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Sunday, January 31, 2010

"In vino veritas". Cedarburg "wine country".

We partook in some vino at the Cedarburg Winery and Ernie's Wine Bar Friday evening - my Aunt Ev and Uncle Bob and U. Bob's brother Tom, who's visiting from Santa Barbara. A+.

"The king sits in Dunfermline town Drinking the blude-red wine." Trad Ballad, 'Sir Patrick Spens'

"Wine gives us liberty, love takes it away. Wine makes us princes, love makes us beggars." Wycherly, The Country Life

"Drink wine, and you will sleep well. Sleep, and you will not sin. Avoid sin, and you will be saved. Ergo, drink wine and be saved." Medieval German saying

"I'm drinking some wine, eating some cheese, and catching some rays, you know..." Oddball in Kelly's Heroes (1970)

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Don't just bitch about it! Write your local paper!

My letter appeared in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (1-31-10). Under "2-Minute Drill, Speak Out - Letters from our Readers". The letter below mine was just as scathing toward the local media.

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Separated at Birth? Carl Fredricksen from "Up" and Spencer Tracy.

Carl (left) and Wisconsin native Tracy. Saw "Up" for the first time yesterday. Fabulous movie.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Vikes hand NFC Championship to 'Aints in OT, 31-28. Come back, Brett!!

I think I've calmed down enough to rehash snapshots of the Viking loss in OT to the Saints in the NFC Championship game last Sunday. I think. Maybe not. We'll see.

I can't begin to explain the emotional ups and downs my family went through watching the Minnesota Vikings "fumble" away their chance to go to the Super Bowl. You don't have to be a Viking fan or a Brett Favre fan to understand our pain. Any ole NFL fan will do. I've never sweat so hard. Never wished so hard. But the fat lady sang - Favre's INT in the last seconds of regular play prolonged the game, sending it into OT. The Saints won the toss and sealed Minnesota's fate with a first possession field goal. Favre's ill-advised pass (in our minds, at least). But if I sat here and blamed Favre solely for the loss, I'd be contradicting the adage "there's no 'I' in 'TEAM'. And certainly if you watched the game, you'd agree that the 6 Viking fumbles hurt beyond description (two were in the Saints' red zone). It was as if none of the Vikes had ever touched a football. Ever.

I've never seen a quarterback literally get the shit beat out of him as Favre did that day. Favre was never sacked. He suffered two hurt wrists, two hurt ankles, a hurt leg and a bruised head and face and yet he marched on. Had I not known better, I would've thought I was viewing a no-holds-barred, Ultimate Fighter match. The Saints' defense made it a point to get after Favre (which any defense should), even if it meant accruing a 15-yard roughing the passer call - a fact readily admitted by the Saints defensive coach Gregg Williams this week while preparing his team to meet Peyton Manning's Colts in Super Bowl 44 next weekend. One roughing-the-passer penalty was called against New Orleans. And the refs admitted at least one more should've been called, a hit on Favre that resulted in his first INT. Had the refs called a roughing-the-passer penalty as they stated they should have, the penalty would have resulted in a Vikings' first down at the Saints' 19 yard line.

There were other so-called "missed calls" by the refs, a few my brother and I (and fans of both team and the media) whole-heartily agree the refs missed. But refs miss calls every game. To be a champion you have to overcome them. As I mentioned earlier, the Vikings beat themselves with turnovers. They handed the NFC Championship to New Orleans and most snippets I've read and people I've discussed this with agree.

All that aside, it was a helluva game and I take my hat off to the Saints. Highest rated NFC Championship since 1982, one in which both teams' fans surely suffered self-induced heart attacks and ulcers throughout the 3+ hours. You needn't be a Viking fan, a Favre or Drew Brees fan or a Saints' fan to agree with that statement. I know a couple Saints' fans. They concur.

Enough about the game. Time for that age-old question. Will Favre come back? I'll let the anti-Favre contingent and the media and Vikings' fans juggle that question in the off-season. You'd think the morons would've caught on by now but they're mental. I've learned that Brett will let us know when he's ready - perhaps changing his mind in the process. It doesn't bother me in the least and, surprisingly, my life continues.

I want Favre back. Favre's brother, Scott, seems to think Brett will come back. Ex-QB Ron Jaworski and ex-coach John Gruden feel Favre should come back. Pat Allen, the radio voice of the Vikings, said on WSSP 1250 ESPN in Milwaukee that he thinks Favre will come back and that even if Brett waited to announce his decision one day before the regular season started, he'd personally pick Favre up at the airport. At least two Facebook fan sites have popped up with over 65,000 fans begging Favre to return. The Minnesota Vikings' staff and management want him back and have said he can take all the time he needs to make his decision. And the players want him back. The schism that ESPN's Adam Schefter reported earlier in the season (based on unnamed sources) never got off the ground (if it even existed). Ex-Viking QB Fran Tarkenton is still pissed at Favre for coming back; the anti-Favre contingent in Wisconsin still hate Favre, as does most of the Wisconsin media, and yet they continue to talk about him like he's still a member of the Green Bay Packer organization. Favre and the Vikings have set at least two cable viewing records, his jersey is still the Number 1 seller and Favre is good for the NFL. And dozens of sports "talking heads" in newspapers, television and the Internet choked on their own words, agreeing Favre performed the exact opposite of how they said he'd perform. They were all wrong - Brett excelled.

My brother and I were right. Our faith in Favre never faltered. Brett showed he can still play the game at a high level. He still gets as excited playing as he did in his younger years as a Green Bay Packer. Favre helped to improve the Vikings' record from 10-6 and a playoff team last year to 12-4, a second NFC North Division title, a bye in the playoffs and another win against the Dallas Cowboys and a chance to play in the NFC Championship game - his second in three years. Along the way, he added to his many records, set Minnesota Viking team records, had his best year statistically in his 19-year career, positively affected the play of numerous Viking players - players who genuinely admire him and are better because of him. Conversely, Brett could say the same of his teammates. And Brett and the Vikings had fun. No - the Vikings didn't win the Super Bowl with Favre as the missing ingredient. Was it a bust? Depends on how you look at it.

For me, it was no bust. It was certainly one of my favorite years following Brett, particularly being a Viking fan for the first time. Favre or no Favre, I will be following Minnesota again next season. I'm familiar with the players; I like them. A ton of talent on this team.

And the Gunslinger, the Ironman, Huck Finn, the throwback player and holder of every NFL QB record that matters, who has played 309 consecutive games (including playoffs) over 19 years...well, he's at home licking his wounds (as Coach Childress told him to do) and pondering his future with his wife and children.

Thanks, Brett. Come on back, now! You know you still wanna play. SKOL FAVRE! SKOL VIKINGS! SEE YOU IN 2010!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shirley, you can't be serious?

I lashed out at Paul Shirley once in a tweet. He said Guns & Roses was better than the Beatles.

So one could say the recent news about Shirley is karma. Or it's bad voodoo (as his firing centered around Haiti). Such as it is, ex-NBA'er and blogger, Paul Shirley penned a tongue-lashing article regarding the aid that's being sent to Haiti and got fired today from ESPN (he was a part-time contributor). Makes sense. The firing, that is.

But what exactly did Shirley say in his blog post? Read it here. For those of you who don't like to click on links within posts, I've reproduced Shirley's fabricated "letter to the Haitians" which was the crux of Shirley's firing from ESPN:

Dear Haitians –

First of all, kudos on developing the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Your commitment to human rights, infrastructure, and birth control should be applauded. As we prepare to assist you in this difficult time, a polite request: If it’s possible, could you not re-build your island home in the image of its predecessor? Could you not resort to the creation of flimsy shanty- and shack-towns? And could some of you maybe use a condom once in a while?


The Rest of the World

The people of Haiti are hurting. Even the collective IQ's of Heidi & Spencer, the cast of Bad Girls and Jersey Shore can ascertain that. The gist of Shirley's article - at least my take on it - was Shirley commenting on will the aid that Haiti's receiving help the country in the long-run. Since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, levee and pump modifications have been addressed and I'm sure are still being addressed. Haiti, on the other hand and for lack of a better description, is a SNAFU (military acronym for Situation Normal All Fucked Up). I mean, besides the civil strife, government corruption, and an infrastructure that's - well, "infrastructure" is probably being overly generous - Haiti has been the poster child-country for Murphy's Law. Tropical Jean killed over 3,000 Haitians in 2004. Hurricanes Gustav, Hanna and Ike and Tropical Storm Fay caused $900 million in damages in 2008. It's almost a question of not if...but when's the next disaster gonna strike? Will it be a natural disaster or something generated from within the Haitian culture?

That's wonderful that the U.S. can contribute $100 million to help Haiti. It's inspiring that Hope for Haiti Now and Brad and Angelina and Leonardo DeCaprio and the NBA and the NFL donated money. It's makes me proud to be from the U.S. But if I were the U.S. government, I might have contributed $50 million instead of $100 million - save the other $50 million for our own economic turnaround...or are we back on our feet again? Take part of that extra $50 million and give some toward the Katrina clean-up in Louisiana and Mississippi. Five years later and we're still screwing around down there. Or how about the Cedar Rapids, Iowa clean-up after the 2008 flooding? I've seen the devastation - people are still living in trailers. There are entire blocks and blocks and blocks of homes standing empty and unlivable - forever.


However people choose to chastise Paul Shirley for his "insensitivity", underneath that he's proposing honest questions. Will Haiti and the international community continue with the band aids each time a disaster stikes that country? Whose turn is it to build the house of cards this time?

A friend informed me that the U.S. is partly responsible for Haiti's long-term suffering due to our involvement years ago in encouraging the farmers to give up an agricultural-based economy in favor of an industrial economy and exporting. I read the article he sent me. Fine. But something's gotta be done with this country for the long-term...either Haiti does it alone or another country needs to step in.

'Cause the shit will hit the fan again if the status quo remains. You can bet on it. I'm serious - and don't call me Shirley. And don't call me insensitive. Or cruel. I'm thinking for the long-term welfare of Haiti and her people.

Shouldn't we all?

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Obama smooches around illegal immigration.

President Obama delivered his first State of the Union address last night. There was one line on the illegal immigration issue:

"And we should continue the work of fixing our broken immigration system – to secure our borders, enforce our laws, and ensure that everyone who plays by the rules can contribute to our economy and enrich our nations."

Guess it's not that big of a deal. Guess the monies spent on illegal aliens on health care, education, welfare/food stamps, etc. isn't worth more than just one line in the President's State of the Union speech.

Jim Gilchrist, MBA, CPA, Founder and President of The Minuteman Project, stated in 2005, "The annual gross cost to U.S. taxpayers to provide schooling, hospitalization, and whatever plethoric benefits are out there for the 30 million illegal aliens is approximately $400 billion per year funded by bona fide U.S. taxpayers. That’s $400 billion per year and going up."

Some pro-immigration folk might contend this amount is inflated. He said. She said. Story of our lives. But no one can deny that illegal aliens - regardless of the amount of money - are taking advantage of the services of our country ILLEGALLY and our President offered nothing in the way of hope that he's seriously dealing with the situation. Only lip service.

NOTE: Found this article on The Huffington Post this morning after I had written my post. Someone agrees with me - even if it is the HP. FYI: I met Arianna Huffington once in Bel Air. What a bitch. Word is you should never say anything to her at a party as an aside. She'll print it in her books.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why I like bowhunting.

Well...wouldn't you?

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Scream "the Wilhelm scream"!

The Wilhelm scream is a frequently-used film and television stock sound effect first used in 1951 for the film Distant Drums. he effect gained new popularity (its use often becoming an in-joke) after it was used in Star Wars and many other blockbuster films as well as television programs and video games. he scream is often used when someone is either falling to their death from great height or from an explosion.

The Wilhelm scream has become a well-known cinematic sound cliché, and is claimed to have been used in over 149 films. The sound is named for Private Wilhelm, a character in The Charge at Feather River, a 1953 western where the character is shot with an arrow. This was believed to be the second movie to use the sound effect and its first use from the Warner Brothers stock sound library.

Watch this video on the history of the Wilhelm scream.

Research shows that actor and singer Sheb Wooley, best known for his novelty song "Flying Purple People Eater" in 1958, is likely to have been the voice actor who originally performed the scream.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"There's no crying when you go adventure-seeking, Ed Wardle!"

I've only seen segments of National Geographic's series, Alone in the Wild, which recounts adventurer Ed Wardle's 50-day odyssey in the Alaskan Yukon. That is, Wardle lasted 50 days of what was supposed to be a 3-month (or so) survival trek. Check out the story here at National Geographic, complete with video and text.

From the NG site: "Ed Wardle is a Scottish television producer, director, camera operator and adventurer. Wardle summitted Mount Everest in 2007 while filming Everest: Beyond the Limit for the Discovery Channel. He summitted the mountain again in 2009. In 2008 he took part in a guided 'last degree' expedition to the North Pole. In 2009 Wardle filmed a documentary, Alone in the Wild, for Channel 4 and the National Geographic Channel. Wardle was dropped off in Yukon Territory in Northern Canada in order make a documentary discovering what it was like to live totally alone in the wild, living off the land and the wildlife he could legally catch. His only means of communication with the outside world was via Twitter posting each day. His video diaries had detailed his problems finding food and his inability to cope with the solitude. His bodyweight fell by 28 pounds and heart rate fell to below 30 beats per minute by the end of his adventure."

From what I've watched this is a helluv an adventure for anyone to go through. The only problem I had with Ed is that for a large portion of the segments I watched, Ed cried. He cried a lot. Now I realize the guy's grappling with mental and physical stresses on his body but the crying (and the crying and the crying) got to the point of being a turn-off. And I'm not the only viewer who expressed those sentiments. Here are Wardle's thoughts after his 50-day adventure.

Still, it's worth watching. My close college buddy, Jim Sickels, and I will soon be embarking on our own "adventure" - walking Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail. 1200 miles in 3 or 4 years - however long it takes. It's certainly not comparable to Wardle's tale, but we do what we can. Still - I'll try not to cry.

NOTE: Jim never cries, but I do get emotional.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Pheasant. Sans glass.

"Fesaunt excedeth all fowles in sweetnesse and holsomnesse,
and is equall to capon in nourishynge."

- Sir Thomas Elyot

We dined on pheasant this evening in celebration of the the Minnesota Vikings' 12-4 regular season and making it to the NFC Championship. I shot it with my bow & arrow a couple weeks ago. And I agree with Sir Thomas - pheasant is tastier than any foul I've eaten. SKOL FAVRE! SKOL VIKINGS! I am proud to be a Minnesota Viking fan.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

SKOL VIKINGS!!!! NFC Championship Bound!

Unlike the Packers, Dallas, the Jets or San Diego, for instance, I have no personal animosity toward the New Orleans Saints. As a Minnesota Viking and Brett Favre fan, and in the spirit of the competitive nature of the NFC Championships, I simply want the Vikes to stuff gumbo down the throats of "Who-Dat" nation. Great season, Minnesota. Know let's continue the march toward the Super Bowl. SKOOOOLLLLLL!

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Bradshaw needs to shut his pie hole.

In today's USA Today, Fox analyst and ex-Steeler QB Terry Bradshaw stated that Vikings QB Brett Favre wants to "embarrass them, put it in their face. And nothing would throw it in their face more than winning the Super Bowl."

Bradshaw commented in Week 1 that he was "fed up" with Favre, weeks after the QB ended his second retirement to join the Vikings. Two months later, the Vikings were riding a wave of success that led to an NFC North title...and Bradshaw acknowledged his criticism was wrong.

The sports media needs to shut up when it comes to speaking for any athlete, including Brett Favre. I don't doubt that Favre has a chip on his shoulder concerning his former team. So would I. And sure Favre said part of his thinking - when he played for the Jets last season - was to get back at Packer GM Ted Thompson....NOT the Packers. Ted Thompson - in part. Who wouldn't after that fiasco? But he never made any comment remotely resembling the one from last season THIS year. And if you think that's Brett's prime motivation for joining the Vikings and aspiring to go the Super Bowl, it's my opinion that you're dead wrong. And I'm right...because NO ONE really knows for certain what ANYBODY's thinking.

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TGIF! presents...Brett Favre does his best "Mozart Violin Concerto"!

Who said sports isn't "art". My brother and I were listening to a Mozart violin piece (Mozart Violin Concerto No.4 K. 218, 2nd Movement) and thought, 'how would highlights from Brett Favre's 4 TD game this past Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys in the 2009 NFC Divisional Playoffs look if watched with classical music playing underneath'. Look for yourself. There are moments when it looks as if I synched the music to the action on the field.

Forgive the videotape quality and the black strip on the bottom. I wanted to get the entire screen in the camera. And I didn't move the cursor out of the way. But it took forever to load onto YouTube so I'm not redoing this. I think it achieves the desired effects though. SKOL FAVRE! SKOL VIKINGS! Good luck in the NFC Championship Game Sunday. Let's get this N'awlins Saints thing over and done with.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Favre on Fire. SI Cover. 1.25.10.

Let's hope he and the Vikes STAY on fire. I make no predictions. Far as I'm concerned, the NFC Championship is anyone's to grab. Just want a good game and for the Minnesota Vikings to play the best game they're capable of.

Although I find it odd that the date on this issue is Monday, the day after the NFC Championship game. Favre may be doing another one of these (see above cover) or something completely different (which we won't discuss right now).

I did a blog post back in 2008 that featured all the Sports Illustrated covers that Brett Favre graced. But I missed a few. Some came after the original post and I missed a few. The one's I missed are below. The other 9 can be seen here. By my count, that's 14 total. OK - I'm done. SKOL FAVRE! SKOL VIKINGS!!

2.5.97 SB XXXI (left) and 3.17.08 Green Bay retirement (right)

3.12.08 Commemorative issue (left) and 9.15.08 Brett the Jet (right)

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"I'll see your Electric Fetus CDs & raise you a King Cake!"

It's customary for mayors (perhaps governors) of opposing teams in big NFL games to make bets - losing team's mayor has to give up the goods to the winning team's mayor. For the NFC Championship game this Sunday in New Orleans, it's the Minnesota Vikings versus the New Orleans Saints - or Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak versus New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.

Rybak wagered three CDs of Minneapolis music from the independent Minneapolis Music store The Electric Fetus. Mayor Nagin's wager also includes three CDs of New Orleans music AND beignet mix and chicory coffee from Café du Monde, pralines from Loretta's Pralines, a king cake from Adrian's Bakery, Zatarain's products, and paraphernalia from the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club and the New Orleans Hornets.

I think Minneapolis needs to cough off up more goodies. This ain't just any's the freakin' NFC Championship, man. So I emailed Mayor Rybak today:

(Above: Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak)
Dear Mayor R.T. Rybak,

My name is Jeffrey James Milwaukee and a former Green Bay Packer fan who boycotted the Pack and followed Favre to the Jets and now the Vikes. Congratulations to a fantastic season...thus far.

I read today how you and the mayor of N'awlins did the proverbial exchanging of gifts should your respective team lose the NFC Championship. I have to say that, compared to the list of things Mayor Nagin offered, it's my opinion that the City of Minneapolis came up a tad short.

Now, I'm not berating - I just think your city needs to sweeten the deal a bit. My suggestions: 1) two tickets to a Twins' Game, 2) a tour of Prince's recording studio and/or autographed Prince CDs (course that might be difficult to arrange, and/or 3) $100 gift certificate to the Mall of America....just're more familiar with Minneapolis than I am.

I make these suggestions to you with all due respect, Mayor - it's just that I'm anticipating a call from my two New Orleans buddies that I used to work with in Los Angeles...yelling at me because my team didn't offer as much as their team.

Please take my suggestion in the spirit of gamesmanship and my fervor for Favre and the Minnesota Vikings run at the SB. SKOL FAVRE! SKOL VIKINGS!!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kaeding. Cromartie. Tsk, tsk. Shame on both of you.

San Diego Chargers' kicker Nate Kaeding (top), one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL, missed 3 - THREE field goals in a loss to the New York Jets Sunday. Come on, man! (I kinda felt sorry for the guy)

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie, also of the Chargers, watched - and I mean stood there and watched - a Jets' running back fly through the Chargers' defensive line. Cromartie proceeds to chase after said Jets' running back all the way to the end zone, then jacks him in the shoulder - in the end zone. Funny that he couldn't have jacked him while he was breaking through your line, Antone. Come on, man! (I didn't feel sorry for this guy)

This guy I worked with in Los Angeles - Robert Yu, big Charger fan - wigged out and threw a punch at me last year. Totally out of left field and for no reason. What comes around goes around, Mr. Yu. Your beloved, San Diego Chargers, my ex-friend, laid a big deuce at home. Have a sickenly great off-season, jerk-off.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Four down, 4 to the NFC Championship.

After Sunday, who'll be the two that represent the AFC and the NFC?

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"Look class...say hello to the Hollywood Foreign Press."

Or maybe it's the actors who didn't receive awards at the Golden Globes. Or the New Orleans Saints' defense after the NFC Championship Game this Sunday (11 skulls...). Or my enemies list. :)

Forgot that the Golden Globes were on television Sunday evening – well, with all the hubbub over my Minnesota Vikings’ win against Dallas it pretty much was a Viking raid and pillage night at the Ircink house (don’t ask). Went online and found the winners. My reactions to a few of the awards are as follows:

Best Supporting Actress Motion Picture
Mo'NiquePrecious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
As long as it wasn’t Penelope Cruz…cool.

Best Actress Television Series, Comedy or Musical
Toni Collette – United States of Tara
I don’t watch this show regularly but I’ve seen a couple episodes. I'm surprised, especially after having seen Tina Fey in 30 Rock.

Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
John Lithgow – Dexter
As long as Jeremy Piven and Neil Patrick Harris didn’t win…cool. Love Entourage but Piven’s a Chicago tool and I have that confirmed by multiple first-hand reports (people I know well). Sushi Piven IS a great actor...he also acts like he's the most sweetest guy on the planet.

Best Animated Feature Film – Up
Didn’t see it (oops) but heard nothing but great things about it.

Best Actress in a Television Series, Drama
Julianna Margulies – The Good Wife
A piece of belly button lint could win this as long as Anna Paquin didn’t. And the belly lint would’ve truly deserved it over Paquin.

Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television – Grey Gardens
Saw this. Excellent. Thanks, Tony - for the head’s up.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy
Meryl StreepJulie and Julia
Saw this and I enjoyed it but would’ve written the ending differently. And as long as Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock didn’t win…cool.

Best Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
Drew Barrymore – Grey Gardens
Either the Los Angeles Times or the New York Times ripped Barrymore a new one for her portrayal of Little Edie Beale. I thought she did a great job. I thought Jessica though was better; she should’ve received the Globe. Anna Paquin didn’t win and that’s….you got it – cool.

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture – Up In the Air
Quentin Tarantino lost for Inglourious Basterds; I gave IB a "C". People of the Jewish persuasion, I think, will love it.

Best Actor in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical
Alec Baldwin – 30 Rock
Don’t watch this regularly but Baldwin’s good. So is Steve Carrell and David Duchovny (I watch both Californication and The Office). Coulda went to any of the three and I’d say. “cool”.

Best Foreign Language Film – "Céard". That’s Gaelic for “what’s that?”

Best Television Series, Drama – Mad Men
Watched the first season. Now I watch it sporadically. If True Blood would have won I would’ve bit the head off a bat.

Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
Chloe Sevigny – Big Love
Janet McTeer was nominated. I worked with her in a movie...teeny, tiny non-speaking role. I saved her flip flop from being swept out into the Pacific Ocean. Hurt my foot due to the undertow. Do you care?

Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
Christoph Waltz – Inglourious Basterds
He was the best thing in the movie. I predicted he'd win. I predict he will win the SAG Award and I believe he’ll get an Oscar nomination as well.

Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical – The Hangover
I think I’m the last man on earth (besides my dad and brother) who hasn't seen this movie. That’s ‘cause I drink too much and suffer from hangovers. Haha. Hahahahahhahahahahaha. Ha.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy
Robert Downey, Jr. – Sherlock Holmes
Loved this movie. Will see it again. Kudos to Mr. Downey.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama
Jeff Bridges – Crazy Heart
Didn’t see this but I love JB. Have you visited his website? One of the best I’ve ever been on. Take a looksee at

I knew your day wouldn't be complete without reading my views on the winners. So if you've read all this, here's your reward - KNOWLEDGE. The picture above is from one of the exhibits at the Milwaukee County Museum. Those heads have been up there since I was a kid. Best to hang on to yours, friends.

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Let's see...who's Public Enemy #1 in N'awlins today?

Actually, this was yesterday's paper. Thanks to my buddy Zac in Los Angeles (on business in New Orleans) for the tip. SKOL FAVRE! SKOL VIKINGS! Make'em choke on their gumbo!

(Caveat: I have the highest respect for the Saints. I have two friends who are big fans. This is a team I've never hated, so the smack talk is just in the spirit of the fight to go to the SB.)

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"One & done Vikes" weigh & measure 'Boys, 34-3. Who dat next opponent?

"Two men enter, one man leaves" . Favre was on fire with 4 TDs in the NFC Divisional Playoffs against the Dallas Cowboys...

...while Dallas Cowboy QB Tony Romo never got off the ground.

Best quote after game: "We don’t care what Keith Brooking says," chimed in DL Pat Williams. "He was about to get his ass whupped on our sideline over there."

To all the sports yappers who picked Dallas, I'm still waiting for your mea culpa. I've heard two guys actually admit they picked Dallas after the fact.

For the "hottest team in the NFL", crowned by the media as the winners of the Vikings/Cowboys NFC Divisional Playoff game yesterday at Minnesota before it even played out, Dallas laid a big deuce. Ask my cousins what a "deuce" is. The Vikings dominated in every aspect of the game. Brett Favre set more NFL and personal records, throwing 4 TDs and ended the game with a 137 QB rating. The Vikes' D sacked Dallas Cowboy QB Tony Romo 6 times. Sidney Rice had 3 TDs. Just an unbelievable felt like a championship game, to me at least.

Some notables: Favre became the first 40-year-old to play in AND win a playoff game. He added to his all-time consec. streak record (for non-kickers) at 308. 19 straight playoff games with a TD (NFL record that he already held). 43 playoff TDs - 2nd to Montana who has 45. Vikings = 6 sacks is a franchise record and their first NFC playoff berth since 2000. Sidney Rice tied a record of 3 TDs in a game - this guy is pretty special.

Click on READ MORE! for more pics and stats. NEXT WEEK: Vikes (13-4) @ New Orleans Saints (14-3) for the NFC Championship Game!

Celebrating one of the three TDs Sidney Rice had.

Rice tied a NFL playoff record with 3 TDs.

3-sack Ray Edwards led the D.

Favre and Romo after the game.

Uno Favre.

Dos Favre.

Tres Favre. The 40-year-old showed that age means shit to him. But passion does. Win or lose next week against the Saints, it's been a great year of watching Brett with the Vikes. I've become a fan - of the team. And more than likely, will continue to follow them whether or not Brett returns. As for the Packers - until GM Ted Thompson is running that team, they are dead to me.

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