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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nice to see I'm not the only one questioning the "3 Wise Monkeys" of the Green Bay Packers.

BeerKid From - Monday, November 3, 2008 writes:

Brett Favre Come Back!!!

Here I am admonished, on bended knee, pleading for Brett Favre to come back to the Packers... as Offensive Coordinator. What do you say Brett, didn't you say during the summer that you wanted to be a coach? Here's an excellent opportunity.

It used to be a crazy-assed wild conspiracy rumor that head coach Mike McCarthy got rid of #4 because he kept changing the play-call from a standard 2 yard off-tackle run to a exciting pass to any of the league's best group of YAC WR's. But now I'm not so sure, especially after watching a completely half-assed attempt at trying to win the game with a strategy that rivals Minnesota's Brad Childress in it's ineptness... I'm reduced to pleading for the Packers offensive coordinator from last year to come back and save the Packers season. Apparently that was ex-QB Brett Favre.

Who want's their team to try to be a power-running team (something where the Packers can never be again ever, in the red-zone, on 1st down, never, ever, with underweight o-lineman and the ZBS installed) and lose games... not me... and one last thing, hey coach, thanks for breaking in a rookie TE at the expense of completed passes and first downs.

BeerKid's one of the two owners/proprietors of the site, - a site I used to go all the time. The 3 Wise Monkeys are Packers' Coach Mike McCarthy, GM Ted Thompson and President Mike Murphy. The Packers are currently more loss than they had all last season. I have boycotted them after decades of fanaticism and am supporting Brett Favre and the New York Jets, currently 5-3 (4-12 last season).

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