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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BREAKING NEWS!! columnists Jay Glazer, Mike Florio, Mark Kreigel, Adam Schein and Kevin Hench "pull trains" on Saturday nights.

What? It's what I was told! I have confirmed with three reliable sources that Glazer, Schein, Hench, Kreigel and Florio really do this - among other things, reportedly. But I can't tell you who the sources are (they're trusted, don't worry). I stake my always solid reputation on the story. There's nothing wrong with pulling a train with three or four of your closest but-tees, is there? My sources said its a million percent true. I mean, Jay Glazer "broke" a story and didn't name his sources. Why can't I do the same? He's a big-time, respected, national columnist for Fox Sports and I'm just a no-name blogger. What's the difference?

(NOTE: If you surmise any reference to homosexual tendencies, that's your business. This is not in any way a condemnation on the gay community. I'm a straight actor/playwright with a numerous gay friends who fully support gay marriage and gay rights.)

What are the odds that so many douche bags would pick the same place to work? Glazer "broke" a story yesterday that former Green Bay QB and current Jets' QB Brett Favre "prepped" the Detroit Lions prior to their Week 2 game against the Pack (a game the Pack won). "Prepped" as in gave the Lions' coaching staff inside information - nuances - on the Packers' offense.

Now all the other douches at are picking up on the same story and repeating each other. Kreigel hasn't yet but he will. Toady, douche writer Kevin "I need a real haircut" Hench wrote an equally defaming article on FOX Sports that was based on Glazer's tell-all story, with the title, "Spoiled Brett".

This morning, Favre denied the report via's Peter King. Favre texted King before the Jets-Raiders Sunday to call the story "total bs ... not true and pretty ridiculous. I'm telling you it's not true. What the hell is their [FOX's] problem?'' Lions' Chief Operating Officer Tom Lewand stated, "Our coaches are perplexed. There was no coaching of our coaching staff [by Favre].''

First of all, where's the paper trail? Phone records of the incident? Aside from Glazer's word and his no-name, reported sources, what is there?
Second, if Glazer wants to help downplay those of us who question his story because it's not sourced, then name the source or sources. If you're gonna have the balls to accuse someone of something, be a fucking man and have your name printed.
Third, for it to matter to the Lions, wouldn't the inside info have to be fairly specific? How could Brett know anything about the Packers' offense if it's been modified for current GB QB Aaron Rogers (according to Coach McCarthy)? And why would Favre try and help a team that has sucked against the Pack for eons? Certainly with Brett's "inside information", wouldn't it be in better hands with a formidable opponent, someone other than the Lions?
Fourth, if this is a big deal, why isn't it on the lead pages of or
Fifth, Mark Kreigel works for; he is a douche bag and I still want him to die (see 9/23 post). Also, flip-flop Kreigel/Danny Bonaduce said the Dodgers should win the World Series, then a couple weeks later said that Tampa Bay will win the series. You're right, Kreigel, you do have one of the only jobs in the world where you get paid to be wrong - and be a dick.
Sixth, did Glazer try and contact Favre to get his side of the story? No - Glazer doesn't mention that in his tell-all tale. I guess that's not Glazer's protocol - fairness.
Seventh, Favre has a lot of friends in the NFL. It's getting to be that he can't talk to anyone without someone trying to find as story in it. Saddly, most columnists picking up on this story and assuming Favre is guilty based on Glazer's word alone.

Bullshit. The media can blow me (as I've said too often). Now there's another dumb ass on, Mike Florio from, says, "burn your Favre jerseys" and then follows with, "if the reports are true..."

OK, Jay and Mike Show - your mother's are witches. Let me burn them to death THEN find information to substantiate my claim. How's that? I burn your mother THEN try and find out after she's burnt to a crisp IF she really was a witch.

Little too late once you've accused someone isn't it?

The problem with the press is a story based on anything anyone tells you is published first - people believe what they read 'cause they're idiots - with no sources and a pack of rumors and 'I heard this" or "I think's". If you wanna "think", think Watergate. Think Washington Post. The unnamed source (Deepthroat) had to be verified by numerous named sources before Woodward and Bernstein could print their stories. Glazer should be sued for defamation of character or libel (one is a verbal slander and one is written), particularly if one of the company's Favre endorses (Snapper, Remington) expresses concerns over the issue. Think about this, with Glazer's "stellar" reputation in the media and "breaking" stories with unnamed sources, theoretically, he could publish a story on that states I am a pedophile and my life would be in ruin. True or not, if Glazer writes it, it's fact - unnamed sources and all. Right? What about innocent until proven guilty? People are saying burn your #4 jerseys and that Favre's legacy will be tarnished - based on what? A story with no sources? Just because it's in print for the public to view?

One thing's for certain, until Favre decided to come out of retirement, there was nary (like that...."nary") a bad news item on him. It's evident there's some bad blood - to whatever extent it is - between Favre and the Packers, regardless of whether or not there's any truth to this story. Favre didn't beat a teammate or his wife, get stopped for DUI or illegal steroids, or do a bayou dance on the Dallas star while autographing footballs with a Sharpie. A spat's a spat and that's all it amounts to. My take on Glazer's "scoop" is that it's bullshit, irresponsible journalism; that Favre and the Packer story is ripe for being beat like a dead horse by this beat-off, balding, goatee-wearing, mutha Glazer, and that Glazer doesn't have the nuts to name his sources. Quite frankly, if my team screwed me over and royally fucked up the PR on the entire retirement/trade story, I'd give their game secrets away too. It's not illegal by NFL standards to do so.

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