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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Letters to the Editor DO get published! Let's hear it for FAVRE!!!!!

Last week on PASSION = TRUTH, I posted my retort on to Mike Hunt, sports columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, my hometown newspaper. I was lucky enough that the Journal actually published my letter in last Sunday's sports section:

I received a call from a Journal representative while I was whooping it up with family in Santa Barbara so I had a pretty good idea the letter would make the paper, and my mother alerted Sunday morning and sent me a copy. Oddly, the sports department doesn't publish their letter to the editor online (like the rest of the paper does). And boy, did my mother get the phone calls - relatives in the Packer camp wondering what in the hell I'm doing, coffee-clutch friends contemplating my return to the Fatherland in July and if that's such a good thing as Favre might be playing for the Packers' arch-rival Minnesota Vikings...nuts.

Generally speaking, I hate the media. A columnist was bitching yesterday that, though he felt Favre has every right to want to play football, it's Favre that's the cause of the media circus due to his inability to make up his mind - retire or not retire. I sent Tony Augusty a copy of this letter, reminding him that the only thing Brett Favre is guilty of is breathing and being human. It's the MEDIA that's created the circus with its non-stop coverage of Favre farting, getting in his SUV to go anywhere, tossing a football at the local high school. LET ME REMIND YOU - all the sound bytes from Favre and interesting stories of him fishing and bowhunting and his practical jokes were sufficient when he was playing for Green Bay. Since that nasty divorce debacle, Favre has been more the butt of jokes than on the giving end of them.

You see - Favre doesn't need the media to play football. Just put up signage and direct the fans to the football field. They'll come. But the media needs sports celebrities and the game to fill its newspapers, magazines and plethora of online sources.

I applaud the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for publishing my letter. It's not that often it happens. And - it was a good letter.


Jeff Ircink said...

...and might i add everyone, including dead people, know that newspaper readership is plummeting. THE MEDIA NEEDS people like athletes, actors and celebuskanks to get people to read the newspaper. YOU - the media - need Brett Favre. YOU - the media - created the furor over Brett Favre retiring and unretiring. Favre doesn't need you.

Jeff Walsh said...

Hey Jeff...

Another "Jeff" Favre fan here. I live in Racine and I am glad to see you think similar to how I do on many facets of the situation. I am still upset with the Packers over last season and have boycotted buying any of their merch since then. I am still a fan of the Packers, just a fan in Limbo until TT and MM are fired. I completely agreed with Favre's viewpoints in the overall situation: Not because I blindly worship Favre, but because I believe he is right on his viewpoints and that Ted Thompson did not respect him in recent years.

I also think it is pathetic the way some so-called Packer fans have been treating Favre through the last 5 years or so.

I look forward to seeing Brett play again and hope he will be able to... and if he can beat the Packers twice this year and bring Thompson and McCarthy that much closer to being fired, I will be quite pleased.

Anyway, great response to the Journal Sentinel! I also found Hunt's article to be relatively sickening. I went to their blog area and commented on it rather than the letter to the editor route. But I definitely felt like you did when looking at Hunt's article. I stopped subscribing to the Journal Sentinel products years ago because I didn't want to pay to hear their regular Favre bashing.

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