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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Many Faces of Brian Wilson. Happy 71!

Much has been said and written about the The Beach Boys co-founder. What's been said has been said and I won't add to it. All I can say is that his music - their music - has been one of the most influential forces in my life. Ask me to name my favorite Beach Boys tune - or Brian tune or Dennis or Carl tune - and I can't. I won't.
Happy Birthday, Brian! I love you. Here's one favorite song of mine - a masterpiece. Listen and be transported to your idyllic place. Wherever that may be. Surf's Up!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A celebration of 50 years! To Jim & Dee Dee....Huzzah!

My mother and father met while my dad's band, the Glen LeMar Trio, was playing at Jolly's Supper Club in Greendale. 50 years ago, Saturday, June 15, James Anthony Ircink & Dolores Regina Datka were wedded at Sacred Hearts Church in Franklin (now St. Martin of Tours), with the reception following at Clifford's Supper Club in Hales Corners. Or they met at Clifford's and the reception was at Jolly's. They remain wedded today and Brother Jas & I are very, very happy for them.

I made the corsage and boutonnière from flowers in my garden - a personal touch my parents loved. Here's a very quick video of my mom "pinning" my father, to "their song", "She Wears My Ring" .

We had a lovely time at Glen Mar - my place in Greendale - with music, stories and drinks - followed by dinner at Joey Gerard's Supper Club in Greendale. An evening very special for all of us.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Golden Anniversary for Jim & Dee Dee!

My parents - James Anthony Ircink & Dolores Regina Datka - were married 50 years ago today, Saturday, June 15. The wedding ceremony was at Sacred Hearts Church (now St. Martin of Tours) in Franklin and the receptions was at Jolly's Supper Club (now Carl's Catering) in Greendale.

Quite a feat - 50 years. I wish Jimmy & Dee Dee peace, God's blessings...and much love.

Me, Brother Jason (right) and Mom & Dad last fall at Cousin Joe Nowak's wedding.

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"The One That Got Away". The Civil Wars' new release

Finally some new material - though the entire album won't be available until August. This song is a sampler of what to expect. Listen here.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Datka family reunion!

The Datka's - my mom's side of family - were firmly planted in the Hales Corners, WI farm fields (across from Menard's where the Hales Corners Speedway used to be) for...I don't know, many years. Grampa Myron & Grama Helen raised 9 children there and I spent many youthful days with my family and cousins doing what kids do on farms, I guess. Very happy times. Grampa passed away when I was 5 so my recollection of him is faint. Grama passed in 1976 (don't quote me on that).
Tough, hard-working, salt-of-the-earth. And dear people....
Cousin John and wife Cheryl hosted this little shindig last Saturday at their home in Dousman. Wonderful time. Uncle Ronny and Aunt Karen couldn't make it and Uncle Jerry and Uncle Ralph have passed. 

Left to right:  Uncle Rocky, Uncle Butch, Mom (Dolores), Uncle Bobby and Uncle Kenny.

Left to right, top:  Uncle Bobby, Uncle Ronny, Uncle Kenny, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Ralph. Bottom:  Mom (top), Aunt Karen, Uncle Rocky, Uncle Butch.
First cousins. There were 15 in attendance. Now - double that and add 9 and you have the total number of Datka first cousins. Impressive. Let's see if I can do this:  Top row - Me, Brother Jason, Sarah, Julie, Matt, Susie, Kenny, Glen. Middle row - Myron, Diana, John. Bottom row - Theresa, Billy, Elizabeth, Ralph. ;)

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Siberian Iris in bloom @ Glen Mar.

It's June! Where did May go to?

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