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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

6 downfalls of not choosing an abortion.

Top left to right: Alex Ponytail Marvez, Kevin My Haircut Sucks Hench, Mark Bonaduce Kriegel, Jay Un-named Source Glazer, Adam Dick Schien and Jemele I'm Just A Plain Ole Moron Hill. line-up of hack, pieces of shit "writers" - except for Hill, who "works" for ESPN.

Had five mothers made the right choice 30+ years ago, I wouldn't have to write this post. That being said, these douche bags are alive and well because their mothers made the WRONG choice.

I swear these douches gather at the water "kool aid" and flip a coin to see who's gonna write the next scathing attack on Favre 'cause that'll be sure to generate lots of irate comments by readers. I'm not saying that these assholes have to write glowing articles extolling Brett's talent and achievements. But anything that's unbiased and objective would be a nice change. Henchie and Kriegel are the worst of the lot - but they all suck. Hench stated plainly in his last Brett rant that he's never liked him. Fine...then why is allowing him to write about Favre? And Hill has been suspended once and give two verbal warnings for her dipshit commentaries - the last warning came on the heels of Hill's comments encouraging Packer fans to throw batteries at Favre while on the field at Lambeau this season. They're nothing but yellow journalists who work for the National Enquirer of Internet-based sports companies. They're not writers. They're celebrities. They try and convince you that they're knowledgeable and yet most of their articles are composed of cute little one-liners attacking Favre (and whoever else they're writing about) and, quite frankly, anyone can write those. I can write those. I'm writing one right now.

I don't make sports predictions. But I'll make one now. Should Brett Favre have an outstanding season with his new team, the Minnesota Vikings, these wafflers will be sure to jump on the Favre bandwagon. That's the only time they come close to writing anything flattering, unbiased and objective about Favre (while they're sitting around waiting for Brett to screw up). And, like the waffling vultures they are, the minute Favre falters, they'll disregard him like yesterday's news.

And of course, they're always right. Because no matter how well Favre does this season, they'll add a comment to their story that Favre's luck won't last. If it doesn't last, they're geniuses. If they're wrong and Favre goes to the Super Bowl and wins ('cause that's the only way this whole story will turn out for the best), they'll won't admit they were wrong - they'll just say "good...maybe now Favre WILL retire for good".

I'll stack my writing against these imbeciles' crap any day. Check the archives on each of these hacks if you don't believe me. I've been blogging about Favre since March 2007. Or check the comments associated with their Favre-related articles. 80%+ of the comments (even those who are either neutral or anti-Favre) wail on these idiots.

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