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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Women Celebs I Love #5 - Terri Nunn of Berlin (@ The Canyon Club last night!).

FLASHBACK. 1983. The US Festival. A free, 3-day concert. 640,000 in attendance. Terri Nunn and Berlin performs on Day 2 with Los Lobos, Quarterflash, U2, Missing Persons, The Pretenders, Joe Walsh, Stevie Nicks and David Bowie. Their hits include: "The Metro", "No More Words", "Sex (I'm A...)", "Masquerade", and the #1 hit, "Take My Breath Away".

LAST NIGHT. Terri Nunn and her latest incarnation of Berlin perform at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA. Same place I saw Gordon Lightfoot last weekend and The Zombies in June. It's a helluva venue. Same Terri Nunn. Same songs + new ones. Same voice (actually, I thought she sounded better now). Same charm. Same everything. And I was there - as if 1983 were stretched out over 25 years (me with Terri above). Click on READ MORE!

(WAIT! There's more pictures of Terri, Berlin, a couple videos you won't wanna miss and shots of last night's show.)

Terri Nunn of Berlin fame epitomizes the ultimate rocker chick. Her swagger on stage - to me, her defining trait - is unmatched even by a guy. She was in full voice...honestly, I couldn't tell the difference between her voice in the 80's at Berlin's peak and last night. And the band was right on the money - just younger. Nunn embodies everything sexual and carries a confidence on stage like no other. Had I the invitation from Terri, I would've jumped on stage and made love to her in front of everyone. I'm totally fucking serious.

Here's a couple Youtube video links: "The Metro" in 1983 at Showtime at the Palace in San Fran. - back in the day. I have to laugh - watch the patrons and the bartenders dance. Yeh - that's the way EVERYONE danced back then, people. And "The Metro" today, at Hollywood Park earlier this year (catch out Terri's dress). You may wanna pause the Imeem jukebox on the upper right if you watch these. By the way, "The Metro's" my favorite, can't you tell?

When Berlin first made it big (1982-83) I was a freshman and sophomore in college (Terri's two years older than me). 'Course I remember it and enjoyed it, but I took their music for granted back in the day. Perhaps that's not uncommon - I was living in that moment. As I look back, there was great music in the 80's.

I met Greg and his wife, Sheldon, in line for a meet & greet with Teri. Very nice people. She's an actress from Cleveland and he's a sound dude in the industry from Seattle. Sheldon told me that I look like rocker Tommy friend Nicole in Iowa has been saying that for years. Huh - looks and personality, I guess. I need to find a decent picture of Tommy Lee, I guess. Thanks for taking that shot of Terri and I, Greg!

With a glass of wine in hand, Terri was very gracious in signing CDS, posters and taking pictures after the show - as giving as she is on stage. She made a point to thank the audience for, if it weren't for them - you and me - she couldn't do what she loves to do...and that's perform.
She told the audience about her daughter whom she adopted from Russia; so when I met and talked to her, I related my high school buddy's experience of adopting two children from Russia (the 2nd child this year). The sparkle and love in Terri's eyes upon hearing my story made me realize what a special person she is. As a matter of fact, she dedicated, "Take My Breath Away" to a lady in the audience who just got the word that her adoption of a Russian orphan had been OK'd.

When Terri goes "acoustic", the shoes come off and stay off. This "Women Celebs I Love" piece has been a regular feature on PASSION = TRUTH; I originally began #5 Terri Nunn back in July but just never got back to it. Last night's concert was the impetus to get it finished.

Double vision Terri. Can it really get better than just one?

Commonplace in every concert, Terri jumps on the back of a security dude and sings amongst the audience.

A genuinely appreciative Terri Nunn. She's a perfect example of why I love musicians. They're real. It's the whole PASSION = TRUTH thing (like my blog). You know how they feel and where they stand. Yeh, you might think Keith Richards looks and acts like he thinks he's 22, but he can still play and there's no bullshit about him. He's the way he is. What you see is the truth. Same with Terri.

The book, Cherry Bomb: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Better Flirt, A Tougher Chick, And Hotter Girlfriend, And Living Life Like A Rock Star, hit the market recently. Author Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna has tips from such girl rockers as Blondie, The Runaways, Pat Benatar, Veruca Salt, Amy Winehouse and Terri. Here's the author and Nunn doing what rock chicks do, I guess.

Berlin today. If I haven't stated it directly, "I LOVE Teri Nunn"!

The original Berlin. In 2003 the members of Berlin's Love Life era lineup got together at the behest of VH1’s Bands Reunited show, resulting in phone conversations between Crawford (far left - main songwriter and ex-lover of Terri's) and Diamond that Crawford credits with inspiring him to begin writing again. Funny how their former manager said VH1 would never get them together (in-fighting) and that the biggest hurdle was getting Nunn and Crawford to agree - then getting Diamond to agree. Well, they did, and every band member was glad of it and couldn't believe how well they played and sounded after so many years of not playing together. Of all the bands featured on VH1's show, the Berlin segment was my favorite - re-inspiring me to their music.

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