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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Traitor Nancy "Pablo" Pelosi's ratings plummet. Heeehawww! Bitch.

60% of U.S. voters now have an unfavorable opinion of House Speaker Nancy "Pablo" Pelosi, D-Calif., according to the most recent Rasmussen poll. 42% of those polled have a very unfavorable opinion. And an increasing number of those who disapprove of her seem to be fellow Democrats.

Could this drop in popularity be due to Pelosi calling the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arm of the federal government "un-American"? Or that she referred to illegal aliens at a church meeting as "patriotic"? Or that she's all for amnesty and probably wasn't concerned that the E-Verify vote failed in the Senate? Or that her support of President Obama initially repealing the global gag rule - allowing U.S. funding for international abortions - and the fact that she wouldn't shut her mouth about how this is such a great idea EVENTUALLY led President Obama to back off and not repeal said gag rule?

Understand - I didn't even get into the harvest marsh mouse (and there is some truth to that story which I will get into in another post) or Pelosi's misuse of government aircraft. But could all this bullshit be why Pablo Pelosi's popularity is waning? No shit. She reminds me of another bitch I hate - Barbara Bollenbach. Both are pro-illegal alien's rights; both are only concerned with what benefits them; both are arrogant and two-faced.

60% unfavorable. Wow...that's getting closer to George W. Bush numbers. And this is the 3rd in line for the Presidency?? It would please me to the nth degree to tar and feather both of them (look up tar and feathering - it's far more ghastly than you realize).

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Is the U.S. government really concerned with Iran's nuclear power program?

Iran may be a a couple years from acquiring the enriched uranium it needs to arm a nuclear warhead. But with a little help from Iranian-American citizens, that country may be able to close that gap. And though the U.S. government says that Iran's nuclear program is a "concern", it's words and actions say two very different things.

U.S. District Court Judge Neil Wake (below). In December 2008, a federal court in Arizona sentenced naturalized U.S. citizen Mohammed Reza Alavi following his conviction of the illegal transfer of software to Iran. He was convicted in May 2008 as part of a plea bargain. Alavi worked for the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, the largest nuclear power plant in the United States. He told federal agents that he stole software designed for training in nuclear power operations.

"We are pleased that both a jury and the judge recognized the serious nature of these crimes," U.S. Attorney Diane Humetewa said.

Alavi left Palo Verde in 2006, but not before downloading the training software to his personal laptop. The software was then relayed to Iran. "A prison sentence is entirely appropriate to punish this defendant for his stealing of sensitive materials, given the potential threat to the security of information relating to a nuclear power plant," Ms. Humetewa said.

Palo Verde officials have said the software did not contain enough information to pose a security threat. "I have only myself to blame for these actions and I accept full responsibility," Alavi said. "I love America and would never do anything to hurt this country."

Here's the kicker. 15 months. That's what Alavi got in prison. Can't be too "serious of a crime", can it? An American citizen giving information to Iran? Isn't that considered spying? Treason? 15 months?

Wait - another article said Alavi got two, 15 month sentences and that U.S. District Court Judge Neil Wake ordered that Mohammad Reza Alavi's two sentences be served at the same time.

Pathetic. I again repeat our judicial system sucks. They oughta put Judge Wake in prison too. Pussies.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

How'd ya like to meet this guy via Twitter?

I think he shoulda stayed with the "Brian Wilson musican" moniker, don't you?

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California's consumer lending numbers in the toilet.

Saw this in today's Wall Street Journal. The only reason I haven't moved back to the Midwest is because I still have a job. TODAY I still have a job...

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In Seattle the end of April? Order tickets for "Pass the Salt, Please."!

If you're planning to be in the Seattle area at the end of April, check out my short, "Pass the Salt, Please.", performing in The Little Red Studio's Erotic Short Festival. The show runs two weekends - April 24, 9:00 p.m through May 3, 8:00 p.m. Order tickets here.

"We're proud to present our fourth production of Erotic Shorts. Due to increased popularity, we're offering this show for two weekends (six performances) this time around. Watch as a husband and wife have a typical dinner at home, or do they (that's my play!)? A first date unfolds, a sexy film shoot gets a little off track, a glimpse backstage at two actors during a Shakespeare production, and two co-workers struggle to find a connection with one another...These stories and more will delight and fascinate you, creating a wonderful evening of theater at Little Red Studio!"

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Virgin Mary? A fish? A stinking fish?!

I looked and there it was. Plain as day. Water residue on the kitchen counter began to evaporate, leaving this - a fish. Who's gonna pay good money to see the image of a fish? God damn you all to hell.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who is Gina Velour, aka Marne Lucas?

Marne Lucas is a visual and installation artist using nature, pop-culture and sexuality as fundamental themes in her work. Exploring relationship intimately she has collaborated extensively both behind and in front of the camera, celebrating the eroticism of the body, most notably with Jacob Pander on the award-winning, infrared erotic short film The Operation (1995). Her most recognized work explores intimacy with candor in her pin-up style portraits of men & women, artist portraits and her decade long, ongoing self portraiture series titled "MLSP".

You can see more of Marne Lucas, ska Gina Velour (does it matter which way it's supposed to be?) at

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Friday, March 27, 2009

TGIF! BONUS presents...trailer for "The Green Slime" (1968)

Check out the music - it's a hoot.

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Facebook slanders me.

I could go on and on about how Facebook's recent upgrades suck. Here's one example (not even sure this has anything to do with their upgrades but it still sucks).

FB has applications you can send to other FB members - flowers, drinks, sports-related stuff, whatever. In this case, you can choose from "Brian Wilson Gifts" and send gifts to people. So I sent selected FB "friends" the album cover for Brian Wilson's Smile and this is the FB confirmation that was sent out and published on my FB page.

"Jeff hates..."? HATES? WTF? I don't hate these people, Number 1. Number 2, it makes it sound like a "Smile" gift is a bad thing. So it not only comes across as a rip on me, but as a rip on Brian Wilson as well. Sounds slanderous to me, don't you think?

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TGIF! presents...John Lennon's "I'm Losing You".

John Lennon's poignant line drawings, known to many around the globe, spring to life as they made their animated debut in the video for the legendary musician's "I'm Losing You" track from the four-CD boxed set The John Lennon Anthology (1998).

"I'm Losing You" features Rick Nielsen on guitar and Bun E. Carlos on drums, (from Cheap Trick) and bassist Tony Levin (from King Crimson), each of whom played on the original version of the song with Lennon in 1980. In a playful and whimsical fashion, well known animator David Spafford has extended upon Lennon's original drawings, making them come to life as they float through and interact with the musicians 1998 live performance.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guest Instructor Mr. Favre? (But I thought Mangini hated Favre, Jeff?)

Former New York Jets Coach Eric Mangini - now Cleveland Browns head coach - told the New York Daily News that he and Favre have been text messaging since they last saw each other December 29, the day the Jets fired Mangini and the day after Favre played his final NFL game. ... "I don't think it would be anything formal," Mangini told the newspaper. "It's not like we are hiring him to run the scout team. I don't think he would be interested in that. He would be more like a visitor. An open invite."

Mangini brought in a ton of motivational speakers while he was at the Jets. I guess this squelches the talk about Favre and Mangini not liking each other, bunch of dumb assholes (I'm talking to you, Teddy Atlas!).

"We had a legitimately good relationship," Mangini said. "He's a good guy. I like Brett a lot. That was a tough situation for him to come into and I thought he handled it incredibly well."

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Even a "savior" can drop 23%.

(Graphic courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter - 3/26/2009)

Read more!'s PASSION = TRUTH's 2nd anniversary!

It was 2 days ago. Knew it was coming up but it sneaked by. Oh, are The Beatles singing "Happy Birthday" blog, I guess.

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We miss you, Jan.

Jan Berry, one half of the surf duo, Jan & Dean, passed away 5 years ago today. Here's a post I did on Jan & Dean a while back.

Just found out Jan's niece, Brooke Berry, was Playboy's May 2000 Playmate of the Month. How this fact escaped me I do not know. Somehow I don't think Jan - who liked the ladies as much as anyone - would mind if you take a peek at his niece.

The promotional video below was shot to promote Encomium in Memoriam and features some great footage of Jan & Dean, along with tracks of their songs performed by other artists - just as Jan had written them back in the 60's.

I miss you, Jan. All your fans miss you.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hollywood's new Stooges??

First, hit the PAUSE button on my jukebox above. Then hit PLAY on the jukebox in the post. The Three Stooges theme, "Three Blind Mice". Cool. Gets you in the mood. I grew up watching these guys - my father is a big fan.

Three Stooges 1934 (Original) - Three Stooges

Now click on READ MORE! to find out which actors might play Moe, Larry and Curly in the MGM Three Stooges biopic. If you don't know, you'll never guess.

Benicio Del Toro as Moe Howard.

Sean Penn as Larry Fine.

Jim Carrey as Curly Howard. Knuck, knuck, knuck! Not sure how you spell that. Pretty good for my first time manipulating in Photoshop. Sweet! For more on the story, check out today's Variety.

The Hollywood Reporter came out with it's own version of Toro, Penn and Carrey at The Stooges in today's (3/26/09) paper - it's better than mine...but I was first. HA!

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Eddie Adams - Vietnam through his lenses.

"No war was ever photographed the way Vietnam was, and no war will ever be photographed again the way Vietnam was photographed."
- Hal Buell, former Associated Press photo service chief

Photographer Eddie Adams died in 2004. None of his photographs - some world famous - documenting the Vietnam War have been made available in book form. Until now. NPR did a story on him yesterday.

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One of the saddest photographs I've ever seen.

Photograph: Mike Groll/AP

Actor Liam Neeson at St. Peter's Cemetery with his mother-in-law, Vanessa Redgrave, after burying his wife, Natasha Richardson (Redgrave's daughter).

I don't think there's anything else that can be said.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More pictures of "Baby".

I just featured Sheri Moon Zombie in my regular feature, "Women Celebs I Love #8", but forgot to mention there were a few more pictures to peruse through. Just click on the READ MORE! in the original post - two posts down - to see more snaps of "Baby". :)

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Monday, March 23, 2009

"Come, come see The Wicker Man."

I suppose the first observation one might make about the original 1973 British horror classic, The Wicker Man, is that Britt Ekland is naked throughout an entire song - chest and back (I found out online that the backside you saw in the film wasn't Britt's but a local stripper found at a pub; Britt wouldn't do the backside shot, but the chest is all Britt.). You know Britt - the Swedish bombshell who made her mark in the Bond film, The Man with the Golden Gun, married Peter Sellers, romanced Rod Stewart and had affairs with countless other celebrities? Unfortunately, I couldn't find an uncensored version of "Willow's Song" from the movie on Youtube:

My second observation is that this is a most excellent watch. I made a mention of it in my Christopher Lee post a few weeks back. The film was written by Anthony Shaffer, who wrote Sleuth (play and movie), Murder on the Orient Express (1974 - uncredited rewrite), Death on the Nile, among others. It's directed by Robin Hardy and starred Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Ingrid Pitt and Britt Ekland.

Here's the original UK trailer. There's also a 2nd trailer called "The Essential Wickerman" that goes into the plot with more detail.

Woodward plays a Scottish policeman who goes to the fictional Scottish isle of Summerisle to investigate a missing girl. Or is she missing? The policeman is a strict Christian, while the inhabitants of this Scottish isle are pagans. They believe anything they do to appease their gods will benefit their crops - anything.

It's a thriller, with a psychological bent + mystery + horror. And I absolutely LOVED IT. The Wicker Man is highly regarded by critics and film enthusiasts. Film magazine Cinefantastique described it as "The Citizen Kane of Horror Movies", and in 2004 the magazine Total Film named The Wicker Man the sixth greatest British film of all time. It also won the 1978 Saturn Award for Best Horror Film. A scene from this film was #45 on Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments.

Cowboys for Christ, a sequel starring Lee, is in pre-production. A remake with Nicholas Cage was produced in 2006. SKIP IT. I saw a few scenes on Youtube; it bites. And don't just take my word - it won five 2006 Golden Raspberry Awards.

WARNING. The whole pagan undertone in this movie is NOT underplayed. There's plenty of nudity and graphic sexual talk. Look for naked couples copulating in a field, a naked woman masturbating on a grave and a very sultry Ingrid Pitt (famous for her work in the Hammer Film horror movies) in one, quick nude scene.

The one standout plot point for me concerned the dueling religions - paganism and Christianity - and the struggles Woodward encounted with both. Shot partly on location in Scotland, the scenery is gorgeous and is every bit important to the movie/plot as the storyline.

Quite delicious. I've received my 2-DVD commemorative set of the movie and am looking forward to the actor's commentaries. By the way, of the 260+ films that Christopher Lee has been in, The Wicker Man is his favorite. If you don't believe me, take Mr. Lee's advice.

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Women Celebs I Love #7 - Sheri Moon Zombie.

I first saw Sheri Moon Z. in her husband's (musician/director Rob Zombie) horror flick, House of 1,000 Corpses. Hadn't seen anything like that before. Freaked me out - and I consider myself a horror movie aficionado. Her character - "Baby" - annoyed the shit out of me. But I certainly wasn't going to get in an argument with Baby. And it was a good annoying, meaning I wanted to see more of her.

The sequel to that movie was The Devil's Rejects - which I enjoyed as well. Actually had some sympathy for the "bad guys" which is quite the feat in a horror movie. Since then Sheri's been busy with outings in Grindhouse (saw) and Rob's remake of Halloween (didn't see). She's been in Rob Zombie's music videos for years - I think she's his muse of sorts. Maybe not. She could be my muse any day. Nice work, Sheri! Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, you've become a certifiable "horror queen" and you're very good at it.

Wanna see more snaps of "Baby" - click on READ MORE! Torture me, baby. Torture me 'til it hurts bad. :)

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Obama admininstration's bark is worse than its bite.

According the Associated Press, "On Sunday, Obama told CBS's 60 Minutes the House's plan to slap a special tax on the AIG executives would be unconstitutional. Borrowing a line from his Feb. 24 speech to Congress, he said he would not "govern out of anger."

You can't use the Constitution as a safety net for all your screw-ups, President. First, the government OK's a bailout of AIG without taking into consideration the fine print that allowed AIG to dole out $165 million in bonuses. The country goes into an uproar. The President goes into an uproar. The House goes into an uproar and passes legislation to tax that bonus money in order to get some of it back. Then Obama says wait a second - we can't do that.

Seems like a lot of people are doing things they're not supposed to be doing and the American people are paying for it. Seems this administration's "roar" is nothing more than a "meow".

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Do you give a lick...'bout the Wonderlic? I scored 33.

If you've never heard of the Wonderlic, it's an exam given to players entering the NFL draft every year. You can take a simulated Wonderlic test here. It's comprised of 50 questions. Players have 12 minutes to complete the test. The average score (out of 50) is a 21.

Vince Young (above) made headlines last year when it was rumored that he scored a 6. St. Louis' QB Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 50, and he's nothing more than a backup quarterback. Some sample scores of other players include: Drew Bledsoe = 37; Steve Young = 33; John Elway = 30; Brett Favre = 22, Dan Marino = 16; Deltha O'Neal = 15; Donovan McNabb =14.

I'm not saying Vince Young is dumb (he may have had an attitude problem last season). But according to Wonderlic, a thumbtack is sharper than Young. However, like with any test, the Wonderlic has its pros and cons. Read more about it here.

Did I mention I got a 33?

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Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, and Tits.

In honor of George Carlin, who died last year at the age of 71. Here's the original routine titled, "Seven Word You Can Never Say on Television".

I'm sure there's video somewhere of Carlin doing this routine, in some form or another. In 1972, Carlin released an album of stand-up comedy entitled, Class Clown. One track on the album was "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television", a monologue in which he identified these words, expressing amazement that these particular words could not be used, regardless of context. He was arrested for disturbing the peace when he performed the routine at a show at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (my hometown, by the way).

On his next album, 1973's Occupation: Foole, Carlin performed a similar routine titled "Filthy Words", dealing with the same list and many of the same themes. Pacifica station WBAI-FM broadcast this version of the routine uncensored on October 30. Blah, blah, blah. Fast forward. The FCC appealed to the Supreme Court, which in 1978 ruled in favor of the FCC in FCC v. Pacifica Foundation. This decision formally established indecency regulation in American broadcasting.

Carlin died last year at the age of 71. It's really a shame, 'cause I'm sure if George were here now he'd have a helluva lot to say about Bernard Madoff, AIG, our economy and the greed and incompetency that led to most of this bullshit this country is knee-deep in. He'd probably say, 'they're all Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker(s) and, Motherfucker(s). And Tits.'

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Katya's business card literally dropped onto my hand.

Katya V. Vall. Model. I was writing at Tanner's Coffee and a gust of wind blew open the door and scattered a stack of 32 different business cards that were placed in a holder near the door. This model's business card literally landed on the backside of my right hand while I was typing.

Fate? Kismet? Should I email her? I already did...

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After killing 4 Oakland cops, gunman's cousin says her cousin was "not a monster".

MSNBC coverage here.

A 26-year-old wanted on a parole violation (missed meetings with his parole officer) gunned down 4 Oakland, CA SWAT team members. The murderer, Lovelle Mixon, who had an extensive criminal history and was out on parole for assault with a deadly weapon, was later gunned down by police. I read in one report that had Lovelle the Murderer been arrested, it was his 3rd strike and Lovelle the Murderer was afraid of going back to jail.

When contacted by the press, Lovelle's cousin, LaTasha Mixon, said that her "cousin is not a monster". Oooookay, LaTasha...4 cops are murdered and your dead cousin is no monster. Oh hey, LaTasha...that's what your dead "non-monster" cousin looks like now.

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Federal gov't. takes "moral road" while AIG screws us all in the ass.

Frank Rich wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times that my friend Stephen Alan Carver featured on his Facebook site (thanks, Stephen). I'm not a Frank Rich fan - he ripped on Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ and I felt that Rich's arguments were hollow and that he was just one more Jewish person with an axe to grind. But I liked this piece in which Rich tackled the AIG fuck-up (cause that's what it is).

There's a video link of CBS's Bob Schieffer interviewing Lawrence Summers, chief economic advisor to President Obama and Director of the White House's National Economic Council. I was struck by a comment Summers made during the interview. What follows is my comment that I made on Stephen's FB site (I edited it somewhat):

"I love how Summers said that AIG CEO Edward Liddy and Treasurer Secr. Tim Geithner met to discuss the most prudent action to get the AIG bonuses back and that Liddy is doing everything within his power - "legally and morally" - to accomplish this.

"Morally"?? As I understand it, the crux of the AIG bonus debacle is that no one wanted to risk breaking any legally-binding contracts that might result in the Federal government facing a lawsuit (Geithner said this). That's why it was agreed that the $170 billion bailout of AIG by the U.S. government (and taxpayers) was OK'ed with the stipulation that the bonuses be paid out as contracted. Problem is this information became public.

Morally? Liddy is doing everything within his "moral power"? What is moral about executives no longer employed by AIG taking bonus money? Or any employee taking bonus money? Can't be for a "job well done". What's moral with AIG borrowing from the government, which is now an 80% owner of AIG (along with taxpayers), then giving away millions of that borrowed money in the form of bonuses? For that matter, what about Bernard "I'll be someone's bitch soon" Madoff or Merrill Lynch or the two guys who ripped off the Iowa Public Employees Pension for millions - you can go on and on. There IS no MORALITY in the world of finance right now, friends. NONE. Greed? Yes. Morality? No.

Why is it that every other American worker is forced to forego vacations, bonuses, raises - or lose their job, but the American government must step on egg shells because of contracts that were entered into by AIG? Why does the American government have to take the "moral road" when these moral-less fuckheads from AIG are handing out bonuses to more moral-less fuckheads from AIG and miscellaneous companies overseas? When any other company goes under or changes ownership, often times all contracts are null and void. I've got a friend whose eye doctor messed up his cataract surgery - blinding him - and my friend's lawsuit has been determined to be "null and void" as the doctor died - the attorney told my friend you can't sue a dead man.

Pussies. Plain and simple. You wanna beat the British in the American Revolutionary War, you hide behind trees and "Indian fight". We lost the Vietnam War because we couldn't adapt to the Vietnamese way of fighting. And we'll lose this battle if we don't toughen up. ADAPT. Our government is turning into a bunch of pussies. And anyone who thinks I'm the only mouthy sonofabitch who thinks that is as dumb as our government is."

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National Champs again! Wisconsin Women's Hockey...Salute!

Read the full story here: National champs for the 3rd time in 4 years! Congratulations, Wisconsin Women's Hockey team!

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"Hi, I'm a Centrist. What are you?" Take the Cupid Politics test.

Not a centaur. "Centrist". Well-developed sense of right and wrong. That's me. I know. Dumb. But I found this on a friend's blog and I thought I'd take it to confirm what I think my politics are. Oddly, the test confirmed them.

Wanna take the test yourself? Click on READ MORE! and learn more about the test itself and see where certain figures fit on the chart above.

We wanted to get beyond the two catch-alls of American politics, the Democratic and Republican parties, and see where people actually stand. Parties can bring together people with marginally differing values and make collective action easier. But party platforms can misrepresent their constituents, and blind loyalty to a party can convince individuals to harbor inconsistent views.

The goal of this test was to exactly classify your personal politics, without the traditional labels. We avoided the edgy party issues and focused on fundamental values. Your score is a measure of what you believe in, economically and socially. Higher permissiveness, on either axis, indicates a "live and let live" philosophy. Of course, we're almost conditioned in America, "Land of the Free", to think positively of such a philosophy.

But practically speaking, permissiviness (or its opposite, regulation) can create any number of outcomes: For example, on the economic axis, a highly permissive system, like the American system of the early 1900s, might mean things like low taxes and increased scientific innovation. It might also result, as it did back then, in unrestricted child labor and millions of poor people with black lung. At the other end of the economic spectrum, a highly regulated system might conserve the environment, establish national health care, and eliminate poverty. But as we've learned from the Soviet system, extreme regulation can also lead to stagnation, sameness, and unhappiness.

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Now THIS is a cute baby.

If you're on Facebook, people are uploading pictures of themselves onto their FB page left and right. Has to be one of the most vain activities/sites there is (next to publishing your own blog).

Took this shot (Christmas 2007) of my baby picture in a frame on the wall. I must be one - so 1965. Sorry...but that's a universally cute matter how you look at it. Look at my eyes...

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cherilynn Brooks. Director of "Pass the Salt, Please." for Erotic Shorts Festival in Seattle.

Cherilynn Brooks is directing my short play, "Pass the Salt, Please." at The Little Red Studio's Erotic Shorts Festival in Seattle, April 24-26, May 1-3. Coincidentally, the play will be performed at the opening night gala for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival on April 30. It's a private shin-dig for all the artists the night before that festival opens.

And now, a little bit about Director Cherilynn Brooks: Actor, screenwriter, singer, and songwriter, trained at the Cornish College of the Arts. She has worked with the world renowned Larry Pisoni and appeared in his production of CIRCUS OF FOOLS in 1998. She also appeared in VIA SATELLITE, and KATYDIDS in 1997 and starred as Emily in the premiere production of FRIED RICE AND KETCHUP which has since been published in THE BOOK OF ESTROGENIUS, 2000. Cherilynn made her film debut on BLOCK PARTY as the rocker Beth. She also writes her own music. One of her songs, SLIVER, was chosen to be the end credit song for BLOCK PARTY. Cherilynn co-wrote LEAVE IT, and also plays the lead Character, Trish. Her vocals were put to use once again in the theme song for LEAVE IT, Come Over Here. Her current project is co-writer on the feature length script, PRINCESS AND BUDDHA, in which she is attached to play Billy, the charming, but destructive grunge girl. PRINCESS AND BUDDHA was well received at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival where she read the part for Billy.

I'm excited. Kerry Christiansen, Managing Director at The Little Red Studio, says Cherilynn and the actors cast in my play are excellent. We shall see - as I'll be in attendance to see the show.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

A coonskin cap and a little backwood's sensibility is what this country needs.

I posted a quote several weeks ago by Founding Father Thomas Jefferson pertaining to "democracy" that directly relates to our country's economic crisis and our government's involvement in it.

I found another quote that has just as much significance today as it did when it was spoken over 170 years ago:

"It is a precedent fraught with danger for the country, for when Congress once begins to stretch its power beyond the limits of the Constitution, there is no limit to it and no security for the people...the Constitution, to be worth anything, must be held sacred and rigidly observed in all its provisions."

- Colonel David Crockett, member of the U.S. Congress 1827-31 & 1832-35

Crockett based that statement on an encounter with one of his constituents while serving in Congress. The speech Crockett gave to Congress as a result of this encounter is known as the "Not Yours to Give" speech. You should read it.

Crockett later fought - and died - at The Alamo.

"Always be sure you are right, then go ahead."
- Davy Crockett

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Kristin Chenoweth's memoirs, Charlie Brown and the masturbating fan.

I can't wait until Chenoweth's memoirs hit bookstores in April. She'll be 41 in July; her book must be chock full of advice, memories and other anecdotes that she's experienced in a lifetime. least 41 years anyway.

Like the story of the fan who was masturbating during the song, "My New Philosophy" while Chenoweth performed the role of Sally in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown".

I've been a Charlie Brown/The Peanuts/Charles Schultz/Snoopy fan my entire life. Sad to say that now when I think of Charlie Brown, the second picture in my head will be of a man masturbating in a theater. Thanks, Kristin. And thanks for writing about your 41 years of life experiences. I'll put my Frank Lloyd Wright or Ronald Reagan bios away for now and read yours.

(One more thing. Why Kristin Chenoweth? I contend there's a much better selection of celebs with not-so-whiney speaking voices.)

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Obama's gaffe. Who cares??

President Obama's flub on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is just another example of how ridiculous this country has gotten as it pertains to "political incorrectness".

Obama and Leno were joking about the president's bowling ability. Obama said he's been practicing and recently had a score of 129. That's not too high, and the president said that it was "like Special Olympics or something."

So what? Where's all the rumbling over Leno's comment about the Obama's dog?

LENO: And it's, what, a Portuguese water head? (Laughter.) What is it, what kind of dog is it?
OBAMA: It's not that. (Laughter.)
LENO: It's not that.
OBAMA: It's not a "water head." (Laughter.)

I have sight in one eye so I'm disabled. I can't get bent outta shape every time someone says, "You have a great eye for taking photographs, Jeff" or something similar.

I watched The Tonight Show interview this morning with my roommate. When it was over, she asked me, "who do you think has more money - Obama or Leno?" I smiled.

She's Jewish.

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TGIF! presents...Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" - Trainspotting.

Great opening to the 1996 Danny Boyle flick, "Trainspotting". Watch it, for fock's sake.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Separated at birth? Talosian and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

The Talosian is on the left - from Episode One - "The Cage", Star Trek television series (1966)

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Blame game. "Well don't blame me."

Yeh - don't blame me because I had nothing to do with the AIG scandal. President Obama says he should take the blame for any mistakes because ultimately he's the President ("even if I don't make them"). So I say, "let's blame President Obama."

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is being blamed. And he was the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and worked closely with some are saying he should have known about a bonus program that would be affected by the language Congress approved last month. Course this is the guy that forget to pay $35,000 in taxes and blamed TurboTax.

Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, the Banking Committee chairman, is being blamed. He initially said he had nothing to do with watering down executive pay proposal and then acknowledged Wednesday night that he had agreed to do so. So he lied? "This is obviously a matter that should have been dealt with differently, but we are where we are," Dodd said.

Geithner has been in office since January and he's fucked up in a major way already. Dodd admits this AIG matter should have been dealt with differently - which begs the question, "why didn't you deal with it the right way in the first place, you dumb fucker!?"

And our President says he didn't know about the AIG bonuses but he'll take the blame for it -even though two of the people who were involved in organizing the bailout - Dodd and Geithner - ultimately report to the President. So then, isn't President Obama partly to blame because he SHOULD HAVE KNOWN about it?

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"Impudance! Homeric!" "The LOUD Man"?

Barry Fitzgerald's exclamation in The Quiet Man upon seeing John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara's bed askew on the morning after their wedding.

Two Guinness' (Guinni?) was all I could manage while watching The Quiet Man. Is it me or is it just..."stout"? My experience with Guinness (and it's not rooted in being a connoisseur) is that it tastes better in draft form or poured from a bottle into a glass. And the Guinness in Ireland is much better than what's imported in the U.S.

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Poolside in Florida.

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Great Northern's "Houses".

Heard this song on NPR's Morning Becomes Eclectic yesterday and can't get it out of my head. Give'r a listen (but pause the jukebox at the top of the page first).

Houses - Great Northern

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