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Friday, November 27, 2009

"Quelli sono le polpette di carne!"

"Now that's a lot a meatballs!" Loose translation. (Thanks, Marisa.) I was privy to a traditional Italian feast Saturday evening. Arrived at our hosts at around 6 p.m. - ate at 9 p.m. Hey, that's the Italian way! Great food. Great people. Americana-style, as my best friend Tom says about the town where he and his family live...Wheaton, IL. And I've have to agree.

Wheaton has 63 churches within its limits, "more churches per capita than any town in America." It's home to Wheaton College, with Reverend Billy Graham connections, who happens to be an alumnus. Brothers James Belushi, John Belushi, director Wes Craven, journalist Bob Woodward, footballer Red Grange, Janet Pilgrim (Playmate centerfold three times in 1955 and 1956), actress Gail O'Grady. footballer Chuck Long and Edwin Hubble (the telescope) all call Wheaton "home".

Spent the weekend before last in Wheaton with Tom, Denise, Jacob and Joseph, my first visit to Wheaton since moving back to Wisconsin from Cali in September. And a busy weekend it was. Click on READ MORE! for a couple more pix.

Here are pix from the Kazar visit in May - same people present this time around (Tom, Denise and Aurora).

The oldest - Jacob, and Tom.

Jacob (orange jersey) playing club lacrosse.

Denise made this lickety split Friday night. Aurora came over and the four of us drank wine and talked.

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