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Friday, November 7, 2008

More like "Hollywood Goes Greed".

Got this postcard in the mail (see below) at work a couple days ago. A "Hollywood Goes Green" event. Several hundred media and entertainment execs from Hollywood will be on hand to discuss how they can help you and each other be more profitable through innovation and corporate responsibility. The event is sponsored by, Hewlett Packard and GM.

I'm not sure what any of this has to do with the "green" concept of working to help sustain our environment through conservation and reinvigorating Planet Earth. Included as part of Hollywood's "green" theme - the Organic Center will be there featuring organic dishes by top chefs. And you can "SHARE ideas for how Hollywood can change consumers environmental awareness" and "LEARN best practices and practical guidelines to reduce your carbon footprint" (two bullet points on the back of the card - the only point having anything to do with being "green").

I have questions. This card is huge - 6 x 11. Did it need to be that big? Was it printed on recycled paper? Doesn't say. Should've been. And they mailed 18 of them to our office. 18 - that everyone promptly tossed. Why not just do an email blitz and save paper? I mean, the event IS focusing on being "green" in Hollywood (IF that's what the event is really about).

Now the entertainment industry has a number of environmentally-conscious organizations, among them Heal the Bay, Surfrider Foundation and the Environmental Media Association.

I don't see a lot of "green" at this event. Do you?

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