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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gordon Lightfoot at The Canyon Club!

Gordo! Had the pleasure of seeing Gordon Lightfoot at The Canyon Club this past Saturday evening. What a treat! It was sold out. His music is a favorite among the likes of myself, my brother and my Uncle Fran - many nights around the fire during our fishing trips we've listened to Gordo spin his stories of mariners, cowboys, love and lost love, the outdoors, and other adventurous men in adventurous situations. I don't know of another singer/songwriter who writes and sings a song as if I were reading a book...he is the ultimate storyteller.

"The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", "Sundown", "Carefree Highway", "If You Could Read My Mind" - he sang all his hits. Sadly, he didn't sing my two favorite songs: "Pony Man" or "Cape Horn". But I'll forgive, Gordo - this one time. Click on READ MORE! for additional pix on the man called, "Gordo" - a Canadian treasure.

(WAIT! There's much more on Gordon Lightfoot!)

An old concert poster.

My ticket stub.

Commemorative stamp issued along with Joni Mitchell, Paul Anka and Anne Murray - all famous Canadians. They're out of print, but I just purchased some over Ebay.

A reissue of Gordo's best tunes that led to a revival of his career and that led to Gord's Gold #2.

These days, Gordo seems to be a shadow of the man he once was - physically. In 1972 he was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. In 2002, Gordo had terrible stomach pangs that were the result of an abdominal aoertic annueryism (look it up). He was in a coma for a month and almost died. Had to have a tracheotomy as part of his treatment. Considering all that, he voice sounds wonderful and it takes me away.

Gordo "today". His music has been covered by over 50 artists, including Elvis, Glen Campbell and Johnny Cash. He's considered a national treasure in Canada and has received the highest honors (equivalent to a knighthood in Great Britain). Bob Dylan commented of his folk colleague, "when Lightfoot sings a song, I never want the song to end."

Gordo "yesterday".

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