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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jets @ Pats. NFL Network. Tonite.

There's a lot of hype leading up to this evening's game. The Jets and Pats are tied for the lead in the AFC East division at 6-3...with New England holding the tie-breaker as they beat the Jets earlier in the season, 19-10 (not a stomping as some asshole sports writers would have you believe). Jets are a different team then they were the 2nd game of the season. Favre is feeling more comfortable with the Jets' playback and his players - and vice versa. The Jets' running game has gotten stronger. Their defense has picked it up. Brett's learning to "manage" the game and not just gunslingin' it all the time (which he will do).

More importantly, the Jets are gelling as a team behind the leadership of Favre and a fortified OLine and defense. Forget Brett's new to the team and still learning the system or that he's prone to INTs. The second Favre steps on that field the Jets feel they can win the game. Instant credibility. Instant cache. That comes with the legend that is Brett Favre - holder of every major QB record in the NFL (and then some). It is now innate with Favre. It's who he is.

So - the game. It's not a make or break for the Jets. That's not an excuse if they lose tonight. It's the reality of the situation. A Jets' loss isn't the end of their season. What a Jets' win DOES prove is that it's a statement as it pertains to their progress as a former 4-12 last season; a statement that they can dominate by playing all 4 quarters under a new QB and a number of new players on the OLine and the defense...and it can HELP define the rest of their season. But does aJets' loss to the Pats end their season? No.

I don't make predictions. Sports journalists make them because that's all they have to do and most are idiots. Predictions are for slow-minded, simple people. My dead grandfather can make a prediction about this game and he has a 50/50 chance of nailing it. So what. And if you're wrong, you come across (to me) as a moron. I obviously want my Jets to win, but I'll never publicly predict a score. 'Cause I'm not slow-minded, nor simple.

And after all, this is my blog and I'm always right. GO JETS! GO FAVRE! UNLEASH HELL ON COACH BELICHEAT AND HIS PATSIES!!!

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