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Monday, June 29, 2009

Whatever you think...Brett Favre is still relevant. And dangerous.

We've heard Michael Irvin say Favre should stay retired. I know there's others who agree. As I mentioned below, former dirty player and performance enhancing drug user NFLer Rodney Harrison said he's sick and tired of "this whole thing" and claims that all the players he's talked to view Brett as "pretty selfish".

Who cares (thanks, Sidney) what Rodney Harrison has to say? Come on, illegal drug user and dirty player Rodney has a lot of balls calling Favre "selfish". Obviously Rodney didn't talk to Packer CB Al Harris. Harris doesn't think Favre would be hurting his legacy by playing for the Vikings, telling Sirius NFL Radio that true Packers fans will "always love Brett Favre, wherever he plays."

What about Bart Starr (ex-Pack HoF'er), Joe Nammath, Paul Hornung (ex-Pack HoF'er) or Jerry Kramer (ex-Pack HoF'er)? They feel Favre should play if he wants to. Have you talked to them, Rodney?

Who are you, Rodney, to tell Brett Favre what he can or cannot do AND why is it selfish for Favre to want to play football? Ever change your mind, Rodney? I think YOU'RE selfish, Rodney. And I think you're a dick.

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