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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hanoi Jane meet Pablo Pelosi. Or vice versa.

You know how things are fashionable one minute, then passe, and then they're suddenly in vogue again? Who woulda thunk that held true for being an American traitor.

Jane "Hanoi Jane" Fonda met with the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. In her attempts to better understand U.S. involvement in Vietnam, she sat in the seat of an NVA anti-aircraft gun, visited POW's and made broadcasts on Radio Hanoi. And when our POW's returned home, she called them "hypocrites and liars". Don't EVER bring her name up to a Vietnam vet. They hate her.

House Speaker Congressman Nancy "Pablo" Pelosi (D-CA) met with a group of mostly Hispanic illegals and legals at St. Anthony's Church in San Francisco Saturday as she's collecting petitions that ask President Obama to "stop the immigration raids and deportations that are tearing our marriages, families and children apart." There's a video link within the Pablo Pelosi article linked above.

Pablo Pelosi said the raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were "un-American" and that "the raids must end". Pablo Pelosi also said to her audience - including the illegal aliens present, "You are special people. You're here on a Saturday night to take responsibility for our country's future. That makes you very, very patriotic."

Hold it. A U.S. congresswoman? Speaker of the House? What is she - 3rd in line for succession to the presidency? She's telling an agency of the federal government that its activities are "un-American"? And then she refers to illegal aliens as "very, very patriotic" - toward a country they're illegally inhabiting? Since when should illegal aliens take responsibility for MY country's future? Isn't that akin to inciting anarchy? Or something?

I despise Pablo Pelosi. And hate, too. Despise and hate. I've blogged about her resistance to E-Verify. If the decision were up to her, she'd grant amnesty to every illegal alien in the U.S. AND open up our borders to all illegal aliens. I emailed her via her congressional website today. I won't reprint what I said, but I basically called her un-American, a disgrace and a traitor. If I've suddenly "gone missing", it may be due to that email.

By announcing to illegal aliens that the ICE is "un-American", she's undermining the credibility and integrity of a federal agency right in front of the very people the ICE would confront (and should be arresting at the church) and, therefore, undermining the credibility and integrity of President Obama and his administration. This is one dangerous bitch who needs to be dealt with. What if the next batch of illegals taken in a raid put up resistance, saying, "I'm not going with you. You're un-American! Pablo Pelosi said so!" They resist, illegals get hurt and then sue the government?? It's already happening.

I'm not sure the Obama administration really cares because I don't think this administration nor any future administration wants to deal with tackling our illegal immigration problems. That is sad. And Pelosi's gaining power every minute she's in Washington. Remember when Michelle Obama's patriotism was called into question during the campaign? I consider myself to be extremely patriotic and I've been thinking, as of late, that America has become a push-over. The timbre that goes with saying, "I'm an American" isn't quite the same for me right now.

It's politicians like Pablo Pelosi - the same people who are supposedly representing their constituents - that are part of the problem. Not the solution. You want to propose anarchy, Pablo Pelosi? Fine...let's start with getting rid of you.


Jeff Ircink said...

one other thing. if you read the article link, Pelosi described ICE raids akin to taking place in the middle of the night...families clutching the frightened children. Ha - but these are workplace raids you DUMB BITCH! see how this treasonous asshole packages HER agenda to get the public on her side. she needs to go.

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