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Monday, June 8, 2009

Price gouging in Santa Barbara and Goleta.

Goleta is the next city north of Santa Barbara. I'm headed up there Wednesday for a couple days as a family member (by marriage) is graduating from high school.

Problem is I've got so many family members attending on my dad's side from Wisconsin that the usual places I'd crash are full. So I checked out prices for the Super 8 in Goleta on the Internet. $98 for Wednesday and $199 for Thursday. I call the Super 8 and ask the lady why the hike in price. She tells me, "well there's high school graduation in Santa Barbara..." - at which I screamed that's price gouging and she can kiss my fucking ass.

WTF?!?! Isn't price gouging illegal? That's fucking bullshit. Fuck Santa Barbara and Goleta. I'll find a couch to sleep on or the backseat of my car before I let any hotel fuck me in the ass.

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