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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

#4 a Viking?

I blogged last week about Brett Favre's release from the New York Jets' roster. Now it's all over the news that Brett might be getting the itch again and that the Minnesota Vikings might be the team that might be interested.

I'm not gonna say whether I think Favre will unretire again and end up a Viking this season. But being a Favreophile, I have to comment to some extent. And I'll look at a few quick reasons why events might be headed in the Favre-to-Minnesota direction.

1. The Jets' release. Apparently Favre and his agent Bus Cook asked for it twice. Regardless of that, the Jets' released Brett, making him eligible to unretire and play for any team that has an interest in him.

2. Various sources reported that Brett has hired or is planning to hire a personal trainer.

3. The torn bicep. Favre was playing well last season until he injured his bicep - 8-3 to 1-4. But the Jets' demise wasn't all his fault (the media will tell you differently 'cause it's convenient to blame a future Hall-of-Fame QB). Brett had the same tear in his other arm once before and it healed on its own. This injury is to his throwing arm; however, doctors have said Favre could either let the bicep heal on its own OR opt for minor arthroscopic surgery. No one knows the status of Favre's arm except Favre.

4. Multiple sources say a private jet from Minnesota landed in Mississippi last Wednesday - and only five flights landed there all day.

5. Minnesota Coach Brad Childress told the press he WILL be talking to Favre. What about? Who knows - or do we?

6. Favre admitted Minnesota would've been his first choice to play for last season but that scenario was never in the cards - not if the Green Bay Packers had anything to do with it.

7. Favre had his troubles playing in the Minnesota dome during the 16 years at Green Bay. Not sure what his record is there, but it would be interesting for him to end up playing 8 games there in a season as opposed to just the one.

Lots of reasons pointing to Favre's possible interest in Minnesota. Probably lots of reasons why this is all rumor. But if Brett Favre wasn't proclaimed by the media and non-fans as a "liar", "waffler", "ego-maniac" and just unable to make up his mind about retiring, the press would have nothing to talk about. For such a "shit" (all these negative connotations came after Brett's off-season debacle with the Packers prior to the start of last year's NFL season), the press just loves to feed off Brett, doesn't it?

My thoughts? I'm a Favre company man. Whatever he chooses to do, I support. If he wants to play and feels he can, then so what? My issue is and always has been with the media. Why the media makes a big deal whether Brett unretires or not is beyond me. It has no affect on anyone except Favre, his family and team he plays for. And the assholes he keep saying Favre is tarnishing or has tarnished his image are - assholes. I mean, it's news - but they beat it like a dead harp seal. If you know me or read this blog then you know I hate the media like I hate the Bel Air bitch. And face it, if Favre wasn't perceived as a threat, we wouldn't be having this discussion. But he is - and we are. He has every major NFL QB record...and then some. Whenever Brett takes the field, he IS a threat.

My only issue would be stomaching cheering for the Vikings - or buying a purple cap. But I would - for Favre.

PS - The number "4" is already taken by a 3rd string QB for Minnesota. I suppose if Brett did sign with the Vikings, QB John David Booty would get the "boot"...and the number "4" would be available. Interesting.

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