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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brett Favre labeled "slimeball" by FoxSports Kriegel while DUI murderers, druggies, thieves, dog killers, gun-toters run amok in the pros.

Brett Favre appeared on the premiere of HBO's Joe Buck Live last night to discuss his NFL future. Nothing was said that hadn't been hashed and rehashed by the media already. What was important was that IT was STATED BY FAVRE.

Now, during a very full news day in sports, the following stories made headlines:

1) Wide receiver Donte Stallworth gets sentenced for DUI manslaughter (that's a story in and of itself;
2) A report issued today confirms that Sammy Sosa tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003;
3) An arrest warrant is issued for NFL dud ex-QB Ryan Leaf for drugs and theft;
4) Plaxico Burress gun trial delayed until September, and finally,
5) Arizona Cardinals' tight end Ben Patrick was suspended for four games for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy

But no - FAVRE is the "slimeball". (I didn't mention recent news - well I did now - of Michael "Dog Killer" Vick's release from jail and his future with the NFL (Atlanta did, in fact, wash its hands of him).

Nope. Mark "Bonaduce"/"douchebag" Kriegel of writes an article stating Brett Favre is a "slimeball" for contemplating coming out of retirement to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Interesting.

If you read this blog, search MARK KRIEGEL - there is no love loss between he and I. And if you read Kriegel's article, you'll see that 90%+ of the comments rip Kriegel a new asshole. Which is disturbing to me...that continues to allow Kriegel to write articles on Brett Favre when dead people know Kriegel is not a fan of Favre's (nor is Kriegel the least bit objective about Favre).

I could go on and on about this dipshit but I won't. Read the article. Here's the transcript of what Brett said on Joe Buck Live on HBO yesterday. Unfortunately, I can't post the video from the show because HBO will have my ass in a sling. Figure it out for yourself.

Here's my one bone of contention: the media accuses Favre of waffling about retirement. So tell me, and Mark Kriegel, why are you constantly changing your headlines and the verbage in your links throughout the day? This has happened before. I mean, if you stand by your story and your journalistic integrity (however much integrity you think you have), why are you constantly backtracking? To save face? Because your original adjectives crossed the line? What other reasons could there be? Here are some examples:

Front page of KRIEGEL: Favre just another celeb slimeball.

The "celeb slimeball" remained up all day, then the article mention was removed completely. Now before I could copy the headline to the actual article (the one from above), it was changed to read this:

The newsbox below is not on the front page but on the football page where Kriegel's article appears. Notice - they removed "slimeball" from Kriegel's headline but not "slimy celeb" from this box:

Later in the day, removed "slimy celeb" and added just "typical". Which makes no sense - how does that give me any insight into what the article "typical" is about (the one above that - "Favre says..." - is a different article...more newsy and not commentary from an asshole)?

Another thing - if Favre's behavior is "typical", why then is it news? If something's "typical", it's not newsworthy, right? Or it's a less-than-desired news tidbit. Also - above Kriegel's article - is a banner highlighting a bunch of sports stories. This one call's Favre an "out-of-touch celebuskank":

Oops! must have thought they crossed the line and later changed the text to read, "celebrity diva" instead of "celebuskank":

Confusing, isn't it? Annoying even. Join the club. My point is why put "slimeball", "slimy" and "celebuskank" in your article if you're just gonna change them anyway? If you're doing it to attract attention to yourself, it's working. is the National Enquirer of the Internet. Yeahhhh. But then why do you retract those adjectives? Obviously your credibility is lost when you write one thing then say another. I mean, isn't that the reason why you ( and the rest of the media get on Favre's case - about changing his mind, waffling, making believe he's the good ole boy when he's really not, saying he's dumb but then saying he knows what he's doing all along? See - now you've got me confused.

Shut the fuck up. For once...just shut the fuck up.


Scott said...

Mark Kriegel is entitled to his opinion. He is a sports columnist that gets paid to provide his opinion not necessarily give the news.

What I don't like is that Fox changed their wording throughout the day which I assume is based on people's reactionary feedback.

If the article was good enough in your mind to go to press, then keep it intact, do not change your verbiage based on what people say.

Don't let one person's opinion get you so worked up...the beauty of America is we can have those opinions.

Just don't read him anymore...

Jeff Ircink said...

i read him and others like him because, as a blogger, i need to be kept informed. and when SLIMEY, yellow journalists like Kriegel dish out their crap "news", someone has to set the record straight. someone has to take the time to plow through the shit and make sense out of non-sense. yes, he's entitled to his opinion. but what sort of opinion is it when it changes from one hour to the next. there is NO credibility with said author or the company he represents. like a theater reviewer who is sent to review a play he or she doesn't like to start out with, why FoxSports lets Kriegel write about a guy he obviously does not like is beyond me.

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