packers any given Sunday. Doesn't matter why I dislike immensely or hate them. Some of you might already know. Just trust in the fact that I hate or dislike them immensely for a good reason and that's that. In no particular order, the people I hate:

1. Barbara Bollenbach - lady I used to work for in Bel Air. I want her to die a slow, painful death. For details, read the following:
2. Alex Barra - writes for the online New York Sun, among other publications; this cocksucking, bitch ripped Favre and the Pack after they beat Philly in the 2007 NFL opener at Lambeau with an inflamatory article I still get pissed about - put Favre and "dogfighting" in the same sentence (Michael Vick. Dogfighting.) and kissed Donovan McNabb's ass....well, just read the article.
You don't have to be a Packer fan to realize this asshole' asshole. I want him to die.
3. K.R. (I have friends who know this person so I don't wanna piss them off.)
4. Bill Romanowski - former NFL dirty football player. Should be in jail.
5. "ANONYMOUS" - some who posted on my blog post, July 18-The Tooth Fairy is Dead, and didn't leave their name. Therefore, I hate this person called, ANONYMOUS. Coward.

I hope I don't have to add to this list. We'll see - don't make me put YOU down here! That's all you gotta worry about.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Best word to describe it. And the "irritated" kind of pissed - not the "drunk" one.

I entered two shorts in this play competition (see June 25 post on Short & Sweet) and neither of them made the 2nd cut to 196 (60 are eventually chosen and performed). With the evaluation system they were using I was confident "Pass the Salt, Please." would've made it. Huh. God damn Aussies. Oh well....I HATE YOU ALL. AUSSIES. KIWIS. EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! GO AWAYYYYYYYYY!

Both plays are still being considered for Short & Sweet/Sydney in February 2008. Bastards.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"It was ugly, but it was a win." / 1-0

That being the consensus of the Green Bay win over Philly last Sunday. Come on offensive line - we know you can do it.

There was video of a great busted play that turned into a 22-yard gain for Favre and DeShawn Wynn, but they took that clip off and there's just game highlights.

Next week: GB @ Giants

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Chicago's "Wishing You Were Here".

I love the group Chicago and I love this song. But my favorite group, The Beach Boys, backs the band up with harmonies. Give'er a listen.
Beautiful song. Listen to the words...definately rings true with me.

Sleepless hours and dreamless nights and far aways
Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here
Heaven knows and lord it shows when Im away
Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here
Same old show in a different town on another time
Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here
Even though youre far away, youre on my mind
Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here

And Id like to change my life, and you know I would
Just to be with you tonight, baby, if I could
But Ive got my job to do, and I do it well,
So I guess thats how it is.
Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here
Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here

On the road its a heavy load, but Ill get by
Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here
Pay the price, make a sacrifice, and still Ill try
Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here

I always try and have a point when I post. My point here is it's The Beach Boys. It's Chicago. It's harmonies. Can there be any more of a point?

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Sunday, September 9, 2007


© Copyright 2007 Janis Mertin

(I originally posted this on September 7 at 4:44 - real time. Get it?)

The Ironman - is back.

* On the verge of breaking all the remaining top QB records in the NFL (they're all a lock, except perhaps total yards passing and the yards he needs for the record he got last year).
* Back for his 17th year in the NFL - 16th year with the Green Bay Packers.
* Hasn't missed a START since the 1992 season. 237 consecutive starts (257 with playoffs). Only 6 times has a back-up been called in to complete a game due to a Favre injury.
* 202 QB's have started for teams since Favre's debut as a Packer. 202!
* The ONLY 3-time MVP ever in the NFL (consecutive awards, mind you).
* 1 Super Bowl title
* 2 NFC titles
* 6 division crowns
* 3 NFC Championships
* 10 playoff berths
* 12 winning seasons (of the 15)
* 8 Pro Bowl selections

"Huck Finn" is ready to lead his young team to the playoffs this year.
#4 is ready to kick some ass.

Ain't he always?

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Milwaukee Art Museum featured on cover of Design Within Reach catalog

Introduced in 1994 by designer Jesus Gasca, the Globus Chair has become a classic – according to the copy I read. I just thought it was cool that the Milwaukee Art Museum was featured on the cover. If you’re ever in my hometown, check it out. I have yet to do so.

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