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Monday, June 15, 2009

My favorite pictures of Heart - Ann (right) & Nancy Wilson.

My #1 favorite picture of Heart is...

...followed by...

And I've always been in love with Nancy. Now can anyone tell me why Heart hasn't been selected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? I don't think they've even been nominated. They broke boundaries in as much as holding their own in a male-dominated genre. Or The Moody Blues, for that matter ("no other band consistently mixed rock with orchestral elements so well; at their best, the Moodies were also great songwriters")? Or The Zombies ("1968's Odessey and Oracle has finally gained a rep as one of the greatest albums of all time, helped usher in "progressive rock")? Or Chicago ("the urban-rock sound of the early Seventies owes everything to Chicago, as does any rock group with horns, as well as any jam band")? I'm not sure The Moodies, The Zombies or Chicago have been nominated either. The Beastie Boys have been nominated (1x) and Chic has been nominated 5x.

(Commentary in parenthesis are from Robert Fontenot from And I agree with all of them.)

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