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Monday, September 21, 2009

Vikes Mute Lions' Roar/27-13. Favre = 271st start.

Upset Sunday. Bears beat Steelers. Jets beat Patriots. Ravens beat Chargers. Bengals beat Packers. Houston beats Tennessee. Not sure if Philly was a favorite but they got beat by the Saints. Cowboys lost to the Giants.

And then some people don't upset. Brett Favre set another NFL record, making his 271st straight start in the regular season - hasn't missed a game since 1992 when he started for the Green Bay Packers. "Every game I play in at this point, I'm pretty grateful," he said. "I know how difficult it is." Favre was 23 of 27 for 155 yards with 2 TD passes to rookie Percy Harvin and Visante Shiancoe. The previous consecutive start was held byMinnesota defensive end Jim Marshall who played for the Vikings from 1961-1979.

And the Vikes beat the Detroit Lions 27-13 at Detroit.

"I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out if you come and try to stop everything but Adrian Peterson, you're a fool," Favre said. "I got no problem telling you our offense is based around Adrian Peterson. Big deal. We're going to give it again to him next week."

Jas and I headed to The Legion in Greendale to watch the game. Rough crowd. All Packer fans. We minded our own business (which is strange when you've followed the Packers you're entire life but have now boycotted them).

Next Week: 49er's (2-0) at Vikes (2-0).


Jeff Ircink said...

Also, Favre's .852 completion percentage was a Vikings' single-game record.

catguy262 said...


Great blog!

I just thought I'd share some additional Favre news that I heard on a local radio station this morning.

A letter from Brett Favre to his fans is going to be released soon. You can opt in to read the letter at

There's also a great human interest story at the site about an 86 year-old WWII veteran who had a purple "4" shaved into her hair as a tribute to Brett Favre. It's a great human interest story, one the networks seem to have missed. I'd encourage your readers o check it out.

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