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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Conservative Talk Radio Host Laura Ingraham can blow me.

I won't put a picture of this bitch on my blog. And I won't direct you to her website. I normally would put an excerpt post up and let you click on "Read More" but this pissed me off enough to where I felt it deserved posting in its entirety. Ingraham mocked Brett Favre's emotional retirement press conference to the point of berrating him - she even asked her followers in a poll to vote on whether or not Brett embarrassed himself (poll since taken off her site). You can listen to a snippet of what she said - click on the mini-Gabcast widget on the top right panel. The following is my email to her:

"Why in the hell would you bother to ask whether or not Brett Favre embarrassed himself by crying at his retirement press conference? What a stupid question. And in your Sound Byte of the Week, you quoted Favre, crying during his press conference: “I hope *sniffle* the fans *snort* appreciate me *sniffle* as much as I appreciate them. *sigh*”. Why do you even care? Have you written or talked about Favre before on your show or website? You can't be a fan. Have you ever watched him play? You probably know nothing about him or you wouldn’t have asked such an asinine question.

Laura said, '...all these years and I did not know there was a woman QB in the of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen. That's a great message for young boys - get up there and act like a girl and start blubbering like a baby.'

Aren't there more important things for you and your followers to discuss? So what if Brett cried? How does that effect you or what you do? What do you think your former boss, Ronald Reagan (Ingraham was a speech writer) – a former athlete – would say to that poll question? He’d probably say ‘no’. And he’d chastise you for even asking it. What about Lou Gehrig’s famous farewell speech? Do you think he embarrassed himself when he cried? Why don’t you ask your listeners and readers that question?

In your book, Power to the People, you discuss issues like traditional family values, education, and American patriotism. Do you even fathom the legacy that Brett Favre is leaving behind?? He epitomized the traditions of the NFL. Obviously, you can’t appreciate that. And that’s OK. So maybe you shouldn’t be delving into topics you know nothing about. And by the way, I noticed how you backed down or softened your stance while on Bill O'Reilly's show, saying you like Favre, that he's a "wonderful man", "an American icon", "a legend and great family man" but this crying thing with "hulky, strong, impressive men" is some "interesting culture development" and then sort of blew it all off, saying, "it was just funny, Bill". Did the flack you received over this get to you suddenly? That's not how you sounded on your talk show (which I heard and taped). Come on, Laura - you've got a big mouth...which is it?

You obviously don't know dick so let me educate you. Brett Favre has every significant QB record in the NFL – over 15 records, played with the Green Bay Packers 16 of his 17 years in the league, is the only 3-time MVP and has a Super Bowl ring – among many, many other accolades. His charity has given millions to help the less fortunate. Make-A-Wish loves Brett Favre. He was accessible to the press. Legends of various sports – Gretzky, Ali, Foreman, Armstrong, Nicklaus, Bird, Ditka, Starr, Staubach, Bradshaw, McEnroe, Ripken, Hornung – as well as coaches and current players in the NFL – have lauded Favre, his accomplishments and his legacy. Despite your dumb comment on-air about the ill-effects young boys might suffer watching Brett Favre crying on-air, Brett has influenced dozens of up-and-coming players and helped to make the Green Bay Packers an elite club once again. He re-defined the QB position, brought intangibles to the game unmatched by any other QB, excelled through personal tragedy or when seemingly injured, knocked heads with defensive lineman like he was a lineman and had fun doing it all. He WAS and IS loved by his fans, the state of Wisconsin, and his teammates because of what he has accomplished and despite his flaws.

You can call Brett a gunslinger, the Ironman, a throw-back player. Call him reckless or a risk-taker. Refer to Favre as "Huck Finn", "Peter Pan" or just a good 'ole hillbilly having fun – but don't insinuate he's a cry-baby and mock his demeanor while he's saying goodbye – not after giving everything he could to the game of football for 17 years. That son-of-a-bitch never missed a start since 1992 – 275 consecutive games (incl. playoffs). This world will remember him long after he’s dead and gone.

You, on the other hand, are but a "queef" on the blip of life (for those who don't know, a "queef" is a vaginal fart). Weren't you crying on-air a couple months ago because your dog, Troy, died? What a fucking hypocrite. Your credibility as a journalist and a human being, with me, is zero. I will tell the world on my blog that you and your show suck. I will tell the three listeners who tune into your show on WTMJ AM in Milwaukee at 2 in the morning to boycott your show. I will burn you in effigy. You…are a bitch. You just made my list, you asshole. And you can quote me."

P.S. You know your dog, Troy – who died and you cried about it on the air? I just talked to him through a medium in Los Angeles. Troy doesn't like you; he never liked you; he said you were a bad master and that you’re a hypocrite and he feels slighted because you cried when he died, yet chastised a legend like Brett Favre for crying when he retired. What example, Troy asked, were you setting for little children all over the world by blubbering like a moron because I (Troy) died? Troy told me you treated him like shit while he was alive, while telling everyone you loved him. Troy says shame on you. Troy also said to take that “Remembering Troy” picture page off your website – he doesn’t want to be remembered hanging out with you or those children pictured – who were also mean to him and pulled his tail. Seriously Laura, for your own benefit, do not try to reach Troy in the afterlife because he doesn’t want anything to do with you. Things are so much better in doggie heaven, where he gets the love and proper attention he always wanted but never received from you. He loves Brett Favre and when Brett passes away someday, Troy wants Brett to be his master - someone tough, yet sensitive to his (Troy's) needs.

P.S.S. By the way, Troy also told me he had a sex change in heaven. He/she always wanted to be the bitch he/she thought you were. But he’s keeping a male name. John Edwards (only Laura knows what that means).


PackerFan said...

Queef is a bit too kind of a word for this raging bloody CUNT!!!!

Jeff Ircink said...

:)...i know who this is. you're right. CUNT is a great word. but my aunts who read this wouldn't be happy with me. you and i and jason know what laura ingraham is...i'll send you my P.S. that i'm emailing her once i finish it.


tony said...

wow jeff. your relationship with brett goes much, much deeper than i first suspected.

here's what i think. i think we need to start a write-in or call-in campaign to wtmj and get them to CANCEL HER SHOW in milwaukee because of this.

this guy seems to be the biggest bigwig in WTMJ's "about us" section:

Jon Schweitzer
Vice President/General Manager
Phone: 414-967-5521

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 620
Milwaukee, WI 53201

or... here's the "about us" page:

maybe you wanna pick someone else.
do it. write an email for folks to copy and sign. and let's flood them with email and phone calls.

Brian said...


I think Tony's correct in reaching out to Ms. Ingraham via her wallet is a good strategy. And contacting the home office is probably the best way. However WTMJ does tend to be a bit "corporate", and may not respond to your eloquent rantings from Bel-Air. Might suggest an alternative approach via Milwaukee Magazine (Bruce Murphy loves to dig in this stuff) or whoever's left at the Shepard and/or Isthmus.

Of course, why someone would go after Brett Favre, unless they were a Viking fan, is beyond me...and it's not even a very funny dig.


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