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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jets Scalp Chiefs in Nick of Time, 28-24. Jets 4-3 / GB 4-3.

Brett Favre and Laveranues Coles huggin' it out after hooking up on a 15-yard fade-stop TD pass - caught one-handed by Coles. The Jets retook the lead with 1:00 left and won the game.

Favre threw to Coles' back shoulder and the receiver quickly broke off his route, made the pivot and pulled in the pass using just his right arm. The drive, which was set up by Leon Washington's 37-yard punt return, went four plays and 46 yards in two minutes, one second. 28-24, Jets.

Favre had rough day, throwing for 3 INT's, so I'm certain he was as thankful to Coles for digging him out of the hole he and the Jets found themselves in as much as for the win. The passes poor choices by Brett (good Brett/bad Brett syndrome) - though the announcers agreed one was thrown to the spot Brett's receiver should've been had the receiver not cut his route short.

The announcers also echoed the sentiment that the Jets were relying heavily on the pass against the Chiefs who are last in the NFL on rush defense. And the Jets had something like 150 rushing yards so it wasn't like their backs weren't gaining yardage.

Which leads me to say that Favre shouldn't have been put in two positions to throw two INT's when the Jets were looking at a 3rd and 2 yards (on both possessions) deep into KC territory (somewhere between the 20 and 30 yard lines).

Favre passed on both - both were INT's. Passes = not good. But he had an open backfield - not even an attempt to keep the Chief's defense honest. And no back to pitch it to if Brett wanted to call an audible. I think they were both bullshit calls by the offense coordinator and Mangini should've stepped in and altered the plays - especially after the first time it happened. Hell, if the Jets don't run for a 1st down, you kick a field goal and get out of it with 6 points (as long as Feeley actually makes his FG's - he missed a 37 yard one earlier).

On Favre's 4th quarter comeback, Coles said, "I believe that's why they brought him in here," said Coles, who played after suffering a concussion last weekend. "No matter what the circumstances are, he always gives you a chance to win. I know he's a little old, but he still can play."

At the end of the day though, a win is a win and people who dwell on Brett's INT's can lick my lingum. Favre managed to joke, "(The interceptions) seem to follow me wherever I go."

Broadway Joe Namath and the rest of his teammates from their Super Bowl team were on hand for a reunion and Nammath went on the television broadcast in the third quarter and expressed some concern "about the overall concept of our team, not the quarterback, right now." Namath continued. "A quarterback is gonna get hit, no doubt about that, but the accumulation of the bumps and bruises must have (Brett Favre) at the most fragile as at any point in his career."

NEXT WEEK: Jets (4-3) at Buffalo (5-2).

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