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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reviews for "Pass the Salt, Please." from Miami...

Here are some reviews (and a preview) of that "dirty little play", "Pass the Salt, Please.", which opened it's 5-week run in Miami/Fort Lauderdale this past weekend. This is all of them, thus far.

Reviews are funny little things. If they're good, you (the actor or playwright) revel in them. If they're poor, the reviewer has his or her head up their ass and you blow them off. Convenient, isn't it? I've been lucky with "PTSP." - reviews in Cedar Rapids, Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami have been great.

Bill Hirshman's review in the Miami Sun-Sentinel:

Now, I agreed with most of what Hirshman said in his review of City Theatre's Signature Shorts program (the mainstream portion) and some of what he said in the above Undershorts review. So this isn't a dig at Hirshman...but I felt the need to clarify a few things:

1) My name is misspelled. It's "Ircink". May not be Hirshman's fault.

2) Stuart didn't direct my play, Gordon McConnell did.

3) "Least promising on paper" means that, at first glance, one might not "get it". That's fine - that's why it's performed on stage by actors for the full effect. "What makes it side-splitting..."? That's true. Stephen and Elena were impeccable. But let's not forget that the direction I wrote in the play calls for the actors to be deadpan. It calls for "beats" and "pauses" that are meant to specifically affect the timing of the play. So, really, "on paper" is exactly the way I meant for "PTSP." to be performed on stage. And Stephen told me that during read-thru's, the actors and director were laughing their asses off. So, to them, the play worked "on paper".

All that being said, It's a great review of my play and I'll take it. Itsallgood, as my friend Dawn would say. Here's Alexa Scheer's review in the blog, The Playground.

I like Alexa. Finally, a preview of the Summer Shorts festival in the Miami Herald:

Not sure how many more reviews will appear - certainly one from Fort Lauderdale the last week of the run. I know there were more reviewers in attendance so we'll just have to wait and and see. It was a treat for me to be there and see, not only my play, but all the others. Great job, City Theatre! I am very proud of you and proud of how you honored my play. Bravo!

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