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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey Artie? It's now 101.

Comedian Artie Lange said the other night on Joe Buck Live (HBO) that there are 100 sites on the Internet betting on when he'll die. Make that 101.

Lange's behavior on Joe Buck Live was inexcusable...unless you're a fat, disgusting, pig like Lange. I mean, honestly...this asshole has not one attractive character trait. Lange talked of being homophobic (don't worry, a gay man will not hit on you, Artie) and he made gay jokes about Joe Buck (like what woman in her right mind would date this pig?).

Think I'm overreacting? He got banned from ever doing HBO again - EVER. Certainly HBO knew what it was in for when agreeing to have Lange on the show so HBO isn't without fault. Did you watch it? I watched it. I'm no prude and I have a sense of humor but his schtick (or shit) had no place on the show - it didn't fit. Had nothing to do with anything. If he's doing stand-up somewhere and the moment is all about him, fine. But he's a guest on a show. He didn't give a shit about anything or anyone - just his own fat, pig self agenda. And Paul Rudd is just as much of a dick because he clapped along with the audience at Lange's disgusting homophobic jokes. Nice one, Paul. You could've just not clapped and said something like, "whoaaaa, now we've crossed the line, buddy." Will the real Paul Rudd kindly step forward? I'm sure all your gay friends in the entertainment field are proud of you.

Artie, there's a reason you're playing 3rd fiddle to Howard Stern and his sidekick, Robin. You're act is HACK. Anyone who has an interest in comedy could do that. Do the world a favor - go out on bender, throw in a little heroin and just die, OK? You'll make 101 websites/blogs very happy.

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