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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seattle's (and Miami) a-buzzin over "Pass the Salt, Please."!

Me and the cast at The Little Red Studio in Seattle - Michael Blum and Heather Ward.

* "Saw the show at Little Red Studio last night. The whole evening was wonderful, but "Pass the Salt, Please." was utterly brilliant. There was so much going on in it, and just when I thought I had the couple figured out the ground shifted underneath me and I started seeing it from a different angle. Donn's right that there's a reason it closed the show - t would be a very tough act to follow." - Patti Beadle, patron, performance artist

* "It went beautifully! Your play was a total hit!"Kerry Christainsen, artistic director, The Little Red Studio, Seattle

* "I GOT it" - Michael Blum, actor in "PTSP.", The Little Red Studio, Seattle

* "...there's a reason it was placed at the close of the show."Donn Christiansen, director/actor, The Little Red Studio, Seattle

* "It was GREAT! I love your script. Michael and Heather had the audience in hysterics... It seems that the three of us make a great team in making your words come to life the way you intended (i hope)...It was from what I heard from audience the *hit* of the night!"Cherilynn Brooks, director of "PTSP." at The Little Red Studio's Erotic Shorts Festival, Seattle

* "We're all pretty excited about the play."Clayton Hibbert, director, Seattle Erotic Art Festival

* "I love the play."Stuart Meltzer, Artistic Director, City Theatre, Miami, where "Pass the Salt, Please." will have a 5-week Equity run as part of the Summer Shorts Festival (specifically, the "Undershorts" program) May 28 - June 28.

* And let's not forget about the couple who sat across the way from us Friday night and didn't bat an eye or smile the whole night. Actually thought they may have come to the wrong festival. Once "PTSP." got underway, they were grinning from ear-to-ear.


Scott said...

Congrats Buddy!!!

Jennifer said...

How great......nice reviews Jeff Happy for you :) Jennifer

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