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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And here I thought we were in a recession...

The spending bill which passed last week includes an emergency supplemental appropriations bill covering:

· $660 million to Gaza
· $555 million to Israel
· $310 million to Egypt
· $300 million to Jordan
· $420 million to Mexico
· $889 million to the United Nations for so-called “peace-keeping” missions
· $1 billion overseas to address the global financial crisis outside U.S. borders
· $8 billion to address a potential pandemic flu
· $108 billion loan guarantee to the IMF (International Monetary Fund)

Does anyone know where this money is coming from? Does anyone care? I understand some of this money is helping to fight wars overseas and some will be used to help the financial crisis overseas. But I need a fax machine. And I need new walking shoes. Could use a new pair of jeans. I can't afford them because I'm laid off, saving my money to move back to WI in July and am in my own financial crisis.

Why should our government be any different than you or I?

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