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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's not let go sometimes.

"Well all the time ya spend trying to get back what's been took from ya, more is goin' out the door. After a while you just have to try to get a tourniquet on it."

- Ellis, "No Country for Old Men"

I can see the truth in that quote. There's shit in life that'll eat you from the inside out and leave you a mighty lonesome person. Not good. Since my eye injury in 2004, I've barely thought about the guy who actually injured me. It wasn't malicious - he was just doing something he shouldn't have and I was in the wrong place and wrong time. It's done. There's nothing anyone can do about it.

The person I'm most resentful toward is my boss, Barbara B. - the woman whose property in Bel Air I was living on at the time. I was there for 7 years.

The boss who never reported my injury to her insurance company. The boss who never gave me the WC report to fill out. And because of her arrogance and the idea that she can do whatever she likes because she is a millionaire, I'm still fighting with her insurance company and my claims adjuster for a WC claim I filed back in 2004. What year is it now???? Honored for her charity that doesn't necessarily begin at home.

The one who chastised me once because my eye doctor appointment fell on a day I was working for her (2nd time in two weeks) and not on a day I was working at my other part-time job. She said she felt like she was getting the short end of the stick. Really. The one who sent me to the doctor and paid for it out of her pocket (while not reporting it)...which is against the law. The one who couldn't understand why I was suing her because of everything she'd done for me while I was living in Bel Air (except report my injury to her insurance company as the law states). The one who wouldn't let me have overnight guests because she needed privacy (on her 10 acres) and overnight guests meant more toilet flushing and more showers and more money down the drain. And I told her that reasoning is stupid and then she said if I didn't like her rules I could go somewhere else. And the one who bitches about overnight guests using more water but has now purchased two additional properties adjacent to her's in Bel Air, razed the homes, and is building a compound so her two sons can live on the property as well (who each owe me $10 from a bet they lost). Or how she didn't like my Christmas tree up 12 months out of the year and she thought I was nuts. The one who, when she asked me one day if I was working for her on Thanksgiving and I said I hadn't planned to ('cause it is a holiday and I'm not Mexican...Mexicans in Cali work every day) but I could work a half day, said to me, "you'll either work all day or not at all". I told her "then not at all".

That bitch. It's hard to let all that go. She's no better than Bernard Madoff. I so want that cunt to rot in hell. And, oddly enough, that makes me feel good.

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