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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Datka family reunion!

The Datka's - my mom's side of family - were firmly planted in the Hales Corners, WI farm fields (across from Menard's where the Hales Corners Speedway used to be) for...I don't know, many years. Grampa Myron & Grama Helen raised 9 children there and I spent many youthful days with my family and cousins doing what kids do on farms, I guess. Very happy times. Grampa passed away when I was 5 so my recollection of him is faint. Grama passed in 1976 (don't quote me on that).
Tough, hard-working, salt-of-the-earth. And dear people....
Cousin John and wife Cheryl hosted this little shindig last Saturday at their home in Dousman. Wonderful time. Uncle Ronny and Aunt Karen couldn't make it and Uncle Jerry and Uncle Ralph have passed. 

Left to right:  Uncle Rocky, Uncle Butch, Mom (Dolores), Uncle Bobby and Uncle Kenny.

Left to right, top:  Uncle Bobby, Uncle Ronny, Uncle Kenny, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Ralph. Bottom:  Mom (top), Aunt Karen, Uncle Rocky, Uncle Butch.
First cousins. There were 15 in attendance. Now - double that and add 9 and you have the total number of Datka first cousins. Impressive. Let's see if I can do this:  Top row - Me, Brother Jason, Sarah, Julie, Matt, Susie, Kenny, Glen. Middle row - Myron, Diana, John. Bottom row - Theresa, Billy, Elizabeth, Ralph. ;)

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