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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'll see your eye gouging and raise you a slap on the hand.

Florida coach Urban Meyer suspended Brandon Spikes for the first half of this Saturday's game against Vanderbilt (2-7) due to attempted eye gouging of Georgia running back Washaun Ealey last Saturday.

Granted, the NCAA may take further action after it reviews the case. But a big SHAME ON YOU Coach Meyer for basically doing nothing to Spikes. First half suspension???? Are you fucking kidding me? For eye gouging??? This disgusts me.

If you missed this flagrant foul committed by assfuck Spikes, watch it here.

I realize the Georgia running back said Spikes shouldn't be suspended and that the attempted eye gouging didn't come close to his eyes. OK - we just forgive people for attempted armed robbery? Attempted murder? Attempted kidnapping? Where in the NCAA rulebook does it say "eye gouging, etc.....welllllll....if you're caught, we won't discipline you for it" ? Why don't we let players carry other weapons ('cause your hand is a weapon) onto the field with them? Make the game really interesting. What sort of example are you setting on the high school football level? Wonder what Knute Rockne and Lombardi and Landry and Halas (college and NFL coaches) would do if they were in Meyer's shoes?

HALF GAME suspension? Highly unlikely.

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