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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm shocked. Jets move up to #6 in both ESPN/ NFL rankings.

But then - it's Brett Favre. So part of me isn't shocked. I said from day one the Packers were assholes for trading him. Did they listen to me?

According to the recent NFL Power Rankings:

#6 - New York Jets!
Record 7-3
8 moves up this week
6/23 (highest ranking / lowest ranking)

"After watching Brett's Jets win a thriller in New England to grab first place in the tough AFC East, it's hard not to wonder how the heck this team lost to the Raiders earlier in the season. But things are coming together for the Jets, and how happy is RB Thomas Jones with Brett Favre in town? With his ex-teammate in 2007, the vertically-passing challenged Chad Pennington, Jones faced eight-man fronts weekly and scored just two touchdowns all season. This year Jones already has tied his career high with nine scores, and his 4.5 yards per carry marks the second-best average of his career."

THIS WEEK: at Titans (10-0)

Anyone who reads this blog knows I hate the sports writers at (with the exception of the NFL Sunday television crew). They seemingly have it out for Favre and have been a bane in his side (and mine) all season long. Adrian Hasenmayer's ranking was a nice compliment to the Jets' 7-3 season, thus far (they finished 4-12 last season). I don't put a lot of stock in rankings and odds and predictions; I would just prefer everyone would shut up (including most of the televison announcers) so I can watch my game in peace and listen to MY OWN SHOUTING.
That being said, it was nice to see ESPN echo the Jets' ranking. Time will tell. GO JETS! GO FAVRE!

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