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Friday, November 30, 2007

Brett Awarded 5th Fed Ex Air Player Award for Week 12 Against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving

Favre completed 31 of 41 passes for 381 yards, including three touchdowns in the Packers’ 37–26 over the Lions - setting a Packer record of 20 consecutive completed passes. This is Brett's 7th nomination. Tom Brady has 3 wins and Peyton Manning has 0. Not that 5 wins say anything about the season Brett's having, but...

Get that elbow back to full strength, Brett and let's go 4-0 the rest of the season.

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We Should've Worn the Retro's / 10-2

Before the game yesterday I was anxious, nervous and ready to throw up. As it turns out, that's how I felt during the game.

Packers lost to Dallas, 37-27. Crappy defensive, too many penalties, key defensive guys not playing and Favre smacks his elbow and dislocates his shoulder in the 2nd quarter and has to leave the game.

I could sit here and bitch about what went wrong - they'll have to fix it if we wanna get a 2nd chance in the NFC Championship game (if we get there and if we meet Dallas). Dallas looked like a very excellent team in all phases of the game. When we play "our game", we match up - hell, we were within three points in the 4th quarter with our back-up QB, Aaron Rogers out of Cal. He looked very good. Cowboys should be happy for the win, but they shouldn't be content. What if we were at full strength? It's not an excuse - it's a fact. And I'm not saying we would've beaten them had we been at full strength either. Just something to think about.
Latest word on Brett's elbow is that he will be ready to play Oakland. I've have nothing else to say - I'm not gonna beat it into the ground.

Next week: Oakland Raiders (3-8 ) at Green Bay (10-2)

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Prediction #2 Has Come True! Pack and Cowboys: It's About Fashion.

A couple posts down I mentioned how I thought as the Packers' away uniforms resemble the Cowboys home, we should mix it up a bit - retro or whatever. Do something different. Check it out:

Change-Up: Packers To Wear White Jerseys In Dallas

With eight straight losses at Texas Stadium, the Green Bay Packers certainly are looking to change their luck on Thursday night. Maybe a change of clothes will help.

Unlike in any of those eight defeats to the Dallas Cowboys between 1993 and 1999, the Packers will be wearing their white jerseys on Thursday in the much-hyped meeting between the NFC's two best teams, both 10-1. The Cowboys, who traditionally wear their white jerseys at home while the visiting team wears its colored ones, will instead be wearing their alternate uniform that features a blue jersey with white shoulder trim. Dallas' alternate uniform also includes a white helmet, rather than the customary silver helmet, with the blue star. If the home team, which controls its choice, wears a colored jersey, the visiting team brings white, and vice-versa. The Packers have worn their green "home" jerseys in all their recent visits to Texas Stadium. The Packers are 5-0 on the road this season, wearing white each time. They are 10-3 on the road in Head Coach Mike McCarthy's two seasons and have worn green on the road just once, in a victory at Miami last season.

So, the jersey that we're 5-0 in on the road - the white...the color we'd normally wear in Dallas but can't 'cause Dallas chooses to where white at home - is the color we're wearing 'cause Dallas is choosing to change it up - play with our minds - and where blue. Got it - it took me a while.

Like putty in our hands. Oh - apparently Charles Woodson, our outstanding corner back, is not playing due to an injured toe. Not good. He's the Heisman winner from Michigan who played for Oakland for years, remember?

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Reuters: Iceland best place to live; U.S. slips in rankings

BRASILIA, Brazil - Iceland has overtaken Norway as the world's most desirable country to live in, according to an annual U.N. table published on Tuesday that again puts AIDS-afflicted sub-Saharan African states at the bottom.

Rich free-market countries dominate the top places, with Iceland, Norway, Australia, Canada and Ireland the first five but the United States slipping to 12th place from eighth last year in the U.N. Human Development Index.

The average high in Oslo, Norway is 50 degrees. The average high in Reykjavik, Iceland is 44. Guess the cold climates aren't necessarily deterrents for people moving there, as most of us assumed. And I visited Ireland in April 2006 - seems like a lifetime ago and it seems like yesterday. I didn't want to come back to the U.S.

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'On bended, creaky knee, in homage to Favre', by Chris Erskine, LA Times

Packers quarterback Brett Favre set a Green Bay record with 20 consecutive completions and finished with a season-high 381 yards and three touchdowns in the Packers' 37-26 victory over the Detroit Lions last week.

(By Chris Erskine, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer November 29, 2007)

NBC has "Bionic Woman." The NFL has Brett Favre, the bionic man. Guess which one is having the better season? I don't know what you're eating, Mr. Favre, but pass the candy dish.

You're maybe the last American hero. A postmodern DiMaggio. A Wyatt Earp. You're about 140 years old, with the smile of an 8-year-old and a gun like Zeus.

You do all the things the other superstars don't. You play in that city by the bay, an obscure little place with more chipmunks than people, more deer rifles than cellphones. Up there in northern Wisconsin, you don't ride in limos; they just send over Santa's sleigh.

You're us, which isn't so bad -- at least if you ask us. You're not some natty dude, a blingy gold-toothed Liberace. No three-pointed kerchief in your suit pocket, like the male mannequins back in the Fox studio. No sir. You wear your hair like the 18th green, short and fast. You could comb it with a golf towel.

Yep, we appreciate your sense of style -- the plain gray T-shirts and the faded jeans. You've got that same lovely wife you started with. Your beard's getting a little frosty, the jowls a little puffy, but she's stuck by you, that woman. Through your tough times. And you through hers.

Love your loyalty, love your work. The cynics claimed you were done. "Retire, fool," they said last season. "Put a fork in Favre. His popper has popped."

Turns out they were the fools. They forgot you were part Choctaw, part '56 Chevy. You're having your greatest season yet, playing like a legend. And like a scrub who just appreciates the chance to suit up.

Sure, your wheels don't work like they used to. People forget that you have the same degenerative hip disease that permanently sidelined Bo Jackson. At 38, you can sprint with the kids for about three half-steps, then . . . look out . . . cruuuuuuunch. Those first steps on a Monday morning must really snap-crackle-pop. Talk about a working stiff. Welcome to the club.

When you're not at work, you're at home, just like the rest of us middle-aged saps. I'll bet she's already nagging you about all the Christmas junk, huh? Brett, can you bring those boxes up from the basement? Brett, how about hanging the outdoor lights on the birch tree? That sort of stuff. Like the rest of us, you don't need a holiday to remind you of your blessings.

Yep, you're us all right, and we couldn't be more thrilled. You don't like to miss work under any condition. It's just the way you were raised. A guy thing. You don't miss work. In almost 300 games, including two Super Bowls, you haven't missed a start. It is the sports stat of our time.

And we certainly don't mind your sense of craft, your safecracker's cool. One moment, you're zinging thunderbolts across the middle. The next you're looping nine-iron shots in the end zone. The laser bomb that beat the Broncos? Boom! Brilliant.

You're what we all hoped to become in the backyards of our youth. You play as if you're hanging with your pals, and the sun is setting and the moms are calling everyone home for supper. Come on, Brett, your buddies say. One more. One more series. . . .

Blanda. Nicklaus. Aaron. They all played their respective games a long time, gave us old-timers hope. Now you're our time machine, our fountain of goof.

Tonight you'll play the Dallas Cowboys, that little franchise down in Texas that has always given the Packers fits. How great is that, a Cowboys-Packers game that really matters? Lombardi will be watching from his skybox, barking out commands, wondering where the hell Hornung is.

Also cheering will be millions of gimpy guys a little past their prime for whom you've become this year's most compelling sports story. An inspiration. A Perseus in cleats. So, come on, Brett. One more. One more series. . . .

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Retro Uniforms for Cowboy Game - Just a Thought

I was thinking how similar our away uniforms look to the Cowboys' home uniforms - white. Why don't we wear our retro uniforms we wore a few years ago. Might make it easier for Brett to discern his player from theirs when he lofts some balls. Just a thought.Throwback jersey worn in 1994, NFL's 75th anniversary; modeled after late '30s uniform.

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Romo's Admiration for Favre Confirmed!

By TODD ARCHER / The Dallas Morning News (partial reprint)

...To Romo, Thursday night's meeting at Texas Stadium between the Cowboys and Green Bay is about NFC supremacy and home-field advantage in the playoffs, so the kid from Burlington, Wis., did his best to downplay the Favre idolization storyline during the week.

"I know what you're trying to get at," said Romo, who watched from a buddy's house when the Packers beat New England in Super Bowl XXXI.
"I understand the angle and it's nice and fun, but I have to beat the guy this week. At the end of the day, I don't want him to pass for 365 yards against us. That's the bottom line. I'll root for him on every other game."

Jason Witten, who has worked Romo's football camps in Burlington in the off-season, and Steve Tenhagen, Romo's favorite receiver in high school, know better.

"The truth is, he loved him," Witten said. Said Tenhagen, "He's got a whole lot of people believing he's not much of a fan. I think he's doing a good job of downplaying the situation." Romo met Favre two years ago at the Packers' quarterback's golf tournament in Tunica, Miss., thanks to former teammate Marco Rivera, who played with Favre in Green Bay. "Brett came over and I introduced him to everybody at the table and Tony's like, 'Hey, Brett, nice to meet you,' playing it off," Rivera said. "I was thinking to myself, 'Oh, if he could jump across this table.' "

The way Romo tells it – at least this week – he was more of a John Elway fan when he was younger, even rooting for Denver to win Super Bowl XXXII against Favre's Packers because he is a traditionalist.

Also this - "The truth is, he loved (Favre)," Witten told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
"He can imitate him, he can do all that stuff. He's done a good job of relaxing and understanding where he's at. I think he's playing it off pretty good. But that's his hero."

Romo has been playing down admiration for Favre because the two will be locked in an important game Thursday night featuring the NFC's two best teams, both 10-1. He presumably doesn't want to come off as too much of a Favre fan when his job is to beat him.

I originally touched on this whole story in my post below. I understand the concept of downplaying your admiration for a player - a bit, especially as Romo is a young pup. But a real man would have admitted that it was true and just go with it. What did I tell you? Come on people - what's on Passion = Truth is...the truth!

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Psychological Edge on Packers/Cowboys Showdown Tomorrow Goes to Green Bay

I think that the psychological tactics are already working in Green Bay's favor.

First, GB is coming from a position of getting no respect all season, even though they were thought to maybe finish 8-8 or 9-7. Second, we're playing with a "dead man walking" as our QB - that's what the media and other naysayers stated in the off-season. Favre is old, should retire, doesn't have the arm strength, is playing for records, is holding back the growth of his team, etc. All bullshit - which I stated hundreds of times before. Third, we don't have a running game so how can we possibly be 10-1? Fourth, Brett has never won in Dallas so he never will. Fifth, we're the underdog going into this game at -7 1/2 points. Enough? Fine.

I'm originally from Waterford, Wisconsin - next door to Burlington, where Romo's from and, coincidently, our arch rivals in high school. All season long - through 11 games - I've read in national and local news that Favre was Romo's idol growing up in Burlington. Not ONCE has Romo EVER denied that. Not one peep. Though it is possible, I can't imagine any junior or senior high QB in Wisconsin who wouldn't have put Favre at or near the top of their worship list. Possible, but not probable.

Suddenly - just before the GB/Dallas game - Romo is addressing the media, saying, 'I never fawned over Brett Favre - I had a Montana jersey and I liked golf more'.

Romo said he enjoyed watching Favre play and that he was great, but "idol"? No. Why is he JUST reacting to this "alleged" idolatry now? Don't you think he would've had ONE opportunity throughout the season to refute those statements - he certainly was aware their teams were playing each other and he's played in Brett's golf charity tournament so they've met. If I were in Romo's shoes - or any public figure for that matter - and the press printed, 'Jeff Ircink loves Mel Gibson or Jeff Ircink worships the Beach Boys', I'd say, 'You're correct - that's right'. If they printed, 'I understand he loves Julia Roberts or Renee Zellweger', I'd say, 'No - I can't stand either one'. Very simple. My theory is this: for a game of this magnitude and hype, Romo-boy needs to come across strong, from an authority position, in order to competently lead his team. He can't be bothered by his idolatry of Favre when he has to play "his idol"- it'll throw his game off.

Romo's waffling. Not good. Touche Packers.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Review is IN on PASSION = TRUTH Book from Blurb

Got the book today. It is perfect - I'm very pleased. I was nervous for a while...for every bad comment from an unsatisfied customer who's published on there were 3 or 4 happy ones. You never know.

There you have it - the book is great. At least it turned out the way I wanted. Whether you're interested or not is another thing. Just go over to the Blurb icon on the right panel under the smiling Brett Favre picture (he's smiling 'cause the Packers are 10-1), click on it and you'll be whisked away to the site and my book, where there's a synopsis and preview section.

Read my November 21st post for more information about this project. You have to order now if you want it in time for the holidays.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Sucked in by the book, "The Devil in the White City" -

Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime and National Book Award Finalist.

"Erik Larson brings Chicago circa 1893 to vivid life by intertwining the true tale of two men - the brilliant architect of the World's Fair, Daniel H. Burnham, who strove to secure America's place in the world; and the cunning serial killer, Dr. H. H. Holmes, who used the fair to lure his victims to their death. Combining meticulous research with nail-biting storytelling, Erik Larson has crafted a narrative with all the wonder of newly discovered history and the thrills of the best fiction."

If you're a history buff, or fan of true crime stories or happen to be from the Midwest, then this is a must read.

I won't go into great detail about the story - you can look online if you'd like. But I was hard-pressed to put this book down. The Chicago World's Columbian Exposition, or Chicago World's Fair, followed the Paris Exposition by four years and there was no question the architects for the Chicago Fair were bent on making their's the best of all. This was no easy matter - after all, the famous Eiffel Tower was first unveiled to the public at the Paris event.

"Come, the curtains are pulled back a bit. Peek into the past and witness the dawning of a new age. Look for yourself what promises the Dreaming City held for America and the world, and learn perhaps a little more about who we Americans are."

Dubbed the White City for the white coat of staff, or stucco-like material on the outside that seemingly looked illuminated without light cast on it, here are a few factoids that helped to put the Chicago Fair on the map:

First moving pictures from Edison's Kinetoscope, first zipper, first all-electric kitchen, Aunt Jemima's pancakes, Juicy Fruit gum, Shredded Wheat, Cream of Wheat, the Ferris Wheel, the Midway (as in carnival midway), Cracker Jack, Dewey Decimal System inventor, Melvil Dewey's vertical file, the electric chair (this one was for show), Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, among other things. Novelty exhibits included: a suspension bridge made of Kirk's Soap, Statue of Liberty carved from salt, full-scale model of a knight on horseback made of prunes, a giant map of the U.S. made of pickles, and a locomotive made of spooled silk.

The Chicago World's fair lasted six months and nearly one half of the inhabitants of the United States attended, including such luminaries as Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley, kings and queens, Nikola Tesla, generals, famous indians, Thomas Edison, Susan B. Anthony, Jane Addams, Scott Joplin, Frederick Douglass, J.P. Morgan, Harry Houdini, Andrew Carnegie, Helen Keller, President Grover Cleveland, and Frederick Olmstead, architect of New York's Central Park and architect of landscaping for the fair. Walt Disney's father, Elias, helped build the White City - perhaps a precursor to the Magic Kingdom; Frank Lloyd Wright was inspired by the Japanese architecture on the Wooded Island; "Oz" creator L. Frank Baum visited the fair and said it was his inspiration for the city of Oz;

The book is well-written...period. There are great little one liners Larson uses to close out chapters, providing glimpses into what you can expect in subsequent pages. For example, Dr. Holmes asks "Emeline" to marry him and she accepts. He tells her his family lineage can be traced to English nobility. He lied.
'He promised her a honeymoon in Europe during which, of course, they would pay a visit to his father, the lord'.

On my last trip to Chicago, I had the opportunity to check out a bit of the 600+ acre (give or take) site of the former world's fair. There's only one building left standing - the Science and Industry Building, but it helped me put it all into perspective. It boggles my mine - and you'll understand this when you see the pictures of the fair - that this colossal event took place here 114 years ago. If the air could talk. I'm a history buff and was completely fascinated with this story. I finished the book within a few short weeks, though I'm sure I could've rattled it off in a few days had I wanted.

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Maddog on MSNBC - Dipshit Sports Commentator #6

(It was "Dick-of-the-Week" but I like this better). And this cocksucker Maddog/Christopher Russo on MSNBC - he's picking the Cowboys to edge the Pack 'cause the Cowboys have had a harder schedule and the Pack have been "sliding" through their NFC schedule. What in the...people like this asshole who make obviously wrong comments - the Cowboys have beaten THREE (3) teams with winning records thus far. So have the Pack. AND, here's a breakdown of the combined win/loss records of the opponents for each team:

GB - 57-64 / Dallas - 54-67

Seems to me based on those numbers, Dallas had the easier schedule by 3 games/wins (read my post below on Favre and the Shootout in Dallas). And why am I doing this idiot's research?

I want to kill this guy. He's a regular broadcast guy on MSNBC. I think he's a bit touched. But I still want to kill him.

(NOTE: Now I can't find the video. MSNBC must've deleted 'cause they too know he's a dipshit.)

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Favre, Among Others Named Top Wish Granter by Make-A-Wish

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 11/15/07— The Make-A-Wish Foundation of America announced an eclectic group as their top eight celebrity wish granters to receive the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award.

The winners included rock group My Chemical Romance, magician Criss Angel, Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre, the cast and crew of the NBC TV series “Law & Order: SVU”, ESPN, NASCAR foundation boss Sandy Marshall, celebrity stylist and VH1 fashion authority Mary Alice Stephenson and film producer Ian Bryce.

The Chris Greicius Celebrity Awards are awarded to those celebrities who granted the most wishes to Make-A-Wish kids. “Each celebrity wish creates enduring, moving memories for wish kids at a time when they need inspiration while facing a life-threatening medical condition,” said David Williams, president and chief executive officer Make-A-Wish Foundation of America. “Their time is a gift that can’t be replicated,” Williams continued. “Each of these winners was a true standout, even among the many generous celebrities who help create magical experiences for the kids who wish to meet them.”

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Gunslinger Favre and Packers Mosey into Dallas for Shootout!

Everyone's been waiting for this showdown on Thursday - a possible NFC Championship in Dallas. Ha...can't believe I'm saying this. Pack 10-1??? Course, I knew they were better than all the naysayers but this is nuts. Whoo! Great season thus far.

So Dallas. Hmmm. My gut tells me that they really think they're already going to the Super Bowl. Which is be confident. That should be the goal of every NFL team. But I also believe the Packers have been underestimated all season, reaching 10-1 with very little respect. Before the season started we were maybe predicted to go 8-8 or 9-7, with 50-1 odds of going to the Super Bowl (with perhaps our strong 4-0 finish at the end of the year influencing those odds). Before the season started, we were slated to play a schedule with 7 teams having 8-8 or better records. As it turns out, through 11 games we've played three teams that are winning. That's not our fault. And everyone said, 'the NFC North sucks' and 'the NFC sucks'. Look at the Patriots - with 11 games played, their division consists of teams with 5-6, 2-9 and 0-11 records. That's handing New England 38% of the wins. No one is squawking about that.

Hell, and the Packers are playing with a "walking dead" QB so why would anyone take us seriously? If it weren't for Brady's performance, Favre would certainly be a shoo-in for his 4th MVP. Just my take. Dallas may have an edge on us in a number of categories. We are young and inexperienced - save Favre. They have a number of great receivers, included Terrell Owens. We'll send out Driver and 4 other receivers at any given time. Our rushing has been coming along. There's the Favre-factor. And the Favre-Romo thing (Favre was one of Romo's idols growing up).

Did I ever mention Romo is from Burlington, WI - my high school rival? Yeh. Neat story. My brother - who is in Houston on business and will be forced to watch the game in a bar with Houston/Dallas fans - says this Favre-Romo thingy is a psychological advantage for the Pack, as there is no way Romo could beat up on his childhood idol. Silly? Maybe. I don't know what I'm worried more about - the Pack winning or Jason in a potentially-filled powder keg atmosphere.

Um...what else? GB hasn't won in Dallas (Dallas hasn't won in GB either). If we win Thursday, what are the odds of beating a team twice? Dome and turf versus outdoors on grass. One game will not define the Packers' season, but it would be nice IF we get deep into the playoffs to host Dallas for the NFC Championship in a rematch of the famous Ice Bowl AT home - AT Lambeau. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Check out this ESPN story on the recent Packer success - this from a sports columnist that, along with the rest of the world, thought Favre should've retired last year.

Basically a lot of bull is being thrown around by the media leading up to this game. For all the hype, funny thing is there are a ton of people who can't watch it at home if they don't have the NFL Network channel. That sucks - for a potential NFC Championship look-see. I've watched a few games on this channel and the quality is shit. And no HD (for those who feel that's a big deal). Personally, I think it's gonna be close but who knows? No one. I'm ready to just watch it. You?

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Favre & Co. Carve Up Their Own Brand of Turkey (I mean Lion) / 10-1

I am stuffed. Had a wonderful long weekend in Santa Barbara with family and to top it off, the Green Bay Packers stuffed the Detroit Lions at Detroit on Turkey Day. It was especially nice watching the game with my Uncle Bob and Cousin Mike - visiting from Wisconsin. I don't get to see many games with family.

Brett set a Green Bay Packer record of 20 consecutive completed passes (he set his own personal best when he hit 15); he had his 7th 300+ yards passing game, which ties his own team record; it was Brett's 63rd game with 3+ TDs, which broke Dan Marino's record of games with 3 or more TDs, and he had his 8th game this season of a 100+ passer rating - a personal best.
Game highlights - go to Nov. 22 - NFL Scoreboard game highlights -

More to follow - I think the triptophan is kicking in.

Brett and Ruvell Martin sharing a moment after Martin's TD catch.

This Thursday on the NFL Network = Green Bay 10-1 @ Dallas Cowboys 10-1. This could be a big game as it may have implications for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Brett's never won at Dallas (and Dallas has never won at GB). Dallas MAY have an edge in some categories but DO NOT underestimate the Packers - not this year.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BREAKING NEWS! My Self-Published Book is Available NOW!

Yeh, so I took my interest in photography to a very cool step, I think - I self-published a book with my favorite "artsy" photos through, "Passion = Truth: A photographic essay of life's truths". I gotta tell was a lot of fun. You choose the layouts, fonts, book style and size, supply the text and photos and Blurb does everything else for you. My preview copy is due here after Thanksgiving and I'm keen to see if the quality is what was advertised. We're talking hard cover with book jacket and quality paper, baby. Based on comments from other users and from the examples I've seen online, I'm hoping to be very impressed. The book is great - what am I gonna say? Like I said, it's an "artsy" look at some of my travels and the pictures I took...I'm very happy with it and that's why I'm putting it out there for anyone to see.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy'm up and give'm away. But if you're interested, click on the Blurb badge to the right under Brett Favre's picture - it'll give you a preview of the book and tell you how you can order it. I think it's something like $39.95. Come on - it's worth it. That's expensive for a 52 page book...hmmm. Well that includes a $5 profit for me. What? Starving artist? You may wanna put together your own book - wedding, travel, recipes, photography, poety...the sky's the limit. Look for my review in a more recent post (receive my book copy 11/26). Remember, books make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season. And - reading is fundamental.

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Green Bay Packers = More Than Just Football

As Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I thought I'd enlighten you as to some of the things the Green Bay Packers organization does that don't necessarily revolve around the game of football, per se - since it's Thanksgiving.

1) The Brett Favre Forward Foundation's
mission is to provide aid to disadvantaged or disabled children in Wisconsin and Mississippi. It was founded in 1995 and hosts three annual events to raise funds for the Foundation. These events are: The Brett Favre Celebrity Golf Tournament, The Brett Favre Celebrity Softball Tournament, and The Brett Favre Steak Dinner. The Foundation works with agencies such as Special Olympics, Make A Wish Foundation, Boys and Girls Club and Gaits to Success, to name a few. Brett and his wife, Deanna, love children and are thankful that they are able to make a difference in the lives of children that are less fortunate than their own two healthy girls.

Brett celebrating a TD "Favre-style" as GB defeats the Carolina Panthers - November 2007.

The Brett Favre Forward Foundation prefers to support organizations with a national constituency that provide programs in Wisconsin and Mississippi. In order to fund worthwhile projects, charitable giving interests are focused on the following areas: programs that help remove barriers to attain self-sufficiency for disadvantaged children and youth programs for disadvantaged and disabled children.

2) Chunky Soup has been helping to feed the hungry for undoubtedly have seen their commercials featuring various NFL players. Check out their Click for Cans promotion at You vote for your favorite NFL team - that's a "click" - and those clicks translate into cans of food for hungry people. Last year (not sure if that was the first year they did it) the Packers had the most votes. This year - again - the Packers are beating the 2nd place Colts by something like 1,000,000 votes...with almost 2,000,000 votes! I think that's pretty phenomenal - 2 million fricken votes! Where the hell are all these so-called "fans" supporting their teams, for Christ's sake?? The big New England Patriots = 31,000 lousy votes. At the bottom, loser Peyton Manning's brother, loser Eli Manning's New York Giants = 10,000. I think that says a lot about our fan base. We're not just cheering for the Packers on Sundays but we're cheering for our team in other ways that benefit those less fortunate than us. THIS from the smallest market team in the NFL. This from the ONLY team owned by the PEOPLE (no individual or corporate ownership). THIS from a team who packs Lambeau Field for intersquad games and lines the street to welcome their team home after losing a Super Bowl - they way they greeted them when they won it. THIS from a team that has been sold out since 1960 and has a 35-year waiting list for season tickets.

3.) Lambeau Field rated #1 - In a recent Sports Illustrated poll on rating the game day atmosphere for each NFL team, the experience of seeing the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field ranked first. Fans were asked to grade every aspect of the game day experience, including ticket prices, team performance, tailgating, stadium atmosphere and the surrounding neighborhoods. The poll gathered over 17,000 responses from around the country, with the league's longest-tenured stadium taking top honors. Described by fans as a "religious experience", Lambeau Field remains a living shrine to what football is all about. "For all the glitz and money the NFL exudes nowadays," the article said, "football's heart is still on that 'frozen tundra,' where tough guys grapple with each other while fans warm themselves on cold bleachers with hot chocolate and full-throated cheering. And that is still the essence of Lambeau."

Read the article:

4. A couple weeks ago, the CBS Sunday Morning Show did a feature on a local Green Bay fan who's been leading a caravan of Packer fans down to Kiln, Mississippi (Brett's hometown) to help out victims of Hurricane Katrina - rebuilding homes from top to bottom. Excellent story - the guy they had been helping quite often got emotional, saying, "No one has ever helped me out like these people". Brought a tear to my eye.

5. Also, the Green Bay Packers Foundation consists of the following: the Packers Scholarship Program, and on behalf of National Football League Charities - Community Quarterback, Junior Community Quarterback, NFL's Coach of the Week program, Junior Volunteer Stars grant, NFL Join the Team initiative, and the Hometown Huddle program.

By the way, Favre is leading ALL football players in Pro Bowl selection votes. Thought you'd find it interesting that a "dead man walking" could actually be considered for selection in the Pro Bowl. If the status quo remains, he SHOULD be the league MVP - for his fourth, the most of any player ever. But Tom Brady's having a record pace year. So is Randy Moss. We'll see.

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Countdown to Thanksgiving in Detroit

(excerpts from a Detroit paper on the eve of the Packers playing the Lions on Thanksgiving)

After Green Bay went 4-12 in 2005, Favre knew he could still play. He was reassured of that after a season-ending four-game winning streak and an 8-8 finish in 2006. This season, with the Packers holding a 9-1 record, every Cheesehead-wearing fan finally understands what Favre, 38, has known all along. The old man still can play.
"The obvious answer would be I told you so, my chest is stuck out and I told you I could do it -- redemption, whatever,"
Favre said Tuesday in a phone news conference with the Detroit press.
"But that's not even close. I knew I could play or I wouldn't have come back." "I don't feel like I have to come back to prove anything," he said. "I don't feel like I have to come back to still feel like somebody. It's all been done. I'm here because I love to play. I still think I could play at a high level. I still think I can help this team win. If it doesn't work out and I walk away, hey, it's been a pretty good ride."

There was talk the past two seasons in Green Bay about whether Favre had held on too long. Should he retire? Should he make way for a new quarterback? This season, that talk has been replaced with giddy chatter about a fourth MVP award. Favre can only laugh.
"Funny how things change, huh?", he said. Lions coach Rod Marinelli simply said of Favre, "I don't think I've ever seen him play better."

But it was Jon Kitna who paid his fellow quarterback the highest compliment. "He's made everybody around him better. That's why I consider him the greatest quarterback that's ever played," Kitna said. "If you said, 'Oh, well, tell me about the guys that Brett played with.' There's not a lot of guys you're going to just rattle off like Jerry Rice or guys like that."

"My decision-making is better,"
he said, "but I think it's because we've been up and we've played with the lead and we've had a chance to win it in every game. And that's different when you play that way as opposed to being down 17."

If it's one thing Favre always knows, it's the score. He knows his numbers and records and how they dot the 30 pages devoted to him in the Packers media guide like an outbreak of chicken pox. But he also knows numbers are fleeting.

"I'm well aware of what I've done and feel very honored to have played this game and have achieved all there is to achieve individually and as a team," he said. "Not many guys can say that. Believe me, for a good, old country boy from south Mississippi, it's quite an honor."

"I also know that records are meant to be broken, and they will be broken o
ne day. I hope that what I've left behind up to this point doesn't need to be in the record books to be remembered."

"When it's over, all I care about is that people say: 'If I can play, I want to play just like him. The way he plays, the way he carries himself.' I would hope they say, 'I like the way that guy plays. You can't help respect the guy.' I want people to say that and nothing more."

I don't know who's gonna win this game - obviously the Packers are favored. I believe we're on the short end of the win column in Detroit on Thanksgiving.

I just hope it's a good game for the national audience. With that, a Happy Thanksgiving to you. By the way, I'm dedicating this game to my dear friend Nina's mother, who passed away Monday. Nina's an actor-friend of mine in Cedar Rapids - and a Bears fan (originally from Rockford, IL) but 2 of her 3 sons are Packers fans so that's her saving grace, the bum. And I'm not sure her mother even cared about football, but it's to honor her memory - and I told Nina to watch the game tomorrow morning as I thought she might be able to draw some strength from Brett Favre, as he's had a number of tragedies he's had to deal with in the last 4 or 5 years.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Pack Claw Panthers 34-17 / 9-1

Whew! Busy weekend. Anyway, the Pack beat the Carolina Panthers to go 9-1, first time since 1962.

Favre tied Dan Marino for 62 games of 3 TDs or more and it was a great win for the home crowd. Pack seem to be improving every week, and those 5 wide receivers spread out...Favre's got a ton of weapons.

This Thursday - Thanksgiving. National game. GB Packers (9-1) at Detroit Lions (6-4). GO PACK!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

McCarthy Motorola Coach of the Week

This is the 2nd win for Green Bay Packer coach Mike McCarthy. Oh - today's game at Lambeau will pit Brett Favre against Vinny Testaverde, starting QB for the Carolina Panthers...both QBs have a combined 38 years NFL experience. Vinny is 44 - making this the oldest QB matchup in NFL history.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Favre, Grant Named Fed Ex Air/Ground Players of the Week

This is Favre's 4th win in 6 nominations and Ryan Grant's first. Sweet!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brewer Ryan Braun Named NL Rookie of the Year!

The Milwaukee Brewer's third baseman, Ryan Braun, was named the National League’s Rookie of the Year, announced by the Writers’ Association.

Braun edged out Colorado’s Troy Tulowitzki by just two votes, 128-126 - closest margin since the current voting format took effect in 1980. Braun led all National League rookies with 34 home runs despite playing only the last four months and he broke a Major League rookie record with a .634 slugging percentage.

Gotta admit - don't follow the Brewers anymore. When I was home in May they were leading the Cubs in their division by 7 games. That fizzled away slowly as the season went on. The last time I really paid attention was when they went to the World Series in 1982 and lost to St. Louis in seven games. Yount, Molitor, Cooper, Thomas, Vukovich (and don't forget - Bob Ueker in the press box). I remember a lot of those names.

By the way, that's the old Brewer logo. I like it better than their current one.

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*Note to New Visitors

FYI - This blog is not intended to be JUST a Green Bay Packer/Brett Favre blog. It's just that it's NFL season and - what can I say.

90%+ of the posts are unrelated to football. Go to the right column, down a ways and look for the archive. Or just keep scrolling down until you find something other than football.

And thanks for visiting. THE PACK IS BACK! Oops...sorry.

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Favre = Another FedEx Air Player Nomination; Grant = Ground Nomination

Brett got his 5th FedEx Air Player of the Week for nomination for games played in Week 9 of the NFL regular season (he's won 3). And our RB, Ryan Grant was nominated for FedEx Ground Player of the Week.

And Coach Mike McCarthy was nominated for his 2nd Motorola Coach of the Week award (he's won once).

Congratulations! Everyone just keep doing what you're doing. That's excellent for Grant (since we've had no running game all season). And that Ole #4 just won't lay down. He's like Cool Hand Luke.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

GB 34, Vikes 0 / Part Quattro - Shut Up, Sharper

"Some of the throws he's making, I just hope he tries that against us," Sharper said Monday. "Those 50-yard balls over the middle of the field, we'll see how much success he has."

Oh my God - am I laughing. The Pack beat Minnesota 34-0 yesterday.

Note to Darren Sharper - shut up. See what happens when your trash talking comes back to bite you in the ass? Number 1, you should've gotten flagged for that helmet-to-helmet hit on Jennings, you dirty bastard, and Number 2, do you know how much of a clown shoe you looked like in that end zone fiasco - giving up a second TD to Martin? You know what I'm talking about. Look at a highlight reel - greedy bastards. You HELPED Martin catch it!

"Embarrassing," said safety Darren Sharper, whose end-zone collision with Griffin resulted in the Packers' final touchdown, Ruvell Martin's 17-yard reception. "That's the word," Sharper added. "They're a good team, but they are not 34 points better than we are." He and his team got their ass handed to them and he's still trash talking.

You know what's more embarrassing, Darren? Your mouth. Did I tell you to shut up already? Yeh...I did.

"...but they are not 34 points better than we are." Uh...I beg to differ, asshole.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

GB 34, Vikes 0, Part Tre

Helluva game. Here are a few more milestones of note:

*Favre eclipsed 60,000 total passing yards, one of only two QBs to do so (Dan Marino) and he needs something like 1105 to surpass Marino's record.

*Favre is number #2 all-time with 61 games of 300+ passing yards, and needs one more to tie Marino.

*Favre has now passed for over 300 yards in six of his last seven games - tied for his highest.

*54th game for Brett with 300+ yards passing.

*6th game this season with a 100+ QB rating.

*Average length of scoring drives = 77 yards.

*Ex-Packer QB coach Darren Bevel, who is now the Viking QB coach, seemed to come up short in offering Viking back-up QB Brooks Bollinger any words of wisdom in today's thrashing by the Pack. Oh - Bevel and Bollinger are former QBs at Wisconsin, both leading the Badgers to numerous bowl appearances and wins under former coach Barry Alvarez.

*The is the first time in 90+ meetings that the Vikings were scoreless against the Packers.

*Brett spreadin' the wealth - with passes to 10 different receivers.

*And finally...Darren Sharper, ex-Packer with a mouth. No INTs as he boasted about earlier in the week; matter of fact he and another Viking defender actually helped Ruvell Martin catch a TD pass.

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A Veteran's Day Salute.

Almost forgot our veterans today. To those of you - my father included - who have served in our armed forces - thank you.

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YIKES! GB 34, Vikes 0, Part Deux

You don't see this in the box score of your NFL team's official home site often. But I like it.

1st Quarter
TD 7:18 Ryan Grant 30 yd run (Mason Crosby kick)Plays: 12 Yards: 82 Time: 5:32

2nd Quarter
FG 6:30 Mason Crosby 39 yd FG - Plays: 13 Yards: 69 Time: 8:00
FG 0:00 Mason Crosby 24 yd FG - Plays: 13 Yards: 75 Time: 2:50

3rd Quarter
TD 9:29 Donald Lee 1 yd pass from Brett Favre (Mason Crosby kick) Plays: 9 Yards: 72 Time: 5:31

TD 2:24 Ruvell Martin 8 yd pass from Brett Favre (Mason Crosby kick) Plays: 10 Yards: 69 Time: 4:59

4th Quarter
TD 5:38 Ruvell Martin 17 yd pass from Brett Favre (Mason Crosby kick)Plays: 9 Yards: 96 Time: 5:54

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YIKES!! GB 34, Vikes 0 / 8-1

More later. I'm so damn giddy I can't write. Speaking of is Favre. Look at'm - he's doing his TD celebration in an omage to his Celtic roots - the Lord of the Dance.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kids Do the Darndest Things

Vikings (3-5) at Packers (7-1). 10 am PST/Noon CST

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"Step Right Up, Folks! See the Fabulous Favre at the Midway - point in the NFL Season! Sponsored by Beerkid!

Just a quick look at #4's stats midway through the season:

Completions = Ranked #3

Attempts = 2
Completion % = 6
Total Yards = 2
Ave. Yards Per Game = 1
YPA = 2
TDs = 7
QB rating = 8

For a 38-year-old in his 17th year in the NFL, that's more than acceptable. That's insane. 'Cause he's supposed to be too old, too slow, no strength...basically, he's dead, you know. Plus, he's won 3 FedEx Air Player of the Week awards (nominated for 4) and 2 NFC Offensive Player of the Week awards (nominated for 3). And Brett will start his 246th consecutive game this Sunday when the Vikings come to Lambeau (that's the #1 stat for QB's all-time and #2 ALL-TIME).

As far as the rest of team goes ('cause I don't want to ignore them), there's just way to many guys and stats. Suffice it to say, we're 7-1 and leading the NFC North division.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

FAUX Dick-of-the-Week Sportswriter - Guest Spot

That guest spot is me. I'm gonna pretend I'm some know-it-all sports columnist and that this is my take on the Packer victory over the 3 1/2 point favorite Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead. Sport columnists love to create controversy by saying really stupid things because they think they're popular and that everyone reads their articles:

'Hi, this is J. Easterbrooksimmonsbarrasschein-and-any-other-dumbass-sports-columnist-who-can't-handle-the-Packers'-success. It is true the Green Bay Packers defeated the KC Chiefs Sunday at Arrowhead, 33-22. But what iffffffffffffff....

...Charles Woodson hadn't intercepted Huard near the end? 26-22. KC might still have the ball and drive in for a TD to win the game. Chiefs win!

...Favre doesn't throw that 40 yard pass to Driver to set up the 4th FG for Crosby? Now it's 23-22. Ooooo - it's still close.

...Favre doesn't launch a 60 yard pass off his back foot to Greg Jennings for the go-ahead TD and lead in the game? 16-22. Now the Pack is behind.

...Crosby misses his 3rd of the 4 FG's he kicked? 13-22.

...Favre's laser to Jennings is dropped 'cause the ball was thrown too hard and Jenning's can't handle it? 6-22.

...Crosby misses his 1st and 2nd FG's? 0-22.

Ya see...if all that happened the Chiefs would have won and improved to 5-3.'

Now do you understand why I get pissed every week when I have to read bullshit stories like this?

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Favre No Longer 0-3 Against KC / 7-1

I still can't figure out why we were 3 1/2 point underdogs in this game. Not 'cause we won - just can't figure that out. No respect, maybe?

Anyway, those odds were all for naught as it was another wild one in Kansas City, but the Pack held off the Chiefs by scalping them at the end - scoring 17 points in the last 3:15 minutes, to win 33-22. Couple items of note:

*Favre has now beaten all 31 other teams in the NFL (he was previously 0-3 against KC). Only two other QB's have done that EVER - Manning and Brady (both did it last weekend).

*Favre's 5th 300+ yards game this season.

*First time KC has given up 20+ in a game this season.

*Not since the Vince Lombardi 1960's Packers has the team had 6 straight road wins (going back to the end of last season - one of Lombardi's teams had 8).

*Packer record of 11-1 (going back to their last 4 wins at the end of last season) is tied with New England as the best in the NFL.

This game was wacky. Some petty calls by the refs (I suppose that can be said for both teams). Back and forth with the lead changes. Couple INTS for us and some very, very nice bombs/passes (most off his back foot) by Favre again, who showed his arm strength is just as good after a short week (remember the Monday Night game?). To all you critics, sports gurus and so-called experts, for shame for not picking GB on this one. I don't "pick" games. Ever. I say, 'i hope the Packers can win', 'i think they should be able to win' - but you never know week to week. And I don't wanna sound like every other know-it-all and make predictions and then when I'm wrong sound like an idiot. I mean, the Detroit game will be tough on Thanksgiving or the Cowboys the week after (both are away for the Packers). THOSE are games where I could possibly see the Pack as the underdog. But at in the hell do we make believers out of some of you???

Greg Jennings and Donald Driver (receivers) celebrating.

Next Week = Minnesota Vikings (3-5) @ Green Bay (7-1)

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Dick-of-the-Week Sportswriter #5, Dave Fleming

I jumped from #1 in the post below to #5 because I saw I had written a previous article that had contained Dick-of-the-Week Sportswriters #3 Adam Schein (Dick Shine) and #4 Bill Simmons (see, and within that post I directed you to the post (People I Hate) of Dick-of-the-Week Sportswriter #2 Allen Barra (Bare-ass) of The New York Sun.

Dave Fleming from ESPN online said this after the Packer win against the Redskins last week, "When reporters recently questioned Brett Favre's arm strength, Golden Boy challenged them (albeit, jokingly) to stand in front of one of his passes. Really? Where do I sign up?"

What a douche bag. I wish he would have taken Favre up on his offer so Brett coulda pelted him in his head and maybe knocked some sense into him. And if any reporter would have said yes to Brett, I think Brett would've done it. Fleming half-heartedly recanted this week after the Packers beat the Broncos in his half-way point column, saying, "HALF-WIT: All those idiots out there who said Brett Favre had lost arm strength. Oh, yeah, right, that was me. How can a guy throw a flock of downfield ducks against the Redskins and then chuck it into the upper deck his next game? Spite is a very powerful tool, I guess. You're welcome, Green Bay. I'll tell you why, Fleming - it was ONE game. Ever hear of a player having an off game. Douche bag again. And don't ever ask GB to thank you for anything you've printed in your column, you double douche bag!

Fleming also wrote, "HALF SORRY: Based on their coverage, it appears the Broncos defensive backs believed every word I wrote about Favre's noodle arm."

Nice pat on the back, Flemboy. Do you see why I hate sports columnists? Now I'm a published playwright and I can right any damn thing I want because it's fiction. These dickheads write with the forethought that they have knowledge we don't have. They're enlightened. They write online and millions of people read the stink they spread. Big effing deal. It's all bullshit. Screw them all.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Favre = FedEx Air Player of the Week (3rd time); Kampman = Defensive Player of the Month; James Jones = Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Week.

(The Halloween posts are still up - 2 posts down. Not ready to take'm down .)

They always say bad things come in threes. Not this week.

#1. Once again, our Brett Favre was named FedEx Air Player of the Week for Week 8 of the NFL. This is his 4th nomination and 3rd win thus far. Favre went 21 of 27 for 331 yards and two touchdowns in the Packers' 19 - 13 win over the Denver Broncos on Monday night. Brett threw a 79-yard touchdown pass in the first-quarter to rookie James Jones to put the Packers on the board and won the game in the first 15 seconds of overtime with an 82-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings.

#2. Defensive end, Aaron Kampman was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Month. Kampman's a workhorse - ranked #2 in the NFL for sacks. He had 3 on Monday night and is on pace to beat the 15 1/2 he had last season.

#3. Now the James Jones Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Week thing - that hasn't been announced yet. But he's got 65% of the vote at 8:51 pm PST and it's announced Friday. What's the term in golf - 'take it'? Jones had three receptions for 107 yards and a first-quarter touchdown that covered 79 yards in the Packers' 19-13 overtime win at Denver on Monday night.

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Dick-of-the-Week Sportswriter #1, Gregg Easterbrook

I had every intention of keeping my Halloween posts up for those of you who may have missed them on Wednesday. They're still up - immediately after this post. But I had to rant for a second.

Gregg Easterbrook writes a column for ESPN online called, Tuesday Morning Quarterback. Here was his take on the 82 yard TD pass in overtime Brett Favre threw to Greg Jennings – first play of OT – and what follows is my response to him:

'Brett Favre's 82-yard game-winning touchdown pass on the first snap of overtime was an example of the fine line between a great play and a bonehead play. Favre heave-hoed toward a guy who was covered pretty well, and the football gods, still smarting about the cheerleaders, smiled on the visiting team. J.P. Losman's late 85-yard game-icing touchdown Sunday at Jersey/B was another example: a deep heave-ho to a guy who was double-covered in that case. Both passes, as they left the quarterback's hands, were as likely to be disastrous interceptions as highlight-reel touchdowns.'

I think you’re the bonehead, Gregg Easterbrook. And I think you're a dick.

I can’t even believe I have to say this but why can’t you just accept Favre’s OT pass to Jennings for what it was – a great call, a great pass and a great catch? Period. Execution that was perfect from every perspective as opposed to a gift from the “football gods”. Instead of perhaps qualifying the play as one of your Sweet Plays of the Week, you demote it to what could have been a “bonehead” play.

'Both passes…were as likely to be disastrous interceptions as highlight-reel touchdowns..' What? How many passes can you say that about in any given game in the NFL? Your readers are not interested in your opinions of what could have happened or might have happened (and I’m giving you a wide birth here as I’m to understand that your column IS a column of personal opinion). The Packers could very well be 1-6; Favre might not be playing as good as he is; the Broncos could have won that game before overtime; if no one had showed up there would'nt have been a game and therefore nothing for you to write about. Absurd? Well, you should know.

None of that has anything to do with what transpired on that field Monday night. The facts are the only thing that matter, and if we have to listen to your opinions (though we could choose not to read your column), please give us your opinions on the facts.

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