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Monday, June 1, 2009

The water apparitions continue...dear God, NOOOOOO!!

In March, it was a fish. This time - well, it's a sea lion or seal. Look at it, for Christ's sake! Can't you see the tail, the two fins, the head and snout? The thing with these sudden apparitions - whatever you wanna call them - is a least their sticking to a consistent, maritime, aquatic theme.

Water spirits are nothing to mess with. Sure...some are cute, even gorgeous. Sexy. Poseidon, water nymphs, Naiads, Sirens (look at the bad press Starbucks received with the Siren mermaid spreading her legs on the logo), Llyr (Celtic), Davy Jones. What about that chick in the well from that weird remake of that Japanese horror flick, huh? Huh??

Is someone or something trying to tell me something? "GET OUT!" ? I'm moving back to Wisconsin in July...what more do you want? LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!

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