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Monday, November 3, 2008

Jets play complete game; Defeat Bills, 26-17. Jets 5-3 / Packers 4-4

A perfect NFL football weekend for me. Divisionally - the Jets beat the Bills, Patriots lost to Indy, Miami lost. And the Packers lost to Tennessee in OT. The only thing that was disappointing was Brett had no TDs. Not that stats matter (particularly when you win), but they sorta do to Favre fans, you know. With the win, the Jets move into a tie with New England for 1st place in the AFC East.

Favre registered his 260th career consecutive start - since 1992, the longest streak by any QB ever and 2nd of all players in the history of the NFL. Statistically, Favre didn't have a Favrearian day - 201 yards or so, no TDs and one INT (his 300th, also an NFL record by the way..well, he DOES have EVERY QB record you can attain). But up until that INT, which put the Bills within 6 points of tying the game in the 4th quarter, Brett managed the game well. After the win, Brett said something about how odd it was not throwing any TDs - "at least, not to my own team".

But the overriding factor is THE TEAM jelled and played an entire game. Together. They didn't panic.

"He's a beast," Coach Mangini said of Kris Jenkins (above), who registered two sacks on the day. "He's tough to handle. He plays with very good technique and he's able to control the gap and he's got another gear when he's getting off the ball in a pure pass-rushing situation. And he just causes a lot of problems internally for our opponents."

After the INT, Favre responded by efficiently producing a 14-play, 65-yard drive that ate up nearly 9 minutes and ended with Jay Feely hitting a 31-yard field goal to clinch the victory. I have reservations about Feeley - missed a 37-yarder yesterday and another last week or the week before. Looks squatty, like a running back. And his kicking style bugs me - like I'm not confident he'll make it through the uprights.

Abram Elam intercepted the Bills deep, deep in Jets' territory and ran back a TD for 92 yards. It took the wind out of the Bills' sails after a questionable coaching call by Jet Coach Eric Mangini, but...the defense did their thang. WHOO!

NEXT WEEK: St. Louis Rams (2-6) at Jets (5-3).

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