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Monday, November 30, 2009

Favre & Co. feast on Bears, 36-10! Vikes, 10-1.

Favre & Co. huddled up. Favre had 392 yards, shy of his personal best record of 402 yards. Favre also tied defensive end Jim Marshall's NFL games played record of 282 games (not including playoffs) by any NFL'er. Brett hasn't missed a game since 1992.

Click on READ MORE! for more really nice shots of some of the Minnesota players who contributed to this victory. NEXT WEEK = Vikes (10-1) @ Arizona Cardinals (7-4).

Cedric Griffin and Chester Taylor.






Steve Hutchinson.

Pat & Kevin Williams.


Peterson & Shiancoe.

And of course, the Gunslinger. Playing the best football of his career. At 40.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rain. Shit. Vikings. 3 Haikus.

I awoke this morning to rain on the roof (sounds like a song I know). I told my dad I was gonna write a haiku to commemorate the rain. He immediately said, "the dogs won't take a shit 'cause they won't leave the porch". So I wrote three haikus:

woken from my sleep
by the rain on the rooftop
were you here, i’d smile.

the rain soaks the ground
the dogs - they are hesitant
their duty must wait

oh great Norsemen fight
kill the bears, suck out their life
Skol Favre, Skol Vikings!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey Renee...

...if you're reading this, send me your email. You can either leave a comment OR email me at It was nice meeting you. Didn't know everyone was getting together for a beer after the tree lighting ceremony or I would've joined you. Safe travels back to "the Rapids".


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Favre wins his 4th FedEx Air Player!

For his record setting play last Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. 88% completion rate whilst thrashing the Seahawks at home, 35-9. THAT was a personal record for Brett and a Vikings' franchise record. Also surpassed another Marino record with 22 games of 4+ TDs. MVP?! MVP?!

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"Quelli sono le polpette di carne!"

"Now that's a lot a meatballs!" Loose translation. (Thanks, Marisa.) I was privy to a traditional Italian feast Saturday evening. Arrived at our hosts at around 6 p.m. - ate at 9 p.m. Hey, that's the Italian way! Great food. Great people. Americana-style, as my best friend Tom says about the town where he and his family live...Wheaton, IL. And I've have to agree.

Wheaton has 63 churches within its limits, "more churches per capita than any town in America." It's home to Wheaton College, with Reverend Billy Graham connections, who happens to be an alumnus. Brothers James Belushi, John Belushi, director Wes Craven, journalist Bob Woodward, footballer Red Grange, Janet Pilgrim (Playmate centerfold three times in 1955 and 1956), actress Gail O'Grady. footballer Chuck Long and Edwin Hubble (the telescope) all call Wheaton "home".

Spent the weekend before last in Wheaton with Tom, Denise, Jacob and Joseph, my first visit to Wheaton since moving back to Wisconsin from Cali in September. And a busy weekend it was. Click on READ MORE! for a couple more pix.

Here are pix from the Kazar visit in May - same people present this time around (Tom, Denise and Aurora).

The oldest - Jacob, and Tom.

Jacob (orange jersey) playing club lacrosse.

Denise made this lickety split Friday night. Aurora came over and the four of us drank wine and talked.

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TGIF! presents...Pam and Jim's Wedding on "The Office"!

This scene was a spoof on the wedding party video which appeared on YouTube (just surf YouTube for "wedding entrance"). Watch for Dwight's moves around the 2:30 mark. Classic. I got a bit emotional watching this...

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

First snow.

Wet too.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gordo!

I missed it - was on November 17th. Gordon Lightfoot, singer and balladeer, is 71. Probably one of the all-time best "storytellers" in the business. Creator of such hits as, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", "Rainy Day People", "Sundown", "If You Could Read My Mind", "Carefree Highway" and my favorites, "Canadian Railroad Trilogy, "The Pony Man", "Cape Horn", and "Song for a Winter's Night".

"Gordo's" been covered by many artists, including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Barbra Streisand, Johnny Mathis, Sarah McLachlan and John Mellencamp and Robbie Robertson of The Band. My brother and Uncle Fran are among his biggest fans.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vikes Pluck Seahawks, 35-9. Favre sets more records! Vikes, 9-1.

It was quite the day for #4. Not only did Favre throw 4 TDs to four different receivers - Percy Harvin, Visanthe Shiancoe, Bernard Berrian and Sidney Rice, but he set a single-game completion percentage record of 88% (22 of 25 passes for 213 yards) - a personal record and a Minnesota Vikings' franchise record.

Favre commented, "Getting back to that confidence that I had when I didn't know any better, that was pretty good. And I'm feeling more confident. I'm more of a realist at this age, but that doesn't mean you can't go out there and turn it loose."

Oh - it was Brett's second four-touchdown game in the last three weeks, and the 22nd of his career, passing Dan Marino for the most in NFL history. Favre upped his QB rating to 112.1...#1 in the NFL.

"This ain't too bad - sittin' out the 4th quarter!" 4 TDS and three more records and Favre didn't even play the 4th quarter, pulled in favor of Tavaris Jackson taking over the QB reins. And SKOL! to the Vikings defense, which has now gone 33 games without allowing an opposing rusher to gain 100 yards on the ground.

NEXT WEEK: Seattle Seahawks (3-7) @ Minnesota Vikings (9-1).

Left to right: Berrian(87), Rice(18) and Shiancoe(81) celebrating Rice's TD. Each were the recipient of a Brett Favre TD, as well as Percy Harvin. SKOL FAVRE! SKOL VIKINGS!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Favre, Peterson & Rice honored!

For beating up on the Lions last Sunday for the 2nd time this season, Favre and Peterson were chosen FedEx Air & Ground Players for Week 10 in the NFL; Sidney Rice (last picture) was selected the NFC Offensive Player of the Week.


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Friday, November 20, 2009

TGIF! presents..."Brett Favre mike'd"!

This was during last weekend's Viking defeat of the Detroit Lions in Minnesota, 27-10. Incidentally, the younger guy in the white cap and headphones is Offensive Coordinator, Darrell Bevell, who was Favre's QB coach at Green Bay from 2003-2005, and was the four-year starting QB for the Wisconsin Badgers from 1993-96, guiding the Badgers to their first Rose Bowl victory in 30 years against UCLA and another victory the next year at the Hall of Fame Bowl against Duke.

Take note of Favre's conversation with RB Adrian Peterson at the 5:30 mark. Very poignant - on both players' parts. And Peterson's non-verbal is...well, no words needed. Course, if you're in that anti-Favre sect, you'll think this video is nothing but Favre playing for the camera. If you're of the mind, you're an idiot. He did this for 16 years in GB.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Separated at Birth? Shirley MacLaine/actor & Shirley MacLaine/geisha girl...

...and Shirley MacLaine as the peg-legged pirate, the Mongolian nomad, Roman Emperor Charlemagne's lover, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More sports! Top Chef olympics! And...MV is a dick!

I don't watch this show but my mother does. And as I'm temporarily living at home after my move back to WI from Cali, I sometimes end up watching shows I'd rather not. Like this one.

I watched it for 10 minutes tonite. I'm of the firm opinion that contestant - Chef Michael Voltaggio (whose younger brother is also a contestant) is a dick. Yah - how would I know, right? I've never watched the show. But mother says he's a dick - and she's not the only one.

Scott Tobias of writes: "Other developing storyline: The dickishness of Michael Voltaggio. Given Kevin’s likability and the plain truth that he’s been kicking everyone’s ass week after week after week—and among maybe the strongest group of quality chefs the show has had to date—it was out of line for Michael (to) badmouth Kevin’s winning elimination dish because his was more ambitious (and flawed). And deriding his brother for the “greasy” food that didn’t make the plate wasn’t good form, either."

Michael Voltaggio = Dick.

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(Above) My friend, Heather, and I at The Local, a most excellent Irish bar in downtown Minneapolis.

Minneapolis! Home of Prince. Tied with Seattle as the most literate city in the U.S. Home of the former American Wrestling Associaton (Verne Gagne, the High Flyers, The Crusher, Mad Dog Vachon, Nick Bockwinkel, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Jesse Ventura, Ray "The Crippler" Stevens, Baron Von Raschke - which I used to watch every week), the "Twin Cities" (along with St. Paul), Mall of America, Land of 10,000 Lakes (Wisconsin, by the way, has over 14,000), Charles M. Schulz, The Andrews Sisters, Bob Dylan, Tiny Tim; politicians Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, Eugene McCarthy; actors Eddie Albert, Richard Dean Anderson, Josh Hartnett and Jessica Lange, producers Michael Todd and the Coen Brothers, and burlesque dancer Lili St. Cyr; George Dayton's business grew into Target Corporation, John S. Pillsbury co-founded Pillsbury Company, Richard Sears co-founded Sears, Rose Totino created Totino's frozen pizza, candy makers Franklin and Forrest Mars founded Mars, Incorporated.

Am I rambling? Sorry. Oh...and part-time home of my friend from Cedar Rapids, Heather. Almost forgot. I wanted to experience a Minnesota Vikings' game IN Minnesota and WITH Vikings' fans. Heather was staying in town for a bit so I made the 6-hour trek from Milwaukee and cheered Brett Favre and the Vikes on to a 27-10 victory over the Detroit Lions. And, of course, Heather gave me a tour of the city. Click on READ MORE! for my shots of the weekend.

Mary Tyler Moore from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" . I shoulda thrown my hat in the air but Heather said no.

The Foshay Tower, now the W Minneapolis - The Foshay hotel, was modeled after the Washington Monument and was originally built in 1929. $10 for a gin and tonic. Pricey for a drink I never really appreciated. But the hotel was very nice - so Heather and I sat in front of the fireplace and sucked down on G&T's and admired our surroundings.

Hell's Kitchen in d.t. Minneapolis. "Damn good food!" (their tagline). Great ambiance. Helluva marketing scheme. Wonderful art and excellent food. I had the Ham and Pear Crisp (featured in Jane and Michael Stern’s Road Food Sandwiches cookbook as one of the best sandwiches in America). Shaved, slow-roasted smoked pit ham, poached pears, melted Swiss and Fontina cheese on spicy-sweet buttered grilled sourdough bread. $11.75. I woulda paid double. Check out their website.

All sorts of interesting artwork adorn the interior of Hell's Kitchen. I emailed the restaurant in the hopes they could tell me the name of the artist but I haven't heard back.

"When pigs fly" metal artwork.

Interior of The Local where Heather and I cheered the Vikings to a victory over Detroit. Awesome bar. All the interior wood work was made in Ireland. Dave, the manager, bought me a pint. Unheard of in Irish circles. SLAN!

A kissing booth/lounge area at The Local.

To my surprise, The Local had a picture of The Local Bar in Ardfinnan, Co. Tipperay, where I stayed for 7 days while in Ireland this past September. Many a Guinness I tipped back there. SLAN! to Thomas, Gavin and Amanda at The Local Bar! And SLAN! to Minneapolis!

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American Apparel. Part Quatre.

Meet Brittany and Sasha. Again.

See more at American Apparel.

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Psycho women's college soccer player gets suspended.

I posted this video on my FB page a couple weeks ago - over 10 million views on Youtube. The bitch was suspended indefinitely. She offers an apology - of sorts. I think she's dangerous and should get a lifetime ban from soccer. Loose cannon. Psycho. Call it what you will. But she tries justifying her behavior on the field (even though she's deeply remorseful about it).

Here's the New York Daily News article.


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Due North Outdoors. My new favorite outdoors show.

For the outdoors...nature...aspect of the show. Check out the Due North Outdoors website. You can also check out Laura Schara's website here. Funny...never seen fisherman that look quite like this. Must be fishing in the wrong holes.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too much football.

This happens every year this time - an overabundance of football blogs. What are ya gonna do??? :) SKOL FAVRE! SKOL VIKINGS!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Cleveland Browns' RB Jamal Lewis...talking.

Hey, this is his show, it's not mine," Lewis said. "It's his show, it's not my show. Not anybody else around here's show. We're just the crop. You've got to take care of your crop. If you don't take care of your crop, when it comes time to harvest, you're not going to make no money because the crop ain't no good."

- Jamal Lewis discussing how frustrating farming on FarmTown can be

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Favre & Co. play with Lions, 27-10. Vikes, 8-1.

Either Brett's thinking 1) WTF? I can't believe we're letting the Lions stick around, or 2) WTF?? 300 consecutive starts?!?! Man, that's cool.

Honestly, I never felt like we'd lose this game but I was getting nervous as the Vikings were practically handing opportunities over the the Lions. Mostly, due to Mr. Adrian Peterson. Sure he had two running scores but he could've had a third (had the ball knocked out in the endzone and it was recovered by the Lions), was responsible for a bad hand-off that resulted in Lions' recovering and was stopped on a 4th and inches play for a first down deep in Lions' territory. Peterson's good, but his greatness has been overhyped, in my book. Remember that talk early in the season - about Favre's job merely being one of handing the ball to AP? No. Hasn't been "just that" at all.

Above: Peterson congratulating Rice on catching a Favre bomb. NEXT WEEK: Seattle (3-6) @ Vikes (8-1).

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