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Friday, November 14, 2008

Mooch texts Favre.

So the NFL Network crew is still on the field after the Jets/Pats game shooting the breeze. During Favre's interview with the press, Steve (Mooch) Mariucci texts Brett to come over and join them on the set. What ensues is: 1) Brett's reaction to his cell phone vibrating on the podium, and 2) and 3) Favre's quick, surprised, weird reactions to the loud noise, to which he said, "Sorry", to the press and didn't miss a beat answering questions.

It's much funnier watching the video - particularly Favre's reaction. You can see it all on - if you can get their video to work. I took these shots off the TV, which they had broadcast (split screen) to show Favre when he was sitting with them after the game (post to come).

In case you didn't know, Mariucci and Favre are close, as are their families. Mooch was Brett's QB coach at Green Bay for 4 years in the early part of Brett's career, then later went on to coach at San Fran and Detroit. Mooch is a stand up guy and if there was ever any question in my mind (there has never been) as to Favre's character and demeanor, the friendship these two have would set me straight. What Mooch believes - I trust.

(I posted this at 4:44 on the 14th - Favre's number is #4. Ha! Nerts.)

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