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Monday, June 1, 2009

#29 - "Grace Notes from a Bohemian in Wanderlust." Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

Above: Johnathan Heath Lambe's installation art - plaster penises. One of my favorite's.

("Grace Notes from a Bohemian in Wanderlust" is a series of posts about my 3.5 week May vacation in Seattle, Chicago, Milwaukee, Lake Tomawk, WI and Miami. They are in no particular order.)

I never did post about the other event that was happening in Seattle the last weekend in April while I was there for The Little Red Studio's Erotic Short Festival & my play, "Pass the Salt, Please." . The Seattle Erotic Art Festival (SEAF) was going on in the exhibition hall right next to the Space Needle.

Lisa and I attended all three days. Lisa is an ex of mine I met in 1994 in Cedar Rapids while performing in the theater. I crashed at her house during my visit. Hadn't seen her in 11 years. Good times. Just like yesterday. :)

Most of the photos in this post I did not take - got them from a Seattle paper. Had I known you couldn't take pictures once SEAF opened on Friday, I would've taken more shots on Thursday. Also, there's a ton of stuff I just can't show you (I don't have to draw you a dirty picture, do I?). There's two shots there are questionable enough, so be forewarned if you click on READ MORE!

I would click on READ MORE! if I were you...

So my short play performed for the artists-only gala on Thursday evening before SEAF was open to the public on Friday. Good crowd. The performance was excellent, though this sort of venue is not ideal for any theatrical play.

Revelers. Every walk of life was there. Imagine your mom and dad dressed in black leather. Those people were there, too. This festival is organized by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture to help celebrate art in its erotic form.

"Sit-Crawl-Lie - A Study in Black and White", Living art by Coralee Lynn Rose. This is the crawl section of her program.

Kerry Christianson, artistic director of The Little Red Studio, who also performed an erotic mime art piece for SEAF and performed in the Erotic Shorts Festival at LRS.

More revelers.

Pantera - the world's most accomplished pole dancer. She was amazing...

...and she sent me this picture for my blog.

My favorite piece of art from SEAF - Rick Lehl's "Gardening with Joe". I almost dropped my $9 glass of wine when I noticed what else "Joe" was holding. Not suitable for children. Sort of too late for that warning now, isn't it?

A self-portrait from SubMissAnn, a fetish and kink specialist who's into role play, use of restraints and bindings, discipline, submission, masochism, training in pain acceptance, humiliation, degradation, feet worship, pony play, puppy play, piggy play, corset and foot training, percussion play, flogging, spanking, paddling, rigging, medical play, nipple torture, water sports - hmm...I think that's all of it. Can't really show you any more pictures than this one - which wasn't one of the two she had on display at SEAF. But they were my favorite photographs.

Me watching Coralee Lynn Rose - in the "sit" position. My shirt says "EDIE" (not "DIE") - that's Edie Sedgwick, an Andy Warhol actress.

Resting on Midori's "Loveseat" - a sofa made up of blow-up dolls. And you know what...they NEVER talk back.

Bindings by Twisted Monk. Oddly, there are men and women who "get off" on this. It's known as "submissive" - among other things.

Levity (Graeme and Sara), an excellent and amazing tumbling and balancing act. Like watching Cirque du Soleil.

Visions of Food and Form by La Figa. Pretty models. I watched them (the guys putting the food on the naked girls) and thinking, "I could do that". But I wasn't. The theme of SEAF was "Indulge Your Senses". Unfortunately, this food was not for tasting (though there are services that will do exactly this for your PTA party if the price is right).

Another intriguing photograph, "In The Rough", by Allan Teger. "Fourplay!" I mean, "Four!" Not suitable for children.

La Figa's artwork graced the back of the SEAF program. Bon Appetite!

Here's that plaster penile installation again - though a wide shot. Would you believe that two women had the audacity to actually sit on this piece of artwork - and in the process, destroyed 28 penises? Idiots.

Courtnee Fallon Papastathis' self-portrait. What would my father say if I brought her home for Christmas dinner, I wonder?

Performance artist Eva Luna being a bad girl. Or cat. Whatever.

Even security got in all the fun. There was pretty much something for everyone over the three days. DJ's rocked the event until 4 a.m. Pretty decent music and I'm not a techno fan. Lots of artwork I'd never put up in my house. Oh - I did buy a small piece - now where did I put it? Sort of a reminder of my 11 years in California. I'll find it and post it sometime soon.

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