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Sunday, June 14, 2009

B.K. to J.I. = "Great job!"

A few months ago, my friend Janelle received an email from Barry Keating, who wrote the music and book for the "Starmites". He had just watched the videotape of the Theatre Cedar Rapids "Starmites" production Janelle and I were in wayyyyy back in 1995. So I emailed Barry myself and he sent me this lovely note:

Barry Keating on Facebook
March 24 at 4:50pm
"Hey Jeff - Just saw your performance on a dvd yesterday. Great job!"

Nice. That's me in the foreground (1995) decked out in leather, as Space Punk, leader of The Starmites. Kick-ass show. One of those shows you either like or hate. Not unlike the musical "Blood Brothers" which I was in 3 productions of - once as Mickey (one brother) and twice as The Narrator.

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